Penny’s Tips Volume 124

Hi everyone. Sorry about my laser eyes, my photographer is awful.

I recently learned that some libraries loan out more than books and dvd’s.  There are apparently some libraries within libraries called The Library of Things. They loan out all sorts of stuff like sewing machines. metal detectors, cake pans, binoculars, snow shoes, microscopes, telescopes, guitars and paper shredders. And get this, the one in my state has a ghost kit- how cool is that?  Check it out-click here. 

The problem is not many libraries have this service yet, but the number is growing. Right now they seem to be in more populated areas. The closest one to us is 90 minutes away which is why mom wouldn’t go get me the ghost kit.

Wikipedia has a list of some of the libraries, click here.

There are also over 200 libraries with seed saving programs where you can donate surplus seeds or get some. To see if any are near you , click here. 

Now if I could just borrow a decent photographer from the library.

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  1. Penny it was great hearing from you again! Thanks for all tips! Even with laser eyes you still are gorgeous! 🙂 <3

  2. Wow ! We didn’t know all that about libraries. Our local library is pretty good – wwe will have to check out soem of the extras they may offer !

  3. How cool that some libraries are lending out things that one only needs once in a while, and if you live in a very small space, you might not have room to store such things…It sure is a win win!

    Sorry the ghost kit is not in your future, Penny, LOL!
    If you wore it your laser eyes would make you extra spooky!

  4. Good to see you, Penny! You’re such a pretty cat! Interesting about those new kinds of libraries! XO

  5. I wish we had a library with a ghost kit – since our house is nearly 100 years old, my human would check it out for sure! We don’t have things to check out here, but they do have LinkedIn Learning for free, and my human is taking a class on an Adobe video editing software called Premier! Right now she is only using Rush, the dumbed-down version and it is limiting my videos.

    1. That is great that your human is taking a class to make your videos better- I think they are great already. XO

  6. WOW – what a novel idea! I bet our library in town (which is tiny) will never do that but it’s a very cool idea nonetheless!

    Hugs, Pam

  7. Oh, to be in the US where mama could give some things to libraries. Maybe it will start here in France if that horrible woman doesn’t win the election. Marine Le Pen is a NAZI. Mama calls her Le Pain. We love your laser eyes and can’t wait to see the new KITTIES.

  8. Ghost kit, huh? Oh boy, now you’ve done it. Dad says he’s gotta find himself one of those. Sheesh, and we thought our library was awesome because they loaned out/welcomed donations of jigsaw puzzles! How wonderful one can find so many things at a library.

  9. Oh yes! Our library is working on this also, they even loan out wifi hot spots!
    Our refurbished building, when complete later this year, will have several meeting rooms just for crafts, and a HUGE teenage room with big console for gaming. Cool!

  10. A ghost kit sounds fun! I think we have a tool library somewhere around where I live but that’s the only other thing I’ve heard of by me. Thanks for your tip!

  11. I learned a lot today. I always enjoy your telling us things that can help us. Brilliant.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday, Ellen. Scritches all around and a hug to mom. ♥

  12. How cool is that, a ghost kit! Our library used to offer paintings to check out, but no more.

  13. Penny, who KNEW!? MOm said she is saving this info and we both send you smoochies for telling us.

  14. Our library has a puzzle exchange. You can bring in a used puzzle and trade it for one on their shelf! We’d love to be able to rent more things. Libraries are awesome!

  15. Wow, that the first time I hear about libraries doing that. I think it’s a great idea! I’m not sure to what extent our local one loans out things. I’ll have to learn more about the services offered. xo

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