Marc Maron’s show, my trip to Dakin and kitty UTI’s

Hi everyone- my mom and I delivered the donations to Dakin yesterday and even though she tried, she couldn’t keep me out of the cat room. There are several lonely hearts there, but everyone was interested in the kittens. I don’t understand that- I love all cats, but I prefer the ones that are all grown up. One looked like a long haired version of my Sammy, his name was Gizmo:I probably would have looked into adopting him, but he needs to be an only cat- if you know someone looking, please tell them about this lovebug.

Thursday is medical issues day and I want to tell you a little more about Lucy. Once in a while, she gets urinary tract infections. As you know, she doesn’t use the box, but the difference is she will squat on the bed and pee a little, she also starts licking that area a lot. When that happens, she gets an antibiotic shot at the vet and I do a lot of laundry ( all the blankets, comforter, etc). Whenever your cat starts doing something unusual, it means he/she is sick or upset about something. I know a trip to the vet can be costly, but it is better to deal with issues right away-it will cost less and make your kitty feel better.

Tonight is Marc Maron’s tv show, it is now in the second season.  I will admit it is crude in some respects, but he is a cat lover that has rescued several cats. As long as I get to see a cat on the show, I am happy. For those of you that have had your head in the litterbox- Marc Maron is a comedian that has several books out and does a podcast with famous people- here is the link: and please watch his show tonight at 10 pm on IFC ( 212 on Comcast),

Have a nice day and spoil your kitties.


  1. I didn’t know Marc Maron rescued cats. Now I’ll have to watch his show.

    1. Peggy-yes, he had 4 and I think one passed away because his production company is called Boomer Lives. Just don’t watch it with any of your grandkids-some of it is very adult.

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