Downton Tabby Winner

Hi everyone! Downton was great last night. I will announce the winner soon, but first I want to show you what we won from Cats of Wildcat Woods. They had a contest for their Blogoversary and we answered one of their questions correctly. DSCF0632 Get out of the way Miss Piggy Joanie !

DSCF0633 Mom won a cat coloring book, markers and stickers. We won 2 bags of treats and some fun catnip toys.  Thank you for the great prizes!

DSCF0634 We already finished one bag of treats. When Grammie was here, she used up almost the entire bag on us. I love my Grammie so very much, I can’t wait to see her today.

Mom has to bring Daryl the feral to the vet because he scratched those neck wounds and now it is oozing and infected. And Spooky may be going to the vet too because he didn’t want to eat today ( Mom hope he is just constitated).

And now for the winner of the Downton Tabby book. We had 8 of you that got all the answers correct so we had to draw a name. The 8 of you were- Kitties Blue, Toby, Annie, Annabelle, Seville, Critters in the Cottage , my Purrince and The Island Cats. And the winner is : The Island Cats– congratulations!!! I will make sure Mom adds some crocheted toys too. Thank you to everyone who played along and answered the questions. It was a great show, we love happy endings. Although Mom was a little disappointed that Bates isn’t a secret sociopath. DSCF0628

Downton Abbey Contest

Hi everyone! Tonight is the last episode of Downton Abbey so Mom said I could do a giveaway. Well, it is more of a contest and the winner will get the book, Downton Tabby. Here is a link to see if because we just ordered it today so I can’t get in a photo with it.

DSCF0621Mom is even letting me use her finest china so I can pretend to live at Downton.

I have a list of questions for you to answer as to how the series will end. The one to get the most ( or all correct wins). If more than one does, then I will have to draw names. All answers must be in by 9 PM EST

  1. Will Lady Edith end up alone? We are hoping Marigold’s father is still alive and was in a coma then magically reappears.
  2. Will Anna and Bates have their baby and live happily ever after or will we find out he is a sociopath like Mom thinks he is?
  3. Do you think anyone will die? Who?


I got to see my Grammie  I love her so very much. And I will see her again on Monday- Yippeee! Take that great grandbaby.

I am joining The Cat on My Head Sunday Selfies Blog Hop


Downton Tabby

Hi everyone! Today is my favorite day, I can blog and not have to share with my brothers and sisters. Plus tonight Downton Abbey starts a new season. I love that show!!! I started watching it a couple years ago because I thought mom said she was going to watch Downtown Tabby -it sounded like a fun show about a Tabby living in the city or something. Well, after watching it a couple times and not seeing a kitty, I discovered it is called Downton Abbey, but by then I was hooked. I just love to have a spot of catnip tea and relax and watch the show with mom. I wish Grammie would come here to watch it with us – I love her so very much.

Speaking of catnip tea, I thought I would have a giveaway. Mom crochets these cute catnip tea bags: 001Just comment between now and Wednesday and I will let you know who wins on Thursday. I will send the winner 2 tea bags ( one will have catnip, the other, silvervine)

Don’t I look lovely all dressed up for Downton Tabby?

008I took one of Mom’s earrings and made it into a necklace. I love the styles from the 1920’s- I would have been a fun flapper, Phoebe the Flapper- I like that 🙂

So far a couple boy kitties want to get to know me, but no boyfriend yet. My friend, Stunning Keisha told me to play in the field for a boyfriend, but phooey, Mom won’t let me go outside. I also hear some Cat Scouts are looking for girlfriends, but Mom won’t let me join that either -double phooey! What is a beautiful girl cat to do? I need me a boyfriend for Valentine’s Day!

Have a nice week everyone- see you Thursday! And I am hopping: