It’s Monday What Are You Reading?

Hi everyone, as you know I like to hop so I am joining The Book Date’s, It’s Monday What Are You Reading? badge

Back in November, I reviewed some of Jeanne Foguth‘s books, click here for those reviews. Her Sea Purrtector Files are fiction about cats. This book is not about cats, but there is one big cat named Kazza and that was good enough for me to want to read it( plus the fact that I like her writing and she is a wonderful  person).

Star Bridge is a Science Fiction/Fantasy about a young girl named Nimri who becomes “The Keeper of the Peace” of Chaterres after her grandfather passes away. Chaterre is a primitive world that is divided into the Chosen and the Lost people. Kazza is the large cat that is Nimri’s pet and travels with her.

Colonel Larwin and his android crash lands on Chaterre. Larwin wants to take over these people, but starts to feel differently as he learns about them and befriends Nimri. Kazza also endears himself to Larwin. I won’t tell you anymore, but this is book one of The Chaterre Trilogy so you will have a lot of entertainment. This was the perfect read for me last week to keep my mind off of the loss of Stinky.

The e-book is $2.99 at Smashwords , but Jeanne Foguth has given us a coupon code so you can get your copy for only 99 cents. The code is: Star Bridge  / 99  = TB54M .

See you tomorrow for a Chewy Review. And don’t forget to comment for a chance to win Phoebe’s giveaway:015She will announce the winner on Thursday.


    1. Thank you. I agree, can’t go wrong with a cat in a book- well, unless the cat is harmed and I would not want to read that.

  1. Oh, meowmy gets all scared with science fiction, MOL!! Go figure…sigh…she’s been that way all her life! OMC.

    Glad you like to read, meowmy needs to *make* time to do more reading, she used to read a lot…then she got kitties and a confuser,MOL!!

    1. It is nice to read while kitties cuddle next to you- maybe you could all read together.

  2. My human has been reading biographies of Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. and Thelma Todd, but she has been stuck for a while because she is so busy – then when she tries to relax with a book, she falls asleep!

  3. We love cat books, too! Mom is starting a new book today by Margaret Atwood. She’s been reading a whole bunch getting ready for the Blogging A – to – Z challenge for April so she’s been neglecting me a bit. Okay, that last part’s not true! Pawkisses to Penny, Love Toby

    1. Wow, she is planning ahead with the A-Z, I haven’t even thought of that yet. Penny sends pawkisses and love back to you sweet Toby.

  4. The Staff’s eyes usually glaze over when the words science fiction/fantasy are used! mol But anything with a kitty in it has to be good!!

    1. You’re welcome Sammy- and if your Mom is reading then she is sitting and you have her lap 🙂 XO

    1. I hope you can get back to it, the cats will love it too so they can cuddle with you.

  5. I have been reading cat themed books for my bookclub on Twitter. Mom has, that is. She loves them!

    Phoebe wasn’t you in Photo Booth a month ago? That is what inspired me to try. xoxox Spooky, I hope you like. YOU should try Spooky. You are very handsome.

    1. A Twitter bookclub for cat themed books? I want to be in that. Spooky is blushing, but happy.

  6. This sounds good, especially Kazza. The lady is reading The Cat, the Sneak and the Secret by Leann Sweeney. She loves her Cats in Trouble series.

  7. Our mommy has been reading magazines lately since she hasn’t had time nor can she stay awake long enough to finish a book. Seems to happen about this time every year. We hold her down no matter what she’s reading though! Our daddy likes science fiction but Mommy, not so much. Makes her think too hard. LOL!

  8. Berry innterestin story Phoebe an Lady Ellen!
    Youss’ all ways reed sum kewl books!
    An mee iss sayin mee wood luv to win this contest…..see mee leeved a commint mee Buttercup Gurl <3
    (An this with a sick LadyMum even!) 😉
    ***paw kissesss*** an ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~

    1. That was nice of your Mum to help you comment even when she is sick. I hope she feels better soon. XO and love to you my sweet.

      1. Mee-you Lady Ellen an Purrincess Phoebe mee put mee oaw down an ladyMum iss stayin home today an tomorrow. An IF shee iss not well enuff shee iss not goin to help with new raffull fur thee Feral Kat group; mee not told her yet….shee iss a bit better….but not 100% purr cent…..not yet…
        ***paw kissesss*** an ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

        1. You are a very wise boy, good idea to put all 4 paws down so she can’t get out. We hope she feels 100% soon.

          1. Mee putted all 4 pawss down an LadyMum DID rest Wednesday an Fursday….so mee let her go an help with Raffull Furiday an Katurday. Shee was good an did not stay out past her curfew 😉
            Shee iss not 1005 purr cent yet butt shee iss OK…
            ***paw kissesss*** an <3 LUV <3
            Purrince Siddhartha Henry

          2. That was nice of you to let her help with the raffle and how good that she came home in time for curfew. XO

  9. This book definitely sounds like one I would like. Of course, I like cats but I also like GOOD science fiction. Thanks for the review. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  10. This post reminded me that I need to finish reading The Fireside Sphinx by Agnes Repplier, published in 1902.

    Daddy found an actual autographed copy, a few years ago.
    The woman also wrote another cat book a few years later which we also have!

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