Warning Topical Ointments Poisonous to Cats

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today is Medical day and I want to give you a safety reminder. I have always been afraid to use topical products on myself for fear that it will get on my sheets or anywhere the cats sit and then they will get it on them and ingest some. I don’t even like to use lotions and choose to have dry skin instead of putting the cats at risk.

This past summer, I had a rash that the dermatologist gave me a topical cream for. He assured me it wouldn’t harm my cats, but I chose to suffer with the rash instead of using it. There are other topical ointments for pain that are extremely dangerous with cases of cats getting sick and some even died. Here is the link to the article : Mercola.com

And in a lighter note  we have a tortie and a tongue. Joanie didn’t want to show her tummy, I guess winning the costume contest went to her head. Penny wants to say hi to Toby :


And this is what Snowball really thought of wearing the feathers.



  1. It’s always important to remember that human medications are not always safe for pets, and accidental exposures can happen.

    Cute pixs!

  2. A good reminder, thank you, Ellen! I don’t know if I can totally stop, but I’ll give my best to minimize the risk.

    We love Snowball’s tongue, but we’re shocked that Joanie doesn’t give us a belly picture this week!

    1. I am sure some lotion is safe as long as the cats can’t lick it. Snowball says thank you and Joanie promises a photo next week.

  3. Thanks for the topical ointment reminder………..David sometimes uses a pain reliever on his neck but since Sammy rarely goes near him (tee hee) and Sam doesn’t sleep on our bed so isn’t near our sheets, we figured it was OK. Love all the photos!!

    Hugs, Pam

  4. Penny, you look absolutely beautiful today! Thanks for the advice about topical ointments – mom uses lotion sometimes so maybe I won’t be licking her anytime soon! I’m going to post a special photo today just for you! Love always, Toby

    1. I think lotions are pretty safe, I am just super paranoid. Penny loves your selfie today too Toby and she sends her love.

  5. That’s a very good reminder. More reason to use pure coconut oil for moisturizing people skin. If the cats lick it, it’s good for them.
    Cute Snowball giving the raspberry to her headdress.

    1. Snowball says thank you. Coconut oil is very good, except for shaving- I tried it and it made the tub too slippery 🙂

  6. snowball ..we couldna agree mor …itz burd skin…..sew yea…. N tell yur mom ta get sum 100% pure organic coconut oil …itz uses R endless…. and itz knot harm full ta petz { but her kneads ta make sure itz soaked “in” if her uses it say on her arm, then setz down coz it will leeve an “oil” mark }

  7. Yep humans half to be really careful what they put on cuz kitties and doggies can get very sick by lickin’ it.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  8. Penny, you look beautiful! Cute tongue too Snowball! Great reminder on topical ointments and lotions. We’re always careful around here too!

  9. Mee-you thiss iss berry innterestin lady Ellen. LadyMum has been usin Hydroval Steroid creams fur yeerss an no bad eefectss on any of her katss….shee doess use Coco nut Cream fur her skin butt mee not much of a licker……
    An shee has to use Stinky Anagesick Rub butt mee just stayss away frum her sittin spot on thee couch an lyin spot inn bed….mee has mee own pill-oh on thee bed. So mee nevurr has had trubble…. butt LadyMum says shee will bee carefull….
    Snowball yur foto iss heelareeuss…… a foto iss werth a 1,000 meowss rite????
    ***paw kissesss*** an <3 LUV <3 to Purrincess Phoebe <3
    Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

    1. A photo worth 1,000 meows- MOL! You are my silly purrince. I am glad you don’t sit in your Mum’s spots because if any rubbed off and you sat on it and then cleaned yourself, you could get sick. And you have been sick enough- I want my sweet , romantic purrince to be healthy. Love, Phoebes XO

      1. BLEH! Mee wood not want to bee sick again….
        Mee not like thee smell of thee Analgesick Rub so mee steers leer of Ladymum’ss peejay’ss.
        An shee makess sure to keep covered when shee uses it. Plus mee snuggless on her *ahem* chest an there iss NO rub there, mew mew mew…
        **nose kissesss** an ~~head rubsss~~
        Yur row-mantick an funny Purrince,
        Siddhartha Henry XXXXXXXXXXX

        1. You are very romantic and funny my sweet purrince. Make sure you read my post tomorrow- I wore the Goldilocks wig just for you my sweet. Love, Phoebes XO paw kisses and tummy tickles too.

  10. Whoa! I didn’t think it was possible to panic TW anymore than she was! She hates to use topical creams too but because of the extreme back pain she had, she tried Tiger Balm. She covered it with her pjs. Then when she took off her pj’s she left them on the bed. Imagine how upset she was when she came in and found me laying on her pjs which I have never done and smelling them. She couldn’t get me off them. She said from now on, she’ll just suffer and cry.

    1. Poor TW, she can still use her cream for pain just be extra careful of leaving the pj’s around. I didn’t mean to worry her more.I hope she feels better soon.

  11. Mee-you fankss Purricness Phoebe….
    Mee iss funny an bossy an saucy an well, just mee!!
    An mee saw yur Goldilockss foto an saved it to thee PeeCee fur mee to gaze at….yur mee sweet buttercup <3
    ***nose kissesss*** an **paw kissesss* an **tummy tickullsss**
    yur littul silly row-mantick Purrince, Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Aww…you are so sweet my purrince.XO paw kissses, nose kisses and tummy tickles to you too.

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