Hopping Saturday

Happy Saturday everyone! Today we start with a parade, even better than Macy’s parade.

Celebrate winter time with the pet parade, where all your favorite pets and animals can be found


LucyinballCaturday Art

I am hoping to put up our tree today so for Athena’s Caturday Art Hop, I went to photofunia and put Lucy on some Christmas balls. I wish I could actually buy some like this.

And for The Lazy Pit Bull’s #52 Snapshots of Life, the theme this week is “thankful”. I am thankful that I had so many years with Lucy and with KaChoo (below). Yesterday was 5 years since my KaChoo went to the Bridge. I am thankful for every kitty I am lucky enough to have share my life.

KaChoo52 Snapshots of Life

Phoebe will see you tomorrow.

Wednesday’s ROAR

Happy Wednesday everyone. I was going to do a Wordless Wednesday post until I saw something that needed a ROAR. I am sure many of you are familiar with Kiril, the cat Daddy over at The Opinionated Pussycat. He also used to organize The Carnival of Cats for The Cat Blogosphere. I knew he had some health problems, but I never knew the extent of them. Despite being on a limited income and having health problems, he adopted another kitty recently that he found on his way to work.

His sister set up a Go Fund Me page for him and I plan to donate next week .  In case you are looking for a cause to donate to at this special time of year, here is the link : https://www.gofundme.com/zc735qfw

Reading his story makes me especially thankful for my health.

Time to go make some pies for Thanksgiving and some oatmeal white chocolate cranberry bars ( for energy on Black Friday).

Phoebe will see you tomorrow.

001I caught her having a meeting-  probably plotting how to get to the turkey.

P Problems

Happy Thursday everyone! I had a different topic for today planned, but I figured I would save it for next week. Today I will tell you about my sticky P. I mean the P on the laptop keyboard-what were you thinking?

My laptop is about 4 years old and for the past 2 years it has had a sticky p. I first realized it when I asked my friend if she *assed her exam? She wrote back that yes, she did *ass it 🙂  I try to be careful, but sometimes when I am in a hurry, it slips ast me.

My editor (mom) called me to tell me that I wrote Ravelry has free atterns- oops, I meant patterns. I did go back and edit it, but I need to remember to check several times for errors.

So please accept my apology if I have called you a hoe. Many times I comment meaning to write I hope something works out or gets better and I miss that stinkin P. Now the P keeps falling off so I ut it in a safe lace.

Many thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions for Spooky’s arthritis medicine. I am going to  try some of them and I will let you know when I find what is right for him. I am thankful for being part of such a caring communtiy of cat lovers always trying to help one another. Have a nice day everyone! Lucy and I will see you tomorrow for book review day.

001Phoebe is busy planning her post for Sunday.

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