Great cat books and Friday the 13th

Happy Friday—the 13th! I am very superstitious except when it comes to black cats. We have 4 and I think we are pretty lucky( knock on wood).  042This is Jinx, the first of the four.

Today’s book choice is Kitty Cornered by Bob Tarte. This book is his best ( because it is about cats 🙂 ) , but he is a great author. Bob and his wife have all kinds of pets that he has written about. Here is a link to it on Barnes and Noble .

Lucy also has another book to recommend: 001 Sure, she is annoyed that she has been grumpy for 15 years and doesn’t have a book, but as long as it promotes grumpiness, she loves it. I was lucky to receive a copy for Mother’s Day from my sweet niece.

Have a great Friday everyone and don’t walk under any ladders.

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