It’s Monday! What Are YOU Reading?

Hi everyone! We are joining Comedy Plus’ Awww….Mondays and Book Date’s It’s Monday What are YOU Reading?

All my older cats that are not doing well have been making me sad as well as turning the big 50 recently.  As you can see, I am looking to books for happiness. I just finished Resisting Happiness by Matthew Kelly.  I also have The Happiness Equation by Neil Pasricha, Happy for No Reason by Marci Shimoff and The Happiness Hypothesis by Jonathan Haidt. I haven’t started any of those yet.

I recently won Happy Money: Understand and Heal Your Relationship with Money by Ken Honda, I wrote a review for it on Goodreads. I thought it was a good book. I like the idea of having happy money. The author recommends we be happy when spending money instead of complaining about it. We will attract more that way. I am going to start adding a smiley face in the memo of checks I write. 🙂 That is my idea, not his.

Penny will be here tomorrow with one of her tips. I think she is mad about being bumped the past 2 Tuesdays. She left a plastic eyeball in my shoe- do you think that she was sending me a message?


  1. Sigh. I know what you mean about the difficulty watching your cats age. It’s hard when we see ourselves and our spouses age, but the cats don’t live as long, so it is even harder. I have already passed the big 5-0, and it’s amazing how easy that can be. I’m embarrassed to say that we always have multiple pets so that there will always be at least one to comfort us when we lose another. It is just so difficult.

    1. My hubby turned 65 this year and is really showing his age which scares me too.

  2. TBT watches us get older faster than he does and gets sad sometimes. But we know that we are only half-through and have lots of loving time with TBT. Time doesn’t pass the same way fer US.

    There is some yesserdays and today. Sometimes tomorrow but mostly thinking of the next meal and when it will get light and we can sit on the deck.

    Congrats of the 50. TBT thinks of that as The Wayback Days when he had to leave the home and go to the office and get all annoyed. We weren’t here then, of course.

    1. It is sad to see cats age, but we are blessed to live with cats. Thank you on the 50, I am not happy about it. At least I don’t have to go to an office 🙂

  3. Lovely picture 💛
    I’m reading “Die universellen Heilprinzipien: Wie wir dem heilsamen Weg unseres Seelenlichts folgen” written by Ulrike Annyma Kern.
    Her words and messages bring me comfort and learning about myself.

  4. I know it must be difficult with the number of kitties you have watching them age and begin to get health problems that are more tough to handle for them and for you. I guess it makes us think of our own mortality more doesn’t it. I like that you are getting HAPPY books though – it really does help lighten the load. Smiley faces on your checks – why not! It WILL make someone else smile.

    Hugs, Pam

  5. Ellen,

    I’m sorry to hear the older kitties aren’t doing well but don’t let turning 50 bring you down. I have you beat by almost eight years. I turn 58 in December. Can you believe DH turned 60 a few weeks ago? Time waits for no one for sure. I look at each passing year as a gift. I’m thankful for the life I’ve been given and try to make the most of it. But on the occasion when I’m feeling down, I find that mewsic picks me up. Crank up some tunes to improve the way you feel, my dear. It’ll do those kitties some good, too. 😉

  6. She was. I was just thinking of her yesterday morning! She said she has an eye on you to keep up your end of the bargain with her and her hard work.

  7. It is so hard when the animals get older and us humans too. But as hard as it may seem, just gotta stay positive and what we do have. Take care and have a good day.

  8. Have you read 10% Happier? I loved it and it really changed my life (I now meditate for 10 minutes every morning.) Also, thank you so much for the cat toys!! They are so cute. Currently Luxie is afraid of them! As soon as she figures out they are not scary, I’ll try to get some photos!

    1. I have not read that, I will add it to my Netflix list. Sorry Luxie is afraid of the toys. Does she like catnip? My Trouble is afraid of it so keeps away from nip toys.

  9. I’m on 10 Quilting cozy book and I’m also quilting so I have to divide my time so my eyes don’t get tired and my shoulders don’t get achy
    Hugs Cecilia

  10. I remember the stressful and worrisome days of having senior pets. It’s so tough. Big hugs to you, and I’m glad you have some books to escape to. ♥

  11. Gosh, I hope your spirits climb higher soon…I know the feeling. Happy money? I like that idea! Penny leaving you a ‘hairy eyeball’ in your shoe is DEFINITELY a sign that she wants her blogging time.

  12. Those sound like good reads, being happy about spending money? No problem here! A plastic eyeball in your shoe – I think that is definitely a message – MOL!

  13. I’m sorry your older kitties aren’t doing well. It’s hard to watch them get old. I will say that you’re not old. I’m looking at 70 and feel fabulous.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday, Ellen. Scritches to all the kitties. ♥

  14. I don’t read nonfiction but hope you enjoy all the ones about happiness. It is always hard when pets get old. You, however, look like a spring chicken to a person who turned 69 this past Friday. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  15. I know how you feel about ill pets, but you should take comfort in the fact that you are only 50… could be 63 like me……just sayin.

  16. Oh you made me laugh about adding the smiley face to the cheques! Yes happiness is so important at any stage. I am looking at a big O birthday and it is twenty years further on from 50!

  17. Sadly, our mom isn’t reading anything. She says she’s too stressed to concentrate on a book right now. She started Where the Crawdads Sing, and did like it. She hopes to finish it soon.

  18. Happiness can be very elusive, i do hope you find some soon, and that these books or something else will help.

    Looking forward to Penny’s tip tomorrow!

  19. I am sorry to hear that your cats are not doing well. 🙁 I realized the other day how old mine were getting and it made me sad.

    I love your collection of “happy” themed books.

    1. Thank you. I have two with cancer and one with kidney disease so none of them have a lot of time left. It is really hard with so many sickly at the same time.

  20. Well, I guess spending money can be a “happy” thing because at least that means you have money to spend. Mom will have to remember how happy she should be the next time she pays all the bills!

  21. Whoa! A plastic eyeball. You’re in trouble. I’m sending lots of healing purrz. TW says 50 ain’t that bad. She turned 65 last month and that’s one to really get depressed over.

    1. Yes, Dad turned 65 in January and is depressed. Thanks for the purrz for Noel. XO

  22. Oh to be 50 once again…MOL! Next time I celebrate it will be 65…but for sure I do not feel elderly at all. It’s a blessing that I am healthy and can still work, each day is a blessing, and health is a gift from God. This is more than enough to help me be happy. Though I might get annoyed or angry at things…MOL!!

    Having aged kitties is tough…Pipo will be 15 at the end of the year…other than our first kitty, Groucho who was around 18, Pipo has outlived all my other kitties in years. (18, 7, 7, 11, 12)

    1. I am glad you don’t feel elderly. My hubby turned 65 in January and he feels old- plus his arthritis is bothering him. I always feel cheated if they don’t make it to 16. 🙁 XO

  23. Sweet kitty photo surrounded by happiness books ~ great idea writing a smiley face on your checks ~ An older book entitled Living in the Light by Shakti Gwain is a wonderful book about positive energy living and life topics addressed such as the ‘exchange of money’ being a positive concept ~ ^_^ You go girl!

    Happy Day to You,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  24. It is so hard watching our fur babies age 🙁 Will have to check out some of those books and definitely try putting smiley’s in the check book.

    Bell Fur Zoo Mama

  25. I know you love your kitties so much, Ellen, and I’m so sorry you’ve received disheartening diagnoses for some them. They are all so blessed to have you, though, and I am at least glad that you are surrounding yourself with books of positivity and optimism. Purrs and prayers to all of you!

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