Hi everyone! We are joining Comedy Plus’ Awww…Mondays and McGuffy’s Reader’s Sparks Blog Hops today, but first, a word from Joanie.

I has been duped! Those were not gremlins, they was Furby’s. I still want gremlin to train.

Our Spark for today is not a quote. From now until Christmas we will be giving ideas to make people happy this holiday season.I think that counts as a spark.

I put a basket of goodies outside on the steps with a note for all Fedex, UPS and USPS to help themselves. I put out bottled water, chocolate, apples and some packages with crackers and cookies. I am sure anything you choose will be appreciated by these hard workers and will brighten their day.

We will get back to reviewing books next Monday. And Penny will be here tomorrow with one of her tips.

Β  Today is 7 years since my KaChoo left for the bridge. This was taken at Tufts a few days before she passed. I miss her every day.



  1. What a good idea to thank your delivery people!
    Your cat looks sweet; I’m sorry for your loss. The time without them doesn’t do enough to lessen the grief and loss, does it. Hugs.

  2. Please accept our condolences as you grieve for and remember KaChoo. They remain in our hearts always. What a wonderfully kind thing to do, Ellen, for all the delivery people. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

  3. First, hugs. ❀ KaChoo was beautiful. You were both blessed. We never forget love.
    I love your giving heart. You are a great source of Sparks. I do this, too. But, on our rural route, I wait until I see them. They don’t come up to the door, usually. I give treats to repairmen year-round. ☺
    Love you!

    1. Thank you. XO I love participating in Sparks, it i such a wonderful idea to spread joy.

  4. What a nice thing to do for the delivery humans! We get lots of them here – my human’s boyfriend is always ordering something. It’s kind of warm here, so we can’t leave out anything melty, but I’m sure lots of other things would be appreciated!

  5. So sorry that today is a sad anniversary for you with losing KaChoo – such a pretty girl. I think you are AMAZING to think of putting a thank you basket on your front step for delivery folks. They are about to enter the CRAZY time for them with package delivery and they will just LOVE YOU for thinking of them!

    Hugs, Pam

  6. That’s a lovely idea! We would need to put the ones for the mail carrier in the mail box at the street, but any other delivery people would come to the door, so a basket would work for them.

    1. Yes, our mail carrier only gets these when she has a package to leave at the door. I should hang something on the box at the street too.

  7. So sorry about Kachoo. What a great idea to leave a basket like that for all the delivery people. That is such a nice thing to do. You all have a great Monday.

  8. What a lovely, kindhearted idea to say thank you to all the delivery people!

    We never knew KaChoo, she was before We became friends but she looks like a sweet kitty and We are sure she is watching over her mommy from the Bridge.

  9. Oh Joanie… you are funny! I like your ideas to make people happy for your Spark. I think our UPS guy would truly appreciate a snack while driving around our rural roads. KaChoo is a beautiful cat. I am so sorry she is not with you anymore. I understand about missing her every day.

  10. KaChoo, Tuftsisthe best place. So glad your parents took you there. They will always love you ?. Great idea for the delivery folks! Best ever!!!

  11. That is a cool idea to have a gift basket like that. Always remember the cats that came before.

  12. We’ve done water runs for our UPS and other delivery folks for years. Usually cold water in the summer months. They have actually rang our doorbell and asked for cold water when we didn’t notice they were there. We love to take care of those that work so hard.

    Have a fabulous day. β™₯

  13. Yes, we forget the delivery people whose life is hell, and complain when they come late in the evening since they have so much to deliver. We always remember our loved ones who passed during the Christmas season.

  14. KaChoo was such a beauty, and so lucky to have you. She will always be with you.

    I love what you’re doing for Sparks. Last year I put out candy and hot cocoa for our delivery drivers. The squirrels tried to steal some of it, so I am brainstorming ways to do it this year so that the delivery drivers don’t have to compete with the wildlife.

    P.S. Joanie, I had a Furby when I was a kid, but a gremlin would have been even better!

    1. That was sweet of you to put out hot cocoa. Don’t tell Joanie, but Santa will be bringing her a gremlin πŸ™‚

  15. joanie…..sum times furbyz iz gremlinz……sew…..

    N way kewl what yur mom doez for all de dee liveree doodz; round heer
    de hole baskit wood be gone in a fast minit….but…..

    big hugs two mom N dad two day az they rememburr kachoo β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯

  16. Such a lovely idea for the delivery people – we don’t have so many where we are but I’m going to do something for our postman. KaChoo was gorgeous – they never leave our hearts, part of it will always be theirs. Hugs.

  17. Mee-you Ka-choo was so adoorabull Aunty Ellen. Mee sendss mee sympaffiess to you…mee an LadyMum know shee meened so much to you!
    An yur so pawsum to leeve out snackss an drinkss fur thee deeliveree peepull aunty!! Yur so thottfull!!!
    An Joanie mee not know how to tell you thee Gremmylinss were Furbee’ss an mee not not sure what thee diffyrence iss, mew mew mew……
    Mee onlee knowss mousiess an monkeyss’! πŸ˜‰
    ***nose rubsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Thank you sweet Siddhartha πŸ™‚ Don’t tell Joanie, but I think Santa is going to bring her a real gremlin. XO and chin scritches

  18. What a great idea…but if I did that here..alas, it would NOT get to the delivery guys…
    What can I say..
    And KaChoo sure was a pretty girl! I have a few before cats who have permanent places in my heart too.
    Love Barb

  19. Ellen,

    Now, that’s a fabulous idea to leave some goodies for delivery people. I’m sure they appreciate your kindness. Have a sparkletastic week, my friend!

  20. What a lovely idea for the package carriers. I usually try and leave a card and something nice in the mailbox for the mail carrier, and tie candy canes and a thank you card to my trash bags for those who collect the bags every week, These people are so often overlooked. I hope you and yours have a wonderful Advent season.

  21. I think that’s the nicest thing ever, miss Ellen. Grandpaw does that things too and there’s Always coffee for the workers outside? So sorry KaToo had to leave you. 7 years ago. Soft Pawkisses as we know that you miss her deeply?❀?

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