Wednesday’s ROAR

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today is ROAR day and I am still ROARing for Billy of Meezer Tails. He has a lot of medical isues and may need an eye removed. I know many of you have already helped, but I thought I would keep spreading the word:

Purrs and Prayers for Billy SweetFeets

I am off to Dakin in Springfield, MA. Someone asked me if I could help get her cat fixed so of course I said yes. She paid the $50, but I did the transporting. Dakin keeps the females overnight so I need to go get her today. Do you know of any places that do that?

Phoebe is still on vacation, having a great time with Flynn and her purrince and so many others. Joanie or one of the kitties will write the post tomorrow.


  1. Not anymore. When Faith was fixed eons ago, they may have kept her overnight. Then again, they robbed her fingers too. Healing purrz for Billy.

  2. We will be praying for Billy to get well.
    It sounds like Phoebe is having fun. I think it is nice that you were able to transport the cat. My vet does keep the females overnight. I truly love our vets. They are all ❤.

  3. I brought Rosie to the vet early morning and could pick her up late afternoon; She just had a little shaved square with a spot inside, it had been by laser. She was a little dizzy but got back to normal very quickly !

    1. That is good, I think they are happier at home. I am always afraid they will feel abandoned overnight at the vet.

  4. My Mom has only had boy cats and we don’t need to be in the hospital overnight after our “snip and tuck” (hahahahaha)………good for your Mom helping the lady pick her cat up though. That’s very kind of her.

    Hugs, Sammy

  5. high paws & headbonx two yur mom guys for helpin out de kitteh ~~~~thatz way awesum 🙂 ♥♥♥

  6. Dat’s very nice of ya’ awnty Ellen. Twuff is most VETs like to keep kitties overnight when alterin’. But in da day of furee of cheap clinics we all get so used to them comin home in a few hours we fink it’s stwange when a VET wants to keep ’em. And we fawt weez wuld let ya’ know dat da Raw Paws peeps be located close to you and so yous meat wuld more than likely still be furozen and not bloody at all when it got to you. You might check it out.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

    1. Thank you for letting me know. I may try to frozen meat and have my hubby deal with it. I can see keeping kitties overnight when someone is going to be there all night, but not when they are alone. XO

    1. Thank you 🙂 I try to help when I can. I can’t be hands on in a shelter or I would want them all, but if I can help with over population, I do.

    1. Thank you, you are very sweet Flynn. I am mailing out your prize tomorrow- it has been so hot lately that it took me a while to get around to crocheting toys. You will be happy though, there is a big fish you can bunny kick 🙂

  7. Well done Ellen! Our Feral Cat Group does do this also…not all the time but definitely for special cases & for people who are unable to care for their cat overnite…
    People like us few & far between!
    I am praying for Billy Sweet Feets…unfortunately am not able to contribute….I pray they can save his eye…poor darling!
    ((Hugs)) Sherri-Ellen

    1. Praying is always good. Poor fella has the eye issue and breathing problems too. Xo

  8. My mom said it’s been so long ago that BobbieSue (and before her, Angel Piper) went “under the knife” she doesn’t remember if they stayed over night! When BobbieSue was done, it was the second time she had surgery – the first time was when she was only 6-8 weeks old! Mom rescued her from under her house and her tail was rotting off (BobbieSue’s, not mom’s! – mom doesn’t have a tail!) so she took her to the vet first thing, the vet kept BobbieSue for two days because she was in such bad shape! She’s not in bad shape any more!! It is very nice of you to help out a cat in need.

  9. Ellen, that was so kind of you to help transport that kitten!

    And we have been purring and praying for Billy LOTS. We love him, and hope he will be okay.

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