Mondays Are Good For Hopping

Hi everyone! Sorry if I squeeze so many hops into one post, but I love to hop and don’t want to miss any. Today we are joining one that I have only hopped in once before. Create with Joy’s Inspire me Monday is filled with great recipes and craft ideas. I thought it would be a great place to share button art.

DSCF2425DSCF2070  Inspire Me Monday at Create With Joy

Some of these are on canvas, but I also used blank cards for some too. This is a fun way to make Halloween cards. I drew a ghost on the black cards with chalk and then covered it over with white buttons and some pearls. For the pumpkins, I traced a circle on a white card and glued orange buttons over it. I didn’t have green buttons so I used turquoise.


This photo of Joanie with my books of the week is for Comedy Plus’ Awww….Mondays and Book Date’s It’s Monday! What Are YOU Reading?

I actually read 2 books about cats this week. One was awful , A Cat Called Hope by Oliver Clarke. I thought it was a true rescue story, but it was fiction about a man who abuses his family and the cat. I am glad it wasn’t a true story, but I found the descriptions disturbing and I am sure similar things do happen.

Peter The White Cat of Trenarren by Alfred Lestie Rowe published in 1974 is a great book that the author wrote about a beloved cat he had back in the 1950’s. Finding books like this are why I go to book sales.

One more book worth telling you about doesn’t include a cat, but it really makes one think. Unfinished Business by Lee Kravitz is about the author trying to right any wrongs of his past. At the end of the book is a toolkit to help you identify and unfinished business you may have. I just finished the book and I plan to use the toolkit.

And last, but not least is P.S.Annie’s 19-Somethin. The question of the day is When did you have your first microwave in your home and were you afraid it would make you sick?I don’t remember the exact year we got a microwave, but I know it was the early 1980’s and I was not afraid of it.

Thank you for reading all this.




Hopping Monday

Hi everyone! As you know we love to hop so today we are joining 3 of them. First for Comedy Plus Awww….Monday , I have a photo of Sammy posing with some books I am reading this week.

DSCF1486 (2)

The books are our entry for The Book Date’s  It’s Monday! What Are You Reading ? As always, I am reading several books, but I wanted to give these 2 cookbooks a shout out because they were written by LouLou’s Mom.

Rome at Home and No Need to Knead are both cookbooks by Suzanne Dunaway. I have been following her kitty LouLou’s blog for over a year and once in a while she posts a great recipe so I figured it was about time to check out the cookbooks. I haven’t had a chance to make anything yet, but I will as soon as I get done with Phoebe’s crown. I am planning to make English muffins and a French baguette from No Need to Knead. I also want to make potato gnocchi recipe in Rome at Home. badge

And last, but not least, I am joining Create With Joy’s Inspire Me Monday Hop. This is a fun hop that includes craft projects. recipes and so much more.. I thought the button art would qualify. DSCF1488Inspire Me Monday

Phoebe already has 12 names collected for the sunglasses to travel. She is still taking names and will display the badge tomorrow. This is going to be fun. Now I must go finish Phoebe’s crown or I will never hear the end of it.

Inspire Me Monday

Happy Monday everyone! You all know how we love to hop, well, this week we are hopping on Monday too. Inspire Me Monday is a fun hop hosted by Create with Joy to display your creativity. If you are looking for some crafts and recipes be sure to check it out. Inspire Me MondayI had fun torturing dressing the kitties for Thanksgiving photo shoots this weekend. I crocheted little pilgrim hats for them.007

I found the instructions on Ravelry ( I combined 2 patterns). I have one pattern on Ravelry that I designed for the catnip turkey legs. Here is the link in case you want to crochet some. turkey leg

Phoebe will be starting a giveaway Thursday that includes a turkey leg and a pilgrim hat .

Poor Snowball still has no boyfriend. 041