Phoebe’s Thursday

Hi everyone! This has been a busy week. I haven’t seen my Grammie since Monday though. I love her so very much and I hope she visits me soon.


Sammy got a dental and they took 2 of his teeth. DSCF1257  Poor guy can’t have any crunchies for 10 days, I remember how awful that was.

Snowball got a ET lion cut.DSCF1262 She hopes Pierrot likes it.

Mom is trying to kill us, she made those Mackerel Snackerels she told you about during the a-z challenge and they are awful. DSCF1266 (2) Brody, Polar Bear, Tallulah and Noel liked them, but Joanie wouldn’t even touch them and Joanie eats everything. Mom promised the recipe so here it is: 2/3 cup canned mackerel, 1/2 cup plain bread crumbs, 1 t vegetable oil and 1 egg mush together and drop onto a greased cookie sheet ( mom uses parchment paper). Bake at 350 degrees for 8 minutes.

Mom and McGuffy’s Reader are starting their new hop tomorrow- please join them. I am going to give you the fill-ins today so you can get them in your post for tomorrow ( or anytime before next Thursday).The linkies will be open starting at 12:01 am Friday. Mom came up with the first 2 and her co-host came up with the other 2.


  1. I want to stop ___________________ and start _________________________
  2. I haven’t ______________________ in ___________________________________
  3. I believe _________________________
  4. My earliest memory is __________________________

And our hearts were broken to see that poor little CJ went to the Rainbow Bridge, please visit his Mom

CJ Forever BADGE


Phoebe’s Thankful Thursday

Hi everyone!DSCF0786

I am thankful to be here after being starved for 20 hours. The dental went fine, but I had to have one toothie removed ( good thing I live with the Tooth Fairy). My Grammie didn’t get to come with Mom to pick me up because she was getting a new tub installed- sounds like a fake excuse to me. I love her so very much and would have loved to see her.

I am pretty miffed that I can”t have dry food or TREATS for at least a week- PHOOEY!!! I hope I can survive. One good thing, Brody likes to sing so he drowned out Mom’s singing in the car.

Mom took a video of me when I got home, she calls it ” Shake it Off”- I plan to seek revenge.

I am joining Pepi Smart Dog’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop, pet centric I am thankful to you all for your purrs and prayers for my dental to go well.

And the winner of the Easter Giveaway is Mickey’s Musings -Congratulations!

I was so upset about my dental that I almost forgot it is St. Patrick’s Day! Mom and Dad are party poopers, they have pistachio pudding because it is green and that is all they do.

DSCF0524 DSCF0508 DSCF0507Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Chewy Tuesday

Hi everyone, today is Chewy Tuesday, but first Phoebe has an announcement.


Thank you for all the purrs and prayers for my dental. I ended up going out in the freezing cold and starving for nothing. The vet detected a murmur that wasn’t there 2 weeks ago, she was still willing to do my dental, but Mom is a worry wart and wants me to get an ultrasound first. They only come once a month so that will be March 4th- it best be warmer by then. My Grammie was going to come with Mom to pick me up today, but she didn’t because I got picked up early. I love my Grammie so very much.

And now on to our Chewy review and then the giveaway winner will be announced.

Disclaimer: We are not compensated for our reviews, all opinions are our own. We are given the product by Chewy in exchange for a fair review.

020Joanie is always the first to investigate packages figuring there is food in them.

021 We tested Feline Greenies Catnip Flavor Dental Treats. They were delicious. We all liked them except for KaTwo who refuses to even give treats a try.

019 I admit I tried to eat the whole bag so I wouldn’t have to have my dental. I can see why these are the #1 vet recommended dental chew. They are tasty and only 1.25 calories each so we can keep our figures. 018Sammy was begging for more.

022Prancie wasn’t even willing to take her eyes off of them.

If you want some, here is the Chewy link. And they are on sale for only $2.59 for a 5.5 oz. bag. And Chewy always has free shipping on orders over $49 so stock up. To read more Chewy reviews, please check out the Chewy Blog Hop sponsored by Oz the Terrier and Golden Woofs. Blog Hop Badge

And the winner of the Vision Bedding Giveaway is: Laila and Minchie– Congratulations! We will be emailing you the special code needed to claim your prize. Thank you to everyone who entered. If anyone is planning to place an order, you can get $5 off with this code: Coupon code: 21978432572



Happy Valentine’s Day

Hi everyone! Happy Valentine’s Day! I have lots to tell you about today.

First off, most important, in my opinion is the Valentine from my purrince.

