Pirate Friday

Happy Friday everyone, it is also talk like a pirate day. PIRATEDAYPOSTER

I have seen all The Pirates of the Caribbean movies, but I don’t know how to talk pirate and neither do my kitties. I do have some nice photos though:Here is Lucy in her pirate costume: Lucy

And Sammy: sammypirate

And Lucy with an eye patch: lucypirate2

Today is book day, but Lucy refuses to work today being that she had to wear a pirate costume. I have a dvd to recommend instead of a book. Harry and Tonto is a sweet movie from 1974 that I just recently learned about and got from Netflix. It is about an elderly man and his orange kitty. My hubby and I liked it and half way through, my hubby had to go get our orange kitty, Prancie and hold her. It is a sweet movie, but you will need tissues.

Have a nice day everyone and don’t walk any planks.

Pet Parade with Rascal and RoccoWe also joined Rascal and Rocco’s Pet Parade.



  1. Great photos of your pirates! I’m staying away from planks myself today but I can’t promise I won’t make SOMEONE else walk a plank on my pirate ship!

    Hugs, Sammy the Pirate

  2. meyarrr! thy costumes be most fittin’ an’ correct for this day–we admires those piratecats that cooperates wif their humans 😉 that thee speak not like a pirate be of little import–that ye enter into th’ spirit o’ th’ thing be all, an’ thee hast done it well!!

  3. What gweat fotos. Yous all look gawjus in yous piwate get up. 🙂 Weez put Gracie’s email addwess on yous comment on ow posty. 🙂 Good luck and can’t wait fur yous to join da TCC.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi n Lexi

  4. Ahoy ye pirates true! Ye look might fine in your pirate wear! Lucy..we can’t believe ye let them put a patch on ye! Ye be a fierce pirate ye! 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo

    1. Yes, Lucy let me put a patch on her, but I am sure I will need a patch later when she seeks revenge.

    1. Lucy said to let you know that I will be punished later for dressing her up- probably a pee in the wrong place..

  5. Oh Lucy, you are such a good girl to wear that costume. Don’t know if any of us would have done that. All of you look good in your Pirate costumes Well done.

  6. Arrrr! Ye be fine and fearsome pirates. A few mugs o’ grog and ye’ll be talking like a pirate with the best of ’em.

  7. Shiver me timbers! Wes has stopped by to toss off some grog with yous maties!!!
    Kisses er ARRRRRRRRRRR!
    Moll “Sly Dog” Gummo”The Grief of Monster Key!” and Thad “Midshipman Mackerel” Kneebone”The Hate of Dolphin Islet!”
    AKA Nellie and Ninja

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