Throw Away 50 Things in 2015


Throw Away 50 Things by Gail Blanke isn’t a book about cats, but I highly recommend it. I actually read it a couple years ago and got rid of 50 things. And by 50 things, it is actually much more because all books you get rid of only count as one, etc. I try to stay uncluttered, but no matter what I do, I get more clutter. It doesn’t help that my husband is a bit of a hoarder. For the new year, I am ready to do it again and I encourage everyone to do the same.

It actually feels good to get rid of stuff. I donate a lot to the thrift store that is part of a local animal shelter. I recently donated some old dance costumes and a prom dress to my friend’s daughter’s performing arts school. Her daughter actually kept my prom dress to wear to her prom this year because she loves vintage. It made me feel great to know someone else will enjoy it instead of getting moths in a closet. I did feel a little old though that my junior prom dress circa 1986 is considered vintage 🙁

Lucy recommends that book too- she thinks I should start by getting rid of 14 cats. Sorry Lucy, that is not going to ever happen. 003Here she is on my lap, she is the only kitty that sits on my lap. My hubby always has a different cat on his lap. I wonder if Lucy has threatened the others?

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Vintage is good……..I figure at this point I’m definitely vintage and I’m alright with that….HAHAHA….my junior prom dress was last worn in 1964 and wound up having some sort of second life when I donated it to the local thrift shop a LONG time ago. A “clear out” is a good thing to do in the new year and that’s my plan these next couple of weeks. Glad to catch my breath after all the parties (Sam’s asleep and probably will sleep all day to recover!).

    Have a super day,
    Pam (and snoring Sam)

  2. We just went through closets about a week ago and donated a bunch of stuff to our local people homeless shelter. They were so appreciative and had big smiles on their faces when they saw the warm clothing. We try to do that 4 times a year, but it doesn’t always work out quite like that. It feels good to declutter actually. Happy New Year – you are starting off on a good note!!!

    1. Yes, it does feel good. It sounds like you donate a lot- lots of feeling good 🙂

  3. I am the queen of decluttering. I have moved so much that I actually get anxious when I have to much clutter in my house, outside of the furbabies’ stuff.

  4. We try to stay decluttered too. Why is it such an uphill battle. Mom doesn’t buy a lot of stuff, but there always seems to be plenty of stuff in the closets. It’s the “I can use this someday” mentality.
    Lucy, your thought about getting rid of 14 other kitties wasn’t very nice. Just think of how much you’ll miss out on if you were the only kitty and there weren’t 14 others to buy toys, food, and treats for.

    1. Lucy isn’t convinced. I know what you mean about someday because a lot of things can be saved and used, but it is tough to decide which things.

  5. OMC Now yous walkin’ on a dangerous path. Yous touched on mommys inner hoarder. MOL She got rid of lots of fings duwin’ da flood, so she sez she’s not need to do this again fur a while. Even tho’ weez can’t get inside da big walk in closet. MOL

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

    1. Oops- sorry. Your mom can’t be that much of a hoarder, it is just hard to store things in an apartment. And good point, she did get rid of stuff during the flood- I hope you don’t ever have to go through that again.

  6. My human is terrible about decluttering. Mainly because it is one of her least favorite tasks, so it always gets put off. Simple as that. Of course, her office is a disaster area right now.

  7. That is a good idea. Yesterday I went through my Christmas stuff (papers and wrappings and bags) and threw out quite a bag full. Then I found a whole bunch of other stuff that was just ‘junk’ and I got rid of that too. Somehow though it does keep accumulating. (My own fault I know)


    1. That is a great rule. My problem is saving things in the hopes that I can fit into them someday.

  9. My Mom’s vintage stuff is older than that!! Sounds like Dad and your Dad have similar hoarding habits. Mom is pretty bad too. I don’t think she could get rid of 50 things!

    1. Once you get your mind made up to do it, it isn’t that bad- especially when you give it to someone who will use it.

  10. Lucy looks so sweet there. Interesting that she’s the only one that goes in your lap the others go in your husband’s. Because we’ve moved across the country a few times the last few years, we are pretty decluttered. Almost monk-like.

    1. Lucy says thank you. I only moved from my childhood home to my married home so that is probably why we have so much clutter even after pprevious decluttering attempts.

    1. MOL- I never make the kitties declutter, they sometimes switch toys from one room to another, but that is it-unless someone ( Lucy) pees on them.

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