017Isn’t this a beautiful card? And he wrote me a poem too- you can read it on his blog.

Now Penny wants to show off tell you about her Valentine.

005 007Look at this beautiful card with handsome Toby on it and a heart box filled with toys. Thank you Toby! I love you. Here is a video of me enjoying the toys:

Millie thinks one of these is from BobbieSue- should I give him one? Mom got some chocolate too. 011

Snowball got a lovely card from Pierrot along with some treats and Lindt truffles for Mom.


Mom thanks Toby and Pierrot for the chocolate, she gave it up for Lent, but she will eat it on Easter. Actually, she will be into it by noon the day before.

My Grammie is coming here tomorrow to watch us and I am not going to be here- phooey! I love her so very much and I am going to be getting my dental. And if that isn’t bad enough, I can’t eat for 12 hours before- that is like the equivalent of a week to a cat.

Mom told me to remind you to enter the big giveaway if you haven’t already you need to comment on Saturday’s post to enter, winner will be announced Tuesday.

We are joining The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfie’s Blog Hop.Cat4-001

An auction to help kitties in need is starting today. Mom donated a book and some toys.

TPK Ask 4 Auction Items 1A

Another sad goodbye this week at Katnip Lounge:KonaKitty FOREVER


Phoebe’s ROAR

Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit! That would have been preferable to my vet trip yesterday. It was awful! I know today isn’t my day to post, but too bad, I need to vent.


I was told that I was going for a rabies shot so I was expecting that. Mom says I am lucky I only have to get one once every 3 years which is good compared to most states. The vet decided to look inside my mouth and she said I may need 2 teeth removed! Then Mom said, that they might as well do my blood work now for the dental.

They took my blood and my pee. What do you think they would want me pee for? And they stuck a thermometer in a not so nice place- can I sue them for that?

And Grammie didn’t go with us because she was taking care of her GREAT grandchild. I love Grammie so very much, it would have made my appointment much better with her there.

And I found out Mom doesn’t just sing songs at Christmas. She sings in the car! And I didn’t have my earmuffs with me- PHOOEY! She sounds like Edith Bunker from that old tv show, All In The Family.


Joanie  just had her ear looked at and the vet told Mom to keep an eye on it, but it seemed fine. Then she got to go back into her carrier while I had to suffer. My dental is scheduled for February 15th so I will keep you posted.

008 (This is me hiding under a chair in the exam room)

Mom says I can start a giveaway tomorrow so I am going to go work on that. Thanks for listening to my rant.

025Millie wanted to look his best for Toby’s sister, BobbieSue so he is wearing a tie.

Tooth Fairy Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today is medical day so I will tell you about Stinky. She had a dental last Friday and had to have 2 teeth removed. If I had a lot of money, they would all get dentals every other year. I know it is recommended yearly, but I don’t like having them put under so often. Right now, I get a few done a year, usually between January and March when there is a 20 % discount at VCA.

001Stinky with her tooth fairy present

VCA is now also offering a pet care package where you pay so much a month and it includes up to 6 visits a year, a dental and blood work. I am going to look into this some more, not for everyone, but for one or two that are most likely to need it. Has anyone else done this?

Tomorrow the A-Z Blog Challenge begins, there are over 1500 participants already there is still time to join:


Medical Updates

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today is medical day so I thought I would give you some updates on the kitties:006

Millie continues to take his thyroid pills ( mostly, I found a couple on the floor). I took Polar Bear back to the low cost vet for the 4th time in 3 months. The first few times they wouldn’t do blood work because the vet I dealt with claimed his upper respiratory infection could lead to incorrect results. He continues to lose weight so I insisted on the blood work and this vet was more than happy to cooperate. Good thing he did because Polar Bear also has an over active thyroid. I find it an odd coincidence that my 2 white males around 10 years old both have the same problem and they are not related. He still has some sneezing so this vet gave me something to help suppress herpes virus instead of another antibiotic.  016

I also had Stinky get some bloodwork so she can get her teeth cleaned. I am happy to report that her blood work was perfect. I need to schedule her dantal now- we go to a VCA vet and they are having a special until the end of March for 20 % off dentals. 004

Prancie had her dental a couple weeks ago. I was nervous because she has a heart murmur and we opted not to do tthe ultra sound. Well, hubby opted not to, he figured we had one 2 years ago and it is probably the same problem. I am happy to say that went really well too and she didn’t even need an extraction.015

In an ideal world I would get everyone dentals yearly or at least every other year. Currently, I do a few a year based on who needs it most. I hope everyone’s kitties are doing well.