R.I.P. T

Hi everyone, as you can tell by the title of this post, T did not make it. He had IV fluids and antibiotics and only seemed to get worse. I went to see him and he was sicker than before even after treatment. The vet spoke to me on the phone before I went over and she felt he should be euthanized. Fortunately ,my mom went with me so I wouldn’t have to be alone and we stayed with him until the end. The vet techs made paw prints and put him in a little casket that my husband is going to burry ( my friend rents and had nowhere to put him).

After that vet bill, I am not going to donate to a shelter this week. My donation is going to be ghosts to sell for PALS shelter. As most of you know, I crochet toys that are sold at the vet’s office  and all money goes to PALS, a great rescue in Spencer, MA.

Here are the ghosts: 001I also made some with purple faces and some pink pumpkins, but I didn’t get a photo of those. I am also working on something new for Thanksgiving, turkey legs. I found a pattern for a larger one on Ravelry and modified it for a smaller one. 003As you can see, it is a work in progress. I am working on some in a lighter shade too so some will be more well-done than others.

I am off to the vet with Joanie, she has a little bump on her head that has gotten a little bigger. She is one of my favorites, along with Phoebe, Lucy and her biological brother, Sammy. I love all 15 and shouldn’t play favorites, but I do.

Here is Stinky as a tribute to Robin Williams, she is Mork from Ork- Nanoo, Nanoo. 006

ROAR and the Contest Winner

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today is ROAR day and this week instead of donating to a group, I helped an individual cat. Someone I know has a cat that has been losing weight, but couldn’t afford a check up so I volunteered to take him for one. This is T: He is a cutie, I wish I could keep him. Luckily, there was no problem found. He may just get bullied by some of the other cats for food.


I brought the cat to Second Chance which has a low cost clinic. They also have many ways to help their organization like donating books, shoes, ink cartridges, even cars. I decided to donate some shoes being that my feet keep growing. I was a size 10 for years and now I seem to be an 11. I know that is big, but I am 5’10” tall so I need big feet 🙂

And the contest winner is: The Cat on My Head ( Kitties Bue)!! Congratulations! Have a great day everyone!

PS: Penny wants to remind everyone that McDonald’s has free small coffee during breakfast hours from the 16th-29th.002.

ROAR of the Week -freekatlitter and Boris’ Scavenger Hunt

As you know Wednesday is ROAR day. I just heard about another free thing you can do every day from the same place that does Freekibble. Now you can click onto http://freekatlitter.com/donate.asp?click=true -all you have to do is click on to the page and they will donate cat litter to shelters.

My ROAR of the week is more of a squeak. After the flea fiasco, I am low on funds.  I figure my choosing of Second Chance as the place for Dave’s Pet Store to send a  percentage of my purchase to will have to do this week. I actually choose them every week and I always spend quite a bit on all my cat food, wet and dry. I also purchase turtle food and lighting there as well.

I am also planning to participate in Boris the kitty’s scavneger hunt. If you are new to the blog, I donated to his cause a couple weeks ago. He is a sickly kitty, but he is always trying to help other kitties. This looks like fun, I don’t think I will get all 75 items, but I plan to do all the ones that will get donated to One by One Cat Rescue. Here is the link:


Have a nice day!