Friendly Fill-Ins Week 112

Hi everyone! Time for The Friendly Fill-Ins. Please leave your link (at bottom of post) here or at my co-host’s Four-Legged Furballs. You can also answer in the comment section.

1. When it is hot, I _____________________.
2. I am looking forward to _______________________ this month.
3. The theme song of my life would be _________.
4. There is no such thing as _________.
My answers:
1. When it is hot, I am miserable. I stay in the air-conditioned house.
2. I am looking forward to 2 big book sales this month.
3. The theme song of my life would be the Theme for Green Acres. I realize I don’t look like Eva Gabor, but I would prefer to be in Times Square than have fresh air 🙂 Well, not always, but I do love to visit NYC and haven’t been in 3 years.
4. There is no such thing as too much silvervine. ( Joanie answered this one)
  Perhaps there is such a thing as too much silvervine 🙂

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Silvervine Toast

Hi everyone! We are joining Comedy Plus’ Awww…Mondays, McGuffy’s Reader’s Sparks and Mewsic Moves Me ( hosted by Curious as a Cathy, Xmas Dolly, JAmerican Spice and Stacy Uncorked.)

The theme for Mewsic Moves Me is Earth. My first choice is also my spark.

1. Vince Gill- Let There Be Peace on Earth

2. Earth Song-John Denver

3. Earth Angel ( played in the film, Back to The Future)- not about the earth, but has the word in it.

And for the A-Z Blogging Challenge, we are already at the letter T. I made a slice of toast, but there was no place to stuff it with nip so I rubbed silvervine on it , like cinnamon toast 🙂

Joanie broke the modeling rule and started playing with it.

I am skipping the reading hop today because I haven’t had much time to read lately.


Make a Bandana Pumpkin

HI everyone! I am joining Create with Joy’s Inspire Me Monday Blog Hop ( I know it is Wednesday). I am obsessed with Pinterest and found some cute pumpkins made out of  bandanas on SadieSeasonGoods. I changed it a little and made mine into a catnip/silvervine pumpkin.

100_9695 100_9722  I cut an orange bandana in half, then folded it inside out and stitched it on 3 sides with the sewing machine. I filled it with polyfil and catnip then hand stitched the top. Then I used embroidery floss* to sew some lines on the pumpkin. And to top it off I stuck a silvervine stick in the top for a stem. I got the silvervine stick from CatABliss on Etsy.

*I only let me cats play with this under supervision because of the embroidery floss. No one has tried to chew it, but you never know.

The word today for #JHC is blood, but I decided to go with eyeball instead. And the winner of Phoebe’s eyeball giveaway is : The Island Cats-Congratulations! 100_9687

And one more thing- pawTree is having a contest to celebrate their new line of treats and Superfood seasonings. You can enter a heart warming story about your cat for a chance to win a gift basket of products and $500 worth of products to the charity of your choice. Hurry the deadline is the 23rd! Click Here

Silvervine Powder costs a lot of Gold

Happy Monday Everyone! Today is product day and I am still on a silvervine kick. A couple weeks ago I purchased the catnip/silvervine mix which the cats enjoyed. Then someone filled me in on the comments, that Nip and Bones has the pure stuff. A small package is $7.95 plus shipping. I was going to make my kitties wait ’til Christmas….

Luckily the kitties have a fantastic Grammie so she ordered some up for Joanie and Sammy’s brithday gift. The good news is it is very potent and ALL 15 cats love it !The bad news is when I poured the package into an empty spice jar this is how much there was: 016012.I feel bad that their Grammie didn’t get much for her money, but she did make her grandkitties happy. A couple months ago, I bought about this much cardamon at Whole Foods and they gave it to me for free because it was such a small amount.

Here is another one of Lucy’s past costumes from the year Princess Beatrice wore a hat like this to the Royal wedding:blog8.

Sammy wants to thank all his friends at Scouts, he thought he was going to celebrate October Birthdays and they included him too because he wasn’t in Scouts when they had the September party. Look at this neat photo of them by the camp fire: sammypartyWhat a sweet bunch of kitties.



Skip the Gold and Go For the Silver

Happy Monday everyone and thanks for all the comments you left Joanie and Sammy. They really enjoyed having a turn blogging and I guess I am having a party for them on September 30th. I need to get planning.

I keep reading about silvervine on many of the cat blogs. I have a curious mind and had to get some. I wanted to be sure it was from a good company, but it was hard to find in the U.S.  When I asked at Petco, the clerk looked at me like I had 2 heads. At least Foster and Smith wrote back saying they passed along my suggestion and to keep checking with them.

I finally found a good brand From the Field that was being sold online at Plain Brown Tabby as a mix with catnip: .It seems to be a hit so far- Joanie stuck her little paw right in the jar: 002003Lucy was in her happy place and 004Sammy was feeling no pain either. It does seem a bit more potent than the catnip alone. I am still curious as to why it is so hard to get. The bag was very full and well worth $5.95, the only bad part is the shipping costs. 001

Have a great day everyone and if you missed yesterday’s post, you are all invited to Joanie and Sammy’s birthday party on September 30th!