Lucy Thursday

Hi everyone! I decided I would write today being that Phoebe is still off somewhere with The Meezers. 009

Some of you may have heard that I am a grump, but I want to clarify that. This is me eating my dinner, I like to take my time: 006Now look at what I have to deal with:

009008Vultures in front of me and above me. These piggies eat their food very quickly and then want mine. I can see why Grammie calls Joanie a piggy. And by the way, I love my Grammie too, I am just not a suck up like some kitty.

By the way, Phoebe asked me to post this:grammieVery much!

I will see you tomorrow when we review another great book written by Sammy’s Mom ( ) 001


Wednesday’s ROAR

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today is ROAR day and I am still ROARing for Billy of Meezer Tails. He has a lot of medical isues and may need an eye removed. I know many of you have already helped, but I thought I would keep spreading the word:

Purrs and Prayers for Billy SweetFeets

I am off to Dakin in Springfield, MA. Someone asked me if I could help get her cat fixed so of course I said yes. She paid the $50, but I did the transporting. Dakin keeps the females overnight so I need to go get her today. Do you know of any places that do that?

Phoebe is still on vacation, having a great time with Flynn and her purrince and so many others. Joanie or one of the kitties will write the post tomorrow.

Feral’s Rainbow Forest Family

Happy Thursday everyone! Today is Phoebe’s day off- I forgot she was going to be traveling with some friends and her purrince too. Today they will be at the beach.:

Lucy and I decided to do a book review today because tomorrow we are lucky to have Cat Scout Felix doing a guest post. Lucy and I loved Feral’s Rainbow Forest Family by Pamela June Kimmell . It is a sweet children’s book about a cat whose name is Feral-well he hears someone call him that so he figures it is his name. He organizes a colony of feral cats so they can feel safe and loved.

I felt sad for Feral and all the cats and I hope that is how everyone feels that reads this. It is important to teach children respect for all living creatures. I also like how the book such cooperation in the community of cats and that everyone is needed and equally important. This is a great book for kids and adults. I am especially impressed that Pam did the illustrations too!

kittens 010

Right now you can get this book and help Bootsie at the same time, the author, Sammy’s Mom ( ) has donated a copy to Bootsie’s auction: . 

Phoebe did make something  for her Grammie on before she left for her vacation:I LOVE MY GRAMMIE!

And the winner of the catnip mat and toys 015 is : -Congratulations! I hope Ladybird will share with the kitties 🙂