Thursday- Answer Your Cats’ Questions Day

Happy Thursday everyone! I will announce the winner of the stuffed Grumpy Cat at the end of the post ( no peeking) .Today is the day we get to have our folks answer all our questions so here goes: 219


1.) ( From Phoebe) Why can’t I write the post every day instead of twice a week?

2.)( From everyone except Sammy) Why is Sammy the only cat in the house that can be in Cat Scouts?

3.) (From Phoebe) This one is for Grammie to answer- I love you so very much, how come you won’t have a sleep over? It would be lots of fun, you can pet me and give me treats. Prancie and I won’t bully you out of your bed this time, we promise- we just wanted to be very close to you on the bed.

4.)( From all 15 of us) Why are there so many cats out in the cold with no homes?


I guess I need to answer these questions. First off, Phoebe , I like to write and visit with the other kitties and their folks too so I can’t let you write every day. Plus it would cut into your napping time and snacking time.

Next, I am too lazy to have more than one kitty in Scouts. Sammy is lucky that I remember to bring him to his events and help him with his badges.

Grammie needs to answer that question for you.

And lastly, there is no answer as to why some kitties are homeless. It isn’t fair, all we can do is pray for them and try to help as many as we can.



Thank you for all the great compliments, I know I am pretty, but I just love to read it. I put all your entries into a bowl and Dad pulled a name: And the winner of the Grumpy Cat is………. -Congratulations to Pipo and Minko, I will also include a photo of me as requested in your comment. You sure are lucky kitties πŸ™‚

I will see you all Sunday!





  1. Those were some great answers, friends! We sure wish there was a different one for question 4, but you are definitely right…

    Concats to Pipo and Minko!

    1. Phoebe would like to blog every day and some of the kitties would like the be in Scouts, but those are my answers -sorry kitties.

  2. Gweat questions and gweat answers. ConCats to Pipo and Minko. They’re gunna be fwilled. Hope yous hav a pawsum day.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  3. Concatulations to the winners. And dthe questions and answers were fun to read..and of course VERY factual and to the point on both sides.

  4. Oh MY!!
    Thanks so much fur picking us! Grumpy Cat will need a place of honor on our shelves…along with some other stuffie kitties, MOL!
    Maybe meowmy will be able to convince us to get a piccie of all three of us posing with Grumpy Cat…Hmmm…now that will be a challenge, MOL!

    We thought you had interesting questions and good answers. We would want tl be blogging more, but sheesh, with a job, chores, a dog-guy (hey can he go? Oops, just kidding, meowmy…)and visiting all of our furends here and other confuser commitments…not to mention that she cooks all her meals from scratch, due to the food issues she has…well, its a wonder she finds any time to let us blog at all…sigh…so we should be posting in the Thankfur Thursday bloggy hoppy instead?? Tee-hee!

    Thanks anyways and we look forward to meeting our new kitty pal, Grumpy Cat!

    1. You’re welcome, we’d love to see a photo of you 2 with Grumpy when she arrives. I will put her in the mail tomorrow πŸ™‚

  5. We wish there weren’t any homeless cats/ animals in the world too. We hope your Grammie gives you another chance at a sleepover! Congrats to the winners πŸ™‚

    the critters in the cottage xo

  6. Phoebe, I will be coming over very early tomorrow morning [Friday],
    there will be plenty of time for treats and fun. When it gets a little warmer
    I will have a sleep-over. You are welcome at my home any time. Maybe
    your mom would let you have a sleep over or maybe not.
    Love you, Grammie

    1. Grammie, I can’t stay at your house, your mean kitty would beat me up plus Mom would never let me leave the house except for the vet. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow, I love you so very much. Love, Phoebes

  7. Most excellent questions and mes LOVED your Mommy’s answers. Mommy always says to me, “Because I said so, that’s why!”

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