It’s Monday What Are You Reading?

Hi everyone, as you know I like to hop so I am joining The Book Date’s, It’s Monday What Are You Reading? badge

Back in November, I reviewed some of Jeanne Foguth‘s books, click here for those reviews. Her Sea Purrtector Files are fiction about cats. This book is not about cats, but there is one big cat named Kazza and that was good enough for me to want to read it( plus the fact that I like her writing and she is a wonderful  person).

Star Bridge is a Science Fiction/Fantasy about a young girl named Nimri who becomes “The Keeper of the Peace” of Chaterres after her grandfather passes away. Chaterre is a primitive world that is divided into the Chosen and the Lost people. Kazza is the large cat that is Nimri’s pet and travels with her.

Colonel Larwin and his android crash lands on Chaterre. Larwin wants to take over these people, but starts to feel differently as he learns about them and befriends Nimri. Kazza also endears himself to Larwin. I won’t tell you anymore, but this is book one of The Chaterre Trilogy so you will have a lot of entertainment. This was the perfect read for me last week to keep my mind off of the loss of Stinky.

The e-book is $2.99 at Smashwords , but Jeanne Foguth has given us a coupon code so you can get your copy for only 99 cents. The code is: Star Bridge  / 99  = TB54M .

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