M is for Miaow! Cats really are nicer than people!

Hi everyone! Today is M day for the A-Z Blogging Challenge.DSCF1080

Joanie and I are recommending Miaow! Cats really are nicer than people ! by Sir Patrick Moore. I am lucky my hubby is a Science nerd and reads Astronomy magazine or I would not have known about this book.

Sir Patrick Moore was the author of more than 70 books on Astronomy and also hosted the BBC’s TV show, The Sky at Night. In addition to that, he was a cat lover. This book was published in April of 2012, nine months before his passing. It is filled with beautiful photos of his cats and stories about them. “They never fail me” was one line in his book that really stood out. My cats never fail me either.

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Thank you all for the purrs and prayers for Spooky as well as the suggestions. He did eat more Thursday than he did the 2 days before combined. He is still not eating enough, but I am hoping he eats a little more each day.

Purrs and Prayers for SPOOKYspooky-a

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  1. Mom is going to star a list this weekend of the books you’ve recommended to see if our library has them. Why she didn’t do that before now is unknown. Extra Prayers for Spooky. We love him and pray for the best for him.

    1. If your library doesn’t have some, I can loan them to her- I don;t have them all, but I have quite a few. Thank you for those prayers. I am praying for Frankie.

  2. This book sounds wonderful. And what a great quote. My kitties never fail me either. Thank you for yet another great review!

    And, of course, lots and lots of purrs and prayers for Spooky!

    1. Thank you, I am glad you like the books I am choosing. And thank you for the purrs and prayers. XO

  3. I am glad Spooky is eating a bit more than before. I know how worrying it is when no matter how much you try, they just won’t eat. Thankfully Flynn is going through an eating phase at the moment.
    I knew Patrick Moore liked cats but didn’t realise he had a book about them published.

    1. I am glad Flynn is eating now, I pray that continues. You will like this book.XO

  4. Sorry we haven’t stopped by this week – the Mom has been unusually busy. This sounds like a good book. We will have to catch up on your other posts to see what is going on.

    1. It is a good book. No worries, I know people get busy and can’t visit every day.

  5. Another book for my reading list! Here’s hoping Spooky starts making a piggy of himself at the food bowl. Have you tried sprinkling some nutritional yeast on his food, or grated Parmesan cheese? Kitties seem to like the smell, enticing them to eat.

    1. I long for the days when Spooky ate like a piggy. I will try the parmesan, and I will get yeast tomorrow. Thank you for the tips. XO

  6. Miaow! Sounds like a great book! I have to say that cats are a lot easier to get along with than many humans. Kitties make the best companions! I hope that Spooky feels better soon. It is always so hard when a kitty is sick. Purrs and prayers for continued recovery! Pheobe’s giveaway looks great too! You make the best cat toys. 🙂

  7. guys….Mr Moore sure new hiz stuff…. coz cat R way mor nice N peepulz !!!

    we will hafta chex out thiz book, thanx for de heads up….

    N spooky…..dood….eat…sum thin, even if ya hafta eat …….we iz gonna say it……BURD……ya hafta eat sum thin….stop stressin yur mom & yur palz dood & just eat….deel ??? deel !!! 🙂

    heerz two a tiger shovelnose catfish kinda week oh end two each N all ♥♥♥

  8. Mee-you Joanie yur lookin good with thee book! It sounds like a grate read fur sure!
    An mee darling buttercup you are so-o beeuteefull in yur Kippa…
    Can mee ‘Kippa’ you fur evfurr?? 😉
    An Brofur Spooky you has to eatss more dude!!! Even burd iss good…an tuna iss better….mee iss sendin you more POTP!!!!
    ***nose bumpss*** ( fur Joanie an Spooky)
    *****paw kissesss***** (fur Phoebe gurl)
    Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Aww…my poetic purrince, of course you can kippa me forever 🙂 XO and paw kisses and nose bumps from Joanie and Spooky

  9. I worry a lot about the little that Sam eats some days but then he’ll become a piggy overnight and eat well the next day so it’s up and down – the thyroid thing! Anyway, hoping that Spooky eats more and more……gotta keep your strength up that’s for sure…………Sammy is sending POTP every day for his friend Spooky.

    Love, Pam

    1. I pray Spooky gets his appetite soon. It is very scary. XO and love to you and Sam.

  10. We’s so happy to hear Spooky ate more than he has been, and we’s still purrayin’ he eats more. Sis Lexi and me luvved da Gerber ham and ham gravy baby food. Just da Gerber. Da other brands are a bit grainy. and some have onions in them. It’s not a complete and balanced meal, but it’s better than no food. And mommy agrees, she says we’s never failed her either.

    Luv ya’


  11. Sending tonnes and tonnnes AND TONNES of healing purrs your way, Spooky. Please do your best to eat. I know it’s hard at times but your family and friends want to see you well. Purrs, Seville.

  12. That book sounds really good.
    WE are purrin for Spooky too.
    Sorry we have not been around much.
    Momma has too much going on and lots of upheavals, we are just learning to give her lots of purrs.

  13. Spooky darling. Here’s a *kiss* and you get all better and come stay a who;e with me. xxxooox

    1. Spooky thanks you for the kiss, he is trying, but he doesn’t want to eat. XO

    1. I am glad you got your download, you will enjoy the book. Thank you for the purrs. XO

  14. Me (and Mommy has so been enjoying your Alphabet! And mes must tells yous wes thinks this is one terrific book! Lots of Purrays for Spooky too!

  15. We used to sometimes watch that show about the sky.

    Sure hope Spooky starts to eat better. Just like Minko needs to start eating by himself…though after all this time, meowmy thinks it ill not evfur happen; at least not enough to sustain himself…sigh…

    We are adding loads more purrs and pawyers.

  16. We are continuing to send our best purrs for Spooky. Glad he is eating a bit better!

    Sir Patrick Moore was a true English eccentric who we knew loved cats, BUT we never knew he wrote a book about them!!!!

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