Penny’s Tips Volume 140

Hi everyone! Have you missed me? I am here with some money saving tips for you and a giveaway.


As you know, Dr. Seuss Day is this Thursday so I thought I would dress up for it today. My Dad had to hold my hat on because it kept slipping off. Ok, maybe I kept shaking it off.

You know how mom and Grammie went to the Eric Carle Museum with her niece and the kids last week? How much do you think it cost?  Admission is $8 for kids and $12 for adults, but they paid nothing. The local library has passes you can reserve so mom did that. Almost all libraries offer this service, you can look on their website for what attractions in your area they have passes for.

And now for the giveaway. My mom usually makes a Dr. Seuss catnip mat, but she was too lazy busy to get to the fabric store. So my Dr. Seuss giveaway is for a $10 Amazon gift card- it is open to all. You just need to tell me your favorite Dr. Seuss character in the comments to be entered. You have until Friday 9PM (EST) to enter. Winner will be announced on Saturday.

Stop by tomorrow to see Who Wore it Best? With Rusty and Rudy in this hat.


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  1. I didn’t know that, that is a great idea! Thanks. That would be handy to use if we have visitors to our area.

    I love the Cat in the Hat, and his helpers, Thing One and Thing Two…its a toss up who I love better, LOL!

  2. My favorite Dr. Seuss character is the Grinch.
    I think the reason for that is the story & message in the book where he goes from being a Grinch to a nicer person at the end of the story.
    Please enter me

  3. My favorite Dr Seuss character is the Cat in the Hat with his big purrsonality! You look great in the cat hat penny!

  4. You don’t look very happy to have the hat held on your head, Penny.

  5. Well, we tried to push the Like button but couldn’t register our ‘like’, but what the heck, you know well that we not only Like you all but LOVE you all. What a great thing that libraries do!!!!

  6. Well that was very smart to use free passes – saved a lot of $$ ! We still have our Dr. Seuss hat that Miss Ellen sent to us although it’s a challenge getting ME to wear it. Our FAVORITE Dr. Seuss character should be no surprise to anyone – – – The Cat In The Hat !

    Hugs, Teddy

  7. Penny, I love seeing you in your hat! Your mom sure knows how to make those! Wonder what Tuffy would look like?

  8. Mee-yow Penny you ROCK THE Dcotur Suess hat! An what a kewl idea to get free passess at Library fore Mew-see-um!! FAB tip!
    Mee likess “Blue Fish” Best. BellaSita Mum likess “Max” Poochie best!!
    **nose rubss** BellaDharma an ((hugss)) BellaSita Mum

    1. I bet your dad could, but for some odd reason butterfly places discriminate against kitties. XO

  9. Penny looks adorable in the hat even if dad had to hold it on. That’s great about the free passes to the museum! My favorite Dr. Seuss character is The Cat in the Hat.

  10. I didn’t know you could get free tickets from the library for things. What a great tip.

    The Sneetches are my favorite characters.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday, Ellen. Scritches to all the kitties. xoxo ♥

  11. You are so beautiful, Penny! You are right to remind everyone of what a wonderful resource a library can be. All of us need to support our libraries, they offer so many services.

    Dr, Seuss himself was an amazing person, i’m so glad i raised my kids on his books.

  12. Oh the Grinch, he makes Dr. Seuss really come to life. Ellen, I loved your music choices you posted at my blog. So much fun and I sure love doing those. Penny you are such a terrific hostess. Love seeing everyone here.

    1. He is my favorite too. Glad you liked my music choices. 🙂 Penny thanks you too. XO

  13. Dr. Seuss Day is coming soon. Exciting. I joined the giveaway at My Tata’s Cottage blog. But the Grinch is a great character. My little grandson Blake loves to stick him back in the canvas bucket peeking at us. hahaha Penny thank you for hosting. Take care and have a fun week.

  14. That library pass is such a wonderful thing! We have that program here, too, and we are glad you were able to take advantage of it.

    Penny, we love your jaunty hat!


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