1. Mom and I are still sleepy! We just got up and this is ate for us…and neither of us has a working brain yet. XXOO
    Katie Isabella

  2. Not sure who they belong to as Mrs H has left her glasses somewhere, MOL. BUT I did recognise ALF and Gremmie in there, but DONT ask me how, OK 😉 MOL

  3. Nice tocks, kitties! We’re going to guess: Sammy, Drake, Joanie, Jinx, Rosie.

  4. I have no idea. I have enough trouble identifying my own cats from the rear end. They are great celebrations of Tock-tober though!!

  5. Do these adorable tocks belong to Sammy, perhaps Drake, Joanie (and of course Gremmie and Alf!), Trouble, and I’m thinking Penny? Either way, they’re all purrfect!

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