How Much Do You Know About Cats?

Hi everyone! I have a quiz for you today. I was recently contacted by The Pet Community blog and offered a quiz to share. It is only 10 questions and I figured I would ace it being that I live with so many cats, but I got about 4 correct out of 10. I thought it would be fun to share with all of you cat lovers. Phoebe is going to have a contest based on the quiz on Thursday. Here is the link to the quiz:

Could you please purr and pray for my hubby? He hasn’t been feeling well and I finally got him to go the Doctor today , then he got sent for an ultrasound of his leg. He has a deep vein thrombosis ( blood clot) in his leg. He had one in the same leg 8 years ago.

In other news, I also had an appointment today for my allergy shot. The Doctor looked in my ears and I have 2 cat hairs on one of my ear drums- I assume they are Sammy’s being that he sleeps on my head 🙂