Cat Vs Dog-The Pet Diaries 1

We are joining Comedy Plus’ Awww….Mondays and Book Date’s It’s Monday What are YOU Reading?

I was thrilled when Rosa Silva offered me a chance to review her latest book Cat VS Dog- The Pet Diaries 1. I enjoyed her other two books, you can read those reviews here and here.

*Disclaimer- I received a copy of Cat VS Dog in exchange for a fair review.All opinions are my own.

I am pleased to report that this book was just as enjoyable as Rosa’s other two. The illustrations are fantastic and really bring the diaries to life.

It is fun to read what Oliver, the cat thinks of Max, the new dog. At first, Oliver wants to get the dog into trouble, but Max’s sweet personality starts to wear him down. I don’t want to tell you everything as this is also part mystery story. I highly recommend it for any cat lover ( and/or dog lover too).

It is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle format.


Wordless Wednesday ( with Words)

Happy Pie Pi Day!

I have a book recommendation for today. I’m Not Sorry: Poems By Cats by Rosa Silva is a fun book. She has a great sense of humor, as she proved when she wrote Stop Meowing and Go the F*ck to Sleep which I also reviewed- click here.

To read some samples of the poems and enter to win a copy, you can visit her blog Cat Lady Confidential.

*Disclaimer- I was given a Kindle copy of I’m Not Sorry: Poems By Cats in exchange for a fair review. All opinions are my own.

I felt like most of these poems could have been written by my cats and I think you will feel the same. There was some bad language, which I am sure some of my cats would use too- I just want to warn you not to get this book for a child. My only complaint is that it isn’t longer. Hopefully, there will be another collection of poetry soon.

It is available for free with Kindle Unlimited and $2.99 on Kindle. Click here.

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Book Date’s It’s Monday! What Are YOU Reading?(I know it is already Wednesday)


It’s Monday! What Are YOU Reading?

Hi everyone! We are joining 2 hops today. The Book Date’s It’s Monday! What Are YOU Reading? and Comedy Plus’ Awwww…..Mondays.


This week I have a fun book for you that I had the privilege to review.* Stop Meowing and Go the F*ck to Sleep by Rosa Silva of Cat Lady Confidential is a cat version of the adults-only Go the F*ck to Sleep.

Most cat owners know how difficult it can be to sleep with a cat around. They seem to be wide awake when we want to sleep. They either want to eat or play or lick our hair

(I thought of Katie Isabella when I read that part).

If you can’t sleep, you might as well laugh and this book will make you laugh. I thought it  was funny that the cat in the book is a ginger cat because our ginger girl, Prancie is the one that causes the most trouble when we are trying to sleep. She usually waits until 5 AM and then she knocks things off the nightstand and sharpening her claws on the bureau.

If you need a good laugh, you can get a copy on Amazon for only $9.99. Click here

*Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book in exchange for a fair review. All opinions are my own.