ROAR: Second Chance Animal Shelter

Wednesday is ROAR day! For those of you that are just reading this, I choose a cat charity weekly to donate to. I am hoping to eventually sell advertising on this blog and use some of that money to make bigger contributions, but for now, I do what I can. This week, I am low on funds so I have found some creative ways to help and hopefully you will be inspired as well.

The ROAR of the week goes to: Second Chance Animal Shelter in East Brookfield, MA. They offer inexpensive ( and sometimes free) spay/neuter programs to several area towns. They have also started a low cost clinic where people with low income can get health care including blood tests for their pets. I think that is wonderful because so many people can’t afford to go to a regular veterinarian and their poor pets suffer.

First off, I have gathered a bag of books to donate-they have a box to collect them behind their clinic in North Brookfield, MA. I also added an Amazon smile button to my computer so whenever I do make a purchase on Amazon, they will donate a percentage to Second Chance. You can choose from many charities and happily Second Chance was listed.

Lastly, I shop at Dave’s Pet Food store ( a western MA and CT chain). They also have a list of charities they will give a percentage of your purchase to- and with 15 cats, I spend a lot there. I am sure stores all over have similar programs- just ask.

Have a nice day and always spoil those kitties.