It’s Monday ! What Are YOU Reading?

Hi eveyone! We are joining Book Date’s It’s Monday ! What Are YOU Reading? and Comedy Plus’ Awwww….Mondays Blog hops.

Joanie is going to start with her review.

  Mom claims to be half French, she is either fibbing or this book is not correct.

Thank you Joanie, even though you just insulted me. I am still reading the Hemingway Biography and not liking him too much, but I am determined to read about his cats.

I won a book on Goodreads called The Sweet Spot by Christine Carter. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to enjoy their life and be less busy. She offers great tips on simplifying your life and doing what you enjoy. We all have to do some things we don’t want to do in life, but your life shouldn’t be just those things.

I just finished To the New Owners: A Martha’s Vineyard Memoir by Madeleine Blaise. I enjoyed it despite all the name dropping of the rich and famous that stayed at their Martha’s Vineyard family home over the years. She tells of the home her in-laws owned on the island for over 50 years and the sadness of having to let it go.

Thank you for all the purrs and prayers and hee-haws for Phoebe. She actually ate quite a bit on Sunday ( knock on wood, 3 times). The combination of pepcid and anti-nausea meds may be the magic potion needed. I finally gave in and let her go outside in the covered blueberry patch.

  We created a monster because as soon as we brought her inside, she kept going to the door and windows meowing to go back out.






  1. You are a pro at these reviews, Joanie! And, Phoebe, we are so glad that you are feeling a bit better and ate! Hooray! Also, we love that look on your face in your garden picture. What a purrfect expression!

  2. I am so happy Phoebe is feeling better. I am glad she had a safe adventure. I hope it didn’t start something for others! Brody and Emma know the truth. ?❤

    1. No, it doesn’t seem like anyone else is interested in the outdoors except for the windows. XO

  3. YAY Phoebe! So happy you’re eating again and enjoying some fresh air too. Seems like a blueberry patch would be a great spot to get a snooze too!

    Love, Teddy

    1. Thank you. I don’t get to snooze, they watch me constantly. XO and love to you and your Mom too!

  4. Sure glad Phoebe is eating some. Keep up that eating Phoebe. I have to agree, if she wants to go out, just let her. You all have a super day.

  5. Joanie, you may be treading on this ice with this review!

    Phoebe, i hope you keep eating.

  6. YAY Phoebe! You go, girl! What’s Mommy doing talking about some “monster”? Hope you liked the great outdoors
    Love and purrs,
    Angel Normie, Angel Mika, Sasha & Grady Lewis

  7. I’m glad Phoebe is doing better and that she ate well on Sunday. I know you’re let her back outside today. She loves it so.

    Have a purrfect Awww Monday. ☺

  8. Joanie, you just have the best reviews. And Phoebe, we know just how you feel. For awhile we had a screen porch, and that was the only place we wanted to be. We’d beg mom at 3 am to go out.

  9. phoebe….we iz buzzed happee for ewe….hope ya keep eatin better N better each day N if ya wanna go bak outside; de codd mother said ya can 😉 ♥♥♥

  10. I haven’t been keeping up much lately with going away for a few days and having visitors to stay before that. I didn’t know that Phoebe had been unwell but am glad she is eating better now. I send good thoughts for her.

  11. Phoebe, don’t tell your humans about this, but we’ve created a monster here too! Chucky hasn’t been eating well either, but he’ll do anything for some kibble. We eliminated kibble from his diet years ago, since he’s prone to constipation. However, in the interest of getting him some calories, I’ve dropped four or five kibble in his bowl, and he eats ’em up…then finishes his canned food! And here’s the monster part: he will go outside and walk up to Patty and Sweetie’s food…to steal their kibble! In the past, we’ve kept the inside and outside cats’ food and bowls off limits to each other, and we still do. But…Chuck has a bad heart, and we feel we’ll allow him to enjoy himself as much as possible.

  12. Oh, I do hope Phoebe is feeling better. Upset tummies are no fun, I know, ’cause I was having them off and on for awhile. Mom thinks it was a flea & tick collar she tried me with. Do you know what is causing your belly hurts? Purrs.

  13. Good news for Phoebe. Letting her explore outside is probably a good thing – it keeps her active and engaged and may stimulate her appetite.

  14. I’ll have to check out The Sweet Spot. I’m sorry to hear about Phoebe. Please let me know if I can share any of what I learned with Jewel to help. <3

    1. Thank you, I appreciate you kind words and offer of advice. I am sure I will be needing some. XO

  15. HAH! I was all set to read Joanie’s review when I saw the ad for the 2 pizzas for like $7 so I’m off to order them with lots of meat topping. More healing purrz for Phoebe that she continues to eat.

  16. Ellen,

    It sounds like Phoebe not only enjoyed the outdoors a lot but it may actually speed her recovery. You know how good it feels to humans to be outside in the sunshine. It’s a real mood booster and refreshes the soul after being so sick. I suspect animals are the same 🙂

  17. We think Pheobe deserves a little time outside too. 🙂 Glad she is eating better.

  18. Hooray for the good eating!

    How funny that you are glowering like that when you were outside, Phoebe! Were you angry that something you wanted was out of reach??

    Keep up with the eating, OK?!

    Sending lots of purrs and pawyers, too.

    1. Thank you. Yes, the grass is out of my reach- phooey! Thank you for the purrs and prayers. XO

  19. It iss fun to hang out inn thee blueberry patch isn’t it mee sweet buttercup?? Mee not fink Lady Ellen reealized wee were havin a date, mew mew mew… It iss luvley to mee-yow with you an snuggle uppy close….
    As fur what wee are readin…wee finished “The Bat” an recommend it highlee fur misstery luvverss….
    LadyMum got stuck inn to “Cockroachess” all so bye Mistur Jo Nesbo…. thee Poe-liceman Mistur Harry Hole iss now inn Thailand tryin to soburr uppy an solve a murder of a dippylomat an all so brake uppy a child porn group….an wee sort new that Mistur Harry was sent there to NOT solve thee crimess! An so far wee are rite. Butt wee not sure who thee bad guy iss….yet…. 😉
    ***paw kissesss*** an ~~~tummy tickullsss~~~ yur Purrince Siddhartha Henry~~~

    1. Are there any cockroaches in it? Ick.
      Paw kisses and nose rubs. And tee-hee tummy tickles. XO

      1. There were cockroaachess inn Mistur Harry’ss hoe-tell room…it sure lent to thee icky atmoss-fere mee can tell you Phoebe!! **shuddersss**
        An it iss symbolick fur how peepull can bee like roachess; sneeky an unpleasant…..
        ~~head rubsss~~ an **paw kissesss** xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

        1. Ick! I have never seen one, but I hear they are awful. XO and paw kisses and nose rubs

          1. LadyMum sayss shee has had them twice many years ago an they were pawfull an they crunched when they gotted squished!!! EEEWWW!!!!! 😉

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