Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

I am a few days late for this special day, but better late than never. Deborah Barnes founded Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day in 2015, in tribute to her beloved Mr. Jazz who went to The Rainbow Bridge in 2013. It is a day to honor all our furbabies that are no longer with us. They truly do leave pawprints on our hearts.  We are joining the hop, click here.

Since I started blogging in 2014, six of my kitties have left us.

I also want to remember my beloved KaChoo who was with us from 1994-2010

and Barney who left us in 2013.

We are also joining Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop and The Pet Parade. The Great One made this masterpiece when she was visiting the other day.

And it took me all of July and August, but I did it! All 100 snowflakes are complete.

Now I plan to make more of the ones I like the best and add something sparkly to them.


  1. Lovely tribute pictures to your beautiful kitties. I know it’s so hard when they have to depart for the Rainbow Bridge, but they stay in our hearts forever.

  2. I remember Lucy passing away. This is a nice day for people to remember.

  3. Such lovely Angels you have watching over you……even though it broke your hearts when they left they are still with you forever. Love the artwork The Great One did and a BIG CONCATULATIONS on completing 100 snowflakes. That is amazing…….they’re beautiful!

    Hugs, Teddy and Mom too

  4. Hello, and Katie smoochies sent up to you, Spooky. XXOO

    LOVE the snowflakes! Truly.

  5. So many losses in such a short time. Every one beautiful. Kachoo reminds me a lot of a cat we used to have, Tasha. ♥

  6. Your angels are waiting for you and they still live in your heart. Concats on the snowflakes. TW met the woman who teaches the arts and crafts at the senior center and she was trying to talk TW into joining them.

  7. A beautiful remembrance for your sweet kitties ♥
    The Great Ones masterpiece is just that… a masterpiece! Love the purple hearts.
    Congratulations on 100 snowflakes… you were determined and they are a beautiful flurry of snowflakes!

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