Pawscoo Cat Tree Review

Hi everyone! I have a great product to tell you about today.

*Disclaimer- I received a free Pawscoo Cat Tree Review in exchange for a fair review. All opinions are my own.

I was thrilled to be asked to review a Pawscoo Cat Tree. Most of my cats love to climb and scratch and with ten cats, one can’t have enough of these around for them. Pawscoo has several trees ranging in size from 51inches-79 inches. We decided to test the 57 inch one.

It all comes in one box. Every piece was there, down to every screw.

The directions are very simple and idiot-proof ( meaning I had no trouble). It took me 45 minutes to put together. The holes were all drilled through. This might not sound like a big deal, but many times when I tried to put together bookcases and other items, I would need my hubby to help because parts were missing or he’s have to drill a hole they missed. It feels good to be able to do it all myself.

Joanie was very helpful, one might say a little too helpful.

Sammy gave it a try first. He is 17 pounds and it was plenty sturdy for him.

Being  that there is already a cat tree in the bedroom, I brought this into the kitchen.Penny and nosey Rosie love it.

Prices are very reasonable. Shipping is free. To visit their site, click here.

And here is a code to save 20%: 15andmeowing20

Tomorrow we will join the art hop and the selfie hop in one post. The Potato Heads will be making an appearance with big news.




Tree Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone! Look what I bought with my very own money. Every year Dad gives me $5 on Cinco de Mayo and Grammie is always slipping me dollars ( I love her so very much). I have been saving for quite a few years so Mom said I could get a new cat tree/pole. I do have to share, but I made sure I got first dibs.

002Here I am helping Dad open the box 004Reading the directions 005I couldn’t wait so I tested the scratching power 006 007I got the moves 008Making sure no one else is trying it until I test it for safety.¬† 009

011Ahhhh! I love the top spot. Snowball tried to climb up and I whacked her. I will share—–someday.