1. Hi Joanie, Drake, Penny and Rosie! Looking good in your selfies, sweet ones.

    1. Thank you. Drake is a friendly guy to us, he is hissy with other cats, but we keep trying so he won’t have to be alone in one room. XO

  2. Drake…I love your name. I wish I knew its history with your mom that she named you that.
    xo Katie Isabella

  3. I can’t get over how great Rosie poses for the camera! She looks right into the camera which allows us to see her beautiful little soul! 🙂 <3

  4. Lulu: “Happy Sunday! Hey Drake and Penny, it looks like you guys are doing mat work. I do mat work too!”
    Chaplin: “Cats don’t do ‘mat work’, Lulu. We just sit wherever we feel like it.”
    Lulu: “But I get cookies for sitting quietly on the mat.”
    Chaplin: “Cookies? Okay, I’m in.”

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