Happy Mew Year!

Happy Mew Year everyone!!001

As most of you know, mom lets me blog on Thursdays now too as long as I let another kitty blog with me. This week, we have Sammy.013

Hi, I’m Sammy and many of you know me from Scouts.Sorry I missed the party at Scouts last night, but Mom said we had to be one big happy family last night and hang out together. She made me kiss her at midnight too- yuck ( OK, I am a Mama’s boy, I loved it).  I want to give a shout out to Sammy K (http://onespoiledcat.wordpress.com/ ) Happy 15th birthday my Scout friend!!! You are my hero and I want to be a Sabretooth just like you someday.


Ok, now back to fabulous me. Happy Birthday Sammy K!

Does anyone have a new year’s resolution? I do, I want me a boyfriend. I am adorable and sweet, but it would be a nice for a boy to tell me. I am not the kind of girl that pushes myself on anyone, but if you know anyone looking, please send him my way. And I am not going to use a match making service, I am not that kind of a girl. Mom and Dad met on a blind date so that is what I want to do too.

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year filled with happiness and great health. See you Sunday!!  And Grammie- I love you very much!

I am hopping: www.PepiSmartDog.com, Thankful Thursday Weekly Blog Hop, pet centricAnd I am Thankful that I get to blog 2 days a week now-maybe someday I can take the whole blog over 🙂


  1. Happy New Year to ALL of you and thanks for the birthday wishes as well. We missed you at Scouts last night but family time is important….very important. Bringing in the new year together is special! I think any mancat would be thrilled to have a beautiful gerlcat like you, Phoebe, to “decorate his life” and I hope you find him! If you were a Cat Scout I think you’d meet the right kinda guy to take home to Mom and Dad!!!!

    Happy New Year and hugs all around!

    1. Thank you- I don’t want Phoebe in the Scouts, I need a place to get away from all my siblings 🙂 See you at your party later Sammy- this is Sammy P.

  2. Phoebe, you’d make a terrific girlfriend to any red blooded mancat. If I wasn’t (kind of) spoken for I would be first in the queue!! Happy New Year to you and all your family x0x

  3. Happy New Year dear firends. We hope it is the best one ever, filled with good health, happiness, and a few nice surprises along the way.

    1. Thank you- we wish you happiness, health and good surprises too Mario and family.

  4. Happy New Year! Phoebe, you’re so pretty and sweet. You will meet a special mancat. I’m sure of it! We hope you all have a happy 2015!

  5. Happy New Year, sweeties! May 2015 be filled with love, laughter, joy, prosperity and health! May it be a blast for all of us! 😀 Much love, Roxy & Tigerlino <3

  6. Happy Mew Year!! May you stay warm and cozy today!

    Mom forgot to takes us blog prowling on Chrissymouse… Guess her broken toe hurt too much fur walking on the net… Us kitties want to thank you for the snail mail card and hope you gotted our email card… and we ams glad you gotted lots of purry presents, especially the ear muffs.

    Purrz from Lil Bear who helps Mom type
    and all the Katie Katz.

    1. Happy and Healthy New Year to you all and we hope Mom’s toe is better. Yes, we got your email card-it was adorable, thank you.

  7. Like Sammy sed, there’s a kupple mancat scouts lookin’ fur a nice ladycat. Meez sure yous will find one. Sis Lexi wuld like to find hers a nice mancat too. She’s got hers eyes on sumpawdy, but weez not pushy eever, so hims purrawlly not even knows it. MOL

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

    1. I understand how Lexi feels, we want to wait for the special somebody to find us. Of course there is nothing stopping you from whispering in his ear to help her a little.

  8. I’m sure the boy cats are lining up but it’s better to play the field. That’s what I do. Happy New Year to everyone from La Casa Keisha! Here’s to a wonderful, healthy and prosperous 2015 filled with great food, love & cat adoptions.

  9. Happy New Year!

    We only have one boy here and he is already taken but we know there is someone out there for you! 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo

  10. Happy New Year Phoebe and the whole gang. I hope your New Year’s wish comes true. I just want more snuggles, sunpuddles, and open window time.

  11. Wishing you guys a very Happy New Year filled with great health, great joy and great love!…xoxo…J, Calle, Halle, Sukki, Mommy Cat, Daddy Cat

  12. Mol mol mol what a lady you are too! I haven’t read all the comments so maybe someone else made simulate suggestions for a beau for you..maybe we should have a singles mingle at Cat Scouts during February
    The month of love! Lots of handsome single scouts and oh we gals love a man in uniform!
    Madi your bfff

  13. Why hello there, Ms Phoebe! I wanted to pop in and let you know that while I have a few lady cats chasing after me, I have am currently playing the field and would love to get to know you better. Teri let me stop by tonight, finally! She said you have visited our bloggie often but getting Teri pinned down long enough to let us visit our friends is too far and few between! We have have a New Years resolution to get out and about with our friends more!

    1. I have heard that playing in the field is fun 🙂 We will have to get to know one another better. Wouldn’t a cat’s version of The Bachelor or Bachelorette be adorable? Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you-we wish the same for you. We were glad to see Cody is improving and we will keep praying for him and Flynn.

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