Friendly Fill-Ins -Week 50

Hi everyone! Time for The Friendly Fill-Ins Week 50. Be sure to add your link at McGuffy’s Reader. You can also answer in the comments.

1. The most interesting museum I have been to is __________________________.
2. The most interesting historical place I have been to is __________________________.
3.                            is back!

4. I was surprised                             .:

My answers:

  1. The most interesting museum I have been to is The Museum of Natural History in NYC.

  My hubby was thrilled to see this meteorite.

2. The most interesting historical place I have been to is Plymouth Rock, I know it is just a weathered rock, but the significance of it is what matters.And it is right in my state ( we never travel far).

3. Allergy season is back! Achoo!

4. I was surprised at how quickly this year is going by.


For the A-Z Blogging Challenge,  we have a crocheted catnip baby RAT.



  1. I understand about Plymouth Rock. It is deeply symbolic. That meteorite is awesome, too! Allergies. *augh* Bill has bad sinuses and nosebleeds. Scary. I cannot believe we are going into May! Wow. Your answers are always fun. I love that baby rat! Hugs! ❤

    1. Has Bill tried a saline nose spray? I get bloody noses from prescription nose sprays so my Dr. said to use the saline to keep my nose moist. The humidifier helps too. Glad you like the rat, he is one of my favorites that I made 🙂 XO

  2. Great answers! I’m like you, I don’t like to travel far from home. I’m a total homebody. But Plymouth Rock does sound like a fantastic place to visit! And you are so right – achoo! Oh, and your rat is so cute! Purrs!

    1. Thank you. I am a homebody too and luckily my hubby is too, even more than me. Glad you like the rat 🙂

  3. Sorry your allergies are acting up, and that’s a very nice looking rat. Happy Friday!

  4. Ellen,

    I included my answers to these fill-ins I believe on Annie’s site yesterday. Geez, I can’t remember anything. My brain is a2z fried! lol The National History Museum in NYC would be awesome to see! I mentioned The Plymouth Rock, too. We saw it in 1997 which was really cool. Allergies are back, blah and yes, this year is slipping away all too fast! Happy a2zing!

    Art Sketching Through the Alphabet “R” (realistic rabbit & rascally roadrunner)

  5. GREAT filling in!!!! Lots of people are saying their fave museum is natural history and I think it’s because we all love our world so much we want to know all about it from A to Z. We love the crocheted baby rat…….EEEEEK!

    Love, Teddy

    1. I agree, it has a big selection of everything. Glad you like the rat, thank you. XO and love to you and your mom

  6. I would love to visit the natural history museum in New York sometime. You’re right–the year is going by awfully quickly! 🙂

  7. Oh, we’ve never been to the Museum of Natural History. Now I really want to go. Wow, Plymouth Rock is neat! You’re so right about the significance. The year really is going quickly. I wish time wouldn’t fly by so quickly!

    Phoebe, your rat is so cute! Looks like he smells good too. I think your mom may need to make more once kitties get a look.

    1. I hope you get to go, I would meet you there. Phoebe thanks you. I do need to make more, they were pretty simple too.

  8. So true about how quickly the year is going by! I did Fill-ins at Annie’s this morning… I am alternating between here and there… 🙂
    Phoebe seems to love Baby Rat! Another fun crocheted toy!
    Good Morning!

  9. The museum in NY is one we (and by ‘we’ I mean Princess Nagger…well, OK, ‘we’…) want to go to one of these days. Too bad we didn’t make the time while we were still living in PA as it’s a much closer trip from there! 😉

    Ooooh! I’d forgotten about visiting Plymouth Rock – I visited there years ago, and you’re right, while it’s just a ‘weathered rock’, it’s definitely significant!

    Ugh! Allergies! You poor thing!!

    This year really is going by fast, isn’t it? That elusive ‘pause button’ just doