Nosey Rosie’s Tips 46

Hi everyone! Now I can relax, the kiddos are in school.

I wish Joanie’s Gremmie would go to school too- he is a pest.

I am going to do a Get to Know Me questionnaire that my friend Stunning Keisha did recently on her blog- to see hers, click here.

 First job—writing on this blog
▪︎ Current job—writing on this blog
▪︎ Dream job—being a princess
▪︎ Astrological sign—not sure, but probably a Leo.
▪︎ Favorite food—squeezable treats
▪︎ Favorite footwear- barefoot
▪︎ Favorite snack—squeezable treats
▪︎ Favorite ice cream—none- I don’t want to lose my girlish figure
▪︎ Favorite Holiday—Labor Day- because kids go back to school right after that
▪︎ Night owl or early bird—Early bird- I like to pounce back and forth on mom and dad nice and early to wake them. I go to bed at 10 PM when my daddy carries me to the bedroom.
▪︎ Favorite day of the week—Any day I get a squeezie treat and there are no kids in the house
▪︎ Tattoos—none, but Penny has one on her tummy to mark that she was spayed.
▪︎ Favorite color—pink, like my octopus, Happy.

▪︎ Do you like vegetables—NO! I am a carnivore.
▪︎ Favorite season—Fall- for window whiffies and cooler weather and it makes mom happy to decorate for Halloween.
Please do a post with your answers or tell me in the comment sections.
Not much gossip this week except that Friday is mad at dad because he accidentally bought sugar free Klondike bars- she says they are horrid.


  1. Gremmie should go to the school of manners!! Or kindergarten, because that is where you learn everything you need to know, at least that is what pawppy said.

    First job—keeping Pipo away from me and pawppy
    ▪︎ Current job—getting all the cuddles I can from pawppy.
    ▪︎ Dream job—King of the castle
    ▪︎ Astrological sign—I don’t do astrology…
    ▪︎ Favorite food—Freeze Dried Chicken patties
    ▪︎ Favorite footwear- barefoot
    ▪︎ Favorite snack—liver treats
    ▪︎ Favorite ice cream—all, though I have never had any, other than doggy ice cream.
    ▪︎ Favorite Holiday—Christmas, I love all the paper, so I can rip it up.
    ▪︎ Night owl or early bird—Early bird, I have to bark the neighbor when he goes to his work.
    ▪︎ Favorite day of the week—any day really, since my peeps are there most of each day.
    ▪︎ Tattoos—I have one on my belly, to show I was ‘fixed’.
    ▪︎ Favorite color—red!
    ▪︎ Do you like vegetables—Yes! Some but not all.
    ▪︎ Favorite season—Fall- for the cooler cooler weather and all the leaves to run through.

    First job—helping Dalton gain confidence
    ▪︎ Current job—more of the same and making sure his bowl s clean…tee-hee!
    ▪︎ Dream job—food tester
    ▪︎ Astrological sign—I don’t do astrology.
    ▪︎ Favorite food—yogurt!
    ▪︎ Favorite footwear- barefoot
    ▪︎ Favorite snack—chewy bones.
    ▪︎ Favorite ice cream—any kind, though I only ever get the doggy ones….
    ▪︎ Favorite Holiday—Easter, cause then I can hunt for the bunny…and dig up all the eggs, BOL!
    ▪︎ Night owl or early bird—Early bird since Dalton’s barking wakes me up.
    ▪︎ Favorite day of the week—Any day since my pawrents are home most of the time, except when *she* goes to her work…but pawppy is still here.
    ▪︎ Tattoos—none
    ▪︎ Favorite color—red, my collar is red and it looks good on my black furs.
    ▪︎ Do you like vegetables—yes, I love cucumbers and carrots.
    ▪︎ Favorite season—Fall- for cooler weather and digging up all the mole tracks, they seem to be mre of them in the cooler days. And its more fun to play chase with Dalton when its cooler, too.

    1. Thank you both for answering all the questions. It was nice to learn more about you. XO

  2. Sugar-Free Klondike bars do sound like an act against nature, but it was nice that he was willing to buy her a treat!

  3. That is a nice relaxed picture of you, Rosie. Thanks for telling us different things about yourself. You would make a lovely Princess.

  4. Wait a minute. You guys can eat Klondike bars? Mama had to look them up. And we’ll answer the bio on our blog today. Thanks for giving us the idea! I’m on 4IU now but I think I feel better because of MIRATAZ…pat your mama on the back!

  5. Well Rosie you can get more rest now that the kids are in school…..BUT they DO have days off and there are weekends so you need to stay on alert!!! Fun “Getting To Know Me” answers – I think it’s nice you get a ride to bed at night. I think your Dad (and Mom) are both “keepers” !!

    Hugs, Teddy

  6. Toffee sings: Getting to know you, getting to know all about you. Getting to like you, getting to hope you like me. [tumety-tum, forgotten the words] … you are precisely my cup of tea!

  7. Wow! You are an impressive kitty, Rosie. My Callie doesn’t have a job and doesn’t want one. She’d rather laze around and flip her tail. She’s such a party girl!

  8. Rosy did you hear me MOL LOL at this one! Favorite ice cream—none- I don’t want to lose my girlish figure. I need to find a way to not ADORE Breyer’s Mint Choc Chip and Dark Choc. Truffle
    Hugs cecilia

  9. Love your getting to know you better, Rosie. I wasn’t surprised one bit either.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday, Rosie. Scritches all around and my best to your mom. xoxo ♥

  10. We’re glad you’re getting some semblance of peace and quiet, Rosie. Perhaps to get even more, you could inconspicuously toss Gremmie into The Great One’s backpack? And we had so much fun learning more about you! Can you believe this here human still hasn’t bought any squeezable treats for the kitties here to try. I know. The horror. Purrs!

  11. It’s great to learn more about you!

    How odd that Friday can tell the difference in the Klondike Bars. Cats don’t have taste buds for sweet, since you are carnivore obligates you don’t need them. There must be some other taste/texture difference Friday is catching between the regulat and sugar free. Sometimes those artificial sweeteners have a chemical hint about them that may be causing it to taste different.

  12. I love seeing Happy but she has an imjury I think. An arm seems to be bandaged? I lopve all of Rosies’s news today. I wrote your Mom, Rosie.

  13. A mother’s job is never done even when the kids start school. The best you can do is keep abreast of things.

    As far as being captioned, no problem! I must admit since I found your blog, I get confused about who is who. Now at least I see Rosie and can identify her. You can send me pictures you’d like to have captioned. You must have my email because I entered it below. I’ll start with the one you posted today for next time.

    1. Thank you for including Rosie, she is a little show off. There are 12 cats here, but 3 are feral and pretty much hide until we got to bed. The kids are my great nieces and won’t be here much now that school started so it is just my hubby and I and the cats. 🙂

  14. P.S. Actually Rosie is on my blog right now as a P.S. I had you and one other person comment so far. Most comment in the evening. You are welcome to post this on your own blog as well, if you like. Just copy it from my blog.

  15. Mee-yow Rosie girl it iss wunderfull to see you so reelaxed…now to get Gremmie sent to Skwell…….hhhhmmmmmm…while mee pondurss this, mee wantss to due yore “Get To Know Mee” quiz!!! Mee nevurr dun one like this beefore…
    OKay here oess…
    First job—stayin alive on meen streetss of Wireton!
    ▪︎ Current job—writing on mee an BellaSita’ss blog.
    ▪︎ Dream job—being a published Kitty girl.
    ▪︎ Astrological sign—Tore-uss!
    ▪︎ Favorite food—Merrick’ss Turkey Pate an Wervua 1 if by Land, 2 if by Sea food pouch food!
    ▪︎ Favorite footwear- bare pawss!
    ▪︎ Favorite snack—Greeniess Dental Catnip Treetss!
    ▪︎ Favorite ice cream—Vanilley (m)ice creem or Blueberry Yow-gurt!
    ▪︎ Favorite Holiday—Chanukkah!
    ▪︎ Night owl or early bird—NOTE OWL fore sure!
    ▪︎ Favorite day of the week—Any day BellaSita Mum doess not have a seezure!!
    ▪︎ Tattoos—nope!
    ▪︎ Favorite color—Hot pink an brite orange an gold color two!
    ▪︎ Do you like vegetables—I am a carnivore who likess a bit of cooked carrot inn mee foodabulls!
    ▪︎ Favorite season—Spring seein all mee Birdie an 4 legged frendss coem back an THE flowerss start to bloom!!

    Did mee due guud Rosie???
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma =^..^=

  16. I liked all your answers on the quiz. It is good learning new things about our friends. Aw…kids in school. Gives the fur babies a break from too much excitement, I know. Have a blessed week.

  17. HAHA! How cute. It was fun getting to know Rosie better. If I did this for our calico girl, Kazee, all her answers would be “food”. xo

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