Lucy and Cat Book Recommendation

Friday again already- this has been a fun week with lots of new visitors to the blog and Facebook page- thank you everyone! I am very excited, tonight I am going to do a paint and sip class ( minus the sip because I don’t drink) with 2 of my friends. You’ll never guess what we are going to paint……..if you guessed a cat then you are correct 🙂 Sassa Cat I have a feeling mine won’t look quite the same.

Today is the day Lucy and I recommend books, well, Lucy recommends whatever she wants and this week she is pushing the new movie out named Lucy ( she thinks it is about her, shhhh! don’t tell her it isn’t). Lucy is very pleased with the choice of Scarlett Johansen to play her. Here is a link with a trailer, synopsis and movie times: Lucy shadesLucy has her shades on to hide from the paparazzi.

I am recommending another older book this week. For anyone who has seen the tear jerker My Dog Skip, did you know the author ( Willie Morris) also wrote a book about his cat? You can get a copy of My Cat Spit McGee new, used or a Kindle version at this link:

Hope everyone has a great weekend and gets to spend lots of time with their kitties.


  1. Very glam with the sunglasses – I’m sure the pawpawrazzi will NEVER recognize you….and since you’re a star – well – it’s a good idea to wear the disguise! Guess what came today! My box of fun – Mom can’t wait to read the books, I’ve got the two toys with me in my napping tent now, and Dad stole the sign to put in the garage door so everyone knows that I do – in fact – LIVE HERE! We’ll be blogging about the WIN of the giveaway this week and thank you so much – we’re loving the books already and we haven’t even read them yet.

    Hugs and Happy Friday
    Sammy and his Mom

    1. Sammy I am happy that your box arrived safely and you have your toys put away in your tent.

    1. I will post my painting tomorrow- even if it belongs in a litter box- LOL!

  2. I’ve read that book, and reviewed it several years ago – loved it! I think it is pretty amusing how humans (especially male ones) who start off as non-cat people wind up finding one they worship!

    1. I agree Sparkle- my husband was always a dog person and now he always has a cat on his lap and even reads to his favorite,Prancie.

  3. That looks like lots of fun! If our mom went to one of those classes, we know her painting wouldn’t turn out anything like that example! MOL! Hope you have a great time. And thanks for the book recommendation! We are going to have to check it out 🙂

    1. Tell your mom she should do one of those classes- everyone’s comes out good.

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