It’s Monday! What Are YOU Reading?

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My librarian knows me so well that she sets books aside that she thinks I will like which means they are about cats ( she is a fellow cat lover too). She recently saved for me, The Cat Men of Gotham: Tales of Feline Friendships in Old New York by Peggy Gavan. I am glad she did because I had not heard of this one.

It was an interesting book that reads more like a history book. It was nice to find out that there were a lot of cat lovers in NYC even back in the 1800’s. Sadly though, there were a lot of people that didn’t like them and some stories were quite tragic. One story told of a kitten that fell between 2 buildings and lived there for 2 years ( people sent food and water down to it) until someone figured out a way to lasso it and got it out. The landlord would not let residents cut a hole in the building to get to it, so sad.

This book was well written and researched , but if sad kitty stories bother you then you really will want to skip this one because the sad outweighs the happy endings.


  1. Oh that is a SAD story but there are so many tragic sad stories about all kinds of animals…..I’m one of those people who knows and recognizes tragedies are all around us but reading or seeing them – well – not too crazy about that! Sounds like you enjoyed the book though since there was a lot of history.

    Hugs, Pam

  2. I don’t do too well with sad books or movies. Sometimes it just depends on where my emotions are at the time. I would think it would be interesting about the cats of NYC. I use to follow a blog about a black cat named Estorbo. He found a home with a couple after being a bodega cat. He lived a good long life with the couple.

    1. I try to avoid sad things, but the librarian saved it for me so I felt obligated. I had not heard of Estorbo, I am glad he had a happy ending. XO

  3. I would rather not read sad books so I will pass on this one. But thanks for the great review.
    I am taking the kitten to the vet this morning.
    You have a great day.

  4. Ellen,

    It sounds like your librarian knows you quite well. How cool to have such a purrsonal relationship like that with another book lover. 🙂 Happy summertime reading, my furriend!

  5. I don’t like the sad stories about our four legged family members. Makes me cry.

    I’m reading And Then You Were Gone by R. J. Jacobs.

    After years of learning how to manage her bipolar disorder, Emily Firestone finally has it under control. Even better, her life is coming together: she’s got a great job, her own place, and a boyfriend, Paolo, who adores her. So when Paolo suggests a weekend sailing trip, Emily agrees―wine, water, and the man she loves? What could be better? But when Emily wakes the morning after they set sail, the boat is still adrift…and Paolo is gone.

    A strong swimmer, there’s no way Paolo drowned, but Emily is at a loss for any other explanation. Where else could he have gone? And why? As the hours and days pass by, each moment marking Paolo’s disappearance, Emily’s hard-won stability begins to slip.

    But when Emily uncovers evidence suggesting Paolo was murdered, the investigation throws her mania into overdrive, even as she becomes a person of interest in her own personal tragedy. To clear her name, Emily must find the truth―but can she hold onto her own sanity in the process?

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday. ♥

    1. That sounds a lot like an Ashley Judd movie, Double Jeopardy. I hope you had a great day.

    1. It is 🙂 I have lived here all my life so I am glad the librarian knows me.

  6. It is nice to have a librarian who knows your reading tastes! Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  7. I dislike sad cat stories! And every compilation of cat poems, stories, or whatever that I’ve found, has some ot the most horrendous things, which I totally don’t understand. I picked up three cat books from the library today at lunch; there was a June is Adopt A Cat Month display, and I’d read all except these three!

    1. Same here. I only kept reading this because the librarian saved it for me.

  8. not reading anything at the time but won a book signed by the author which I’m waiting to get via “Snail Mail”.

  9. It sounds interesting, i can imagine that many stories back then about animals didn’t have the happy endings we expect today.

  10. Sounds like a really interesting read but I’m not sure if I can handle it. I don’t do very well with sad stories involving animals. Sometimes I skip entire sentences, even paragraphs or whole pages if need by, to avoid something tragic where animals are involved.

    1. Same here. I did skip over quite a bit, but not enough because I still read a lot of sad things. XO

  11. I have to say, that doesn’t sound like a book I’ll be reading. I have a hard time with sad cat (or any animal for that matter) stories.

    1. Me too. I read it because the librarian picked it out, but it was sad.

  12. I just can’t read sad any more!
    How nice that your librarian knows your tastes and thinks of you.

  13. Sounds like an amazing book! I’m glad that those people persisted in finding ways to help that poor kitty. Life is so precious. Your librarian really got it right with this one. 🙂

  14. Love your kitty photo with the amazing eyes ~ Nope don’t do sad animal stories ~ glad you enjoyed it, though ~

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  15. I love that your librarian knows you well, and that she’s a cat lady. I do wish more of the stories had happy endings, though. It’s so difficult to read stories with sad endings, especially when they involve kitties.

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