Cat Art

Happy Saturday everyone! Last night’s painting class was a lot of fun-here are our masterpieces: 003Β . Thank you to Sharon for agreeing to let me post this photo. Sharon also gave me a fantastic birthday gift this week: 002Which leads me to today’s product recommendation.

These glasses were etched with the 15andmeowing logo by Sharon’s neighbors who happen to have an Etsy store that sells personalized products at great prices. . You can get a memorial tile of a beloved pet for only $9.99. You could also get a coaster set or glass with your logo or pet etched onto them at a very low cost.I recently had a memory box etched for someone’s wedding and it came out great. I highly recommend this place for all your etching and personalization needs.

I am off to continue celebrating my birthday week by going to lunch with my hubby and his sister. I am starting to like yoga, but I am happy the teacher is on vacation this week. Grammie will be cat sitting again today, our kitties are very lucky. Hope you all have a great day and come back tomorrow for a contest- Lucy is going to pose with something and the first person to comment and correctly identify where it is from will win a prize.



  1. I love your cat painting. We have “Painting with a Twist” here and I went for the first time a few weeks ago. It really is a lot of fun. Your glasses are great and i went to the Etsy site. Very nice work and reasonable priced. Thanks for the recommendation.

    1. Thank you, what did you paint? I emailed all the places in the general area and asked for a cat painting. Luckily, one place agreed and posted 2, I want to do the other one now. Thank you for checking out Snowy Valley gifts too.

    1. Thank you- it amazes me how all the paintings come out great, yet different.

    1. Thank you- they did a gret job! I should give you one being that you designed the logo.

  2. It was so fun painting the cats πŸ™‚ I am just happy that the one I did actually looks like a cat lol! I am so glad you had the link to SnowyValleyGifts go right to the cat memorial tile πŸ™‚ that is my favorite item that they sell. They are wonderful people and do a lot for the fury population. They also do custom orders, they love a challenge πŸ™‚ and are very reasonably priced πŸ™‚

    1. The memorial tile is a nice item and very reasonable ( shhh! don’t tell them or the prices will go up-LOL).

  3. Hey those painting look amazing. You all did a marvelous job. I am planning to take my college friends away for a weekend getaway this September. Perhaps we might look into taking a painting class while we vacation at the resort. Thanks for the idea…

    1. I am sure she could, believe me, if I could then anyone can. I wish my drawing class was working out as well.

  4. You did a great job on your cat painting. Hope you enjoy your Birthday week-end.

    1. Thank you, the painting class was fun- there is another cat one that I hope to do soon.

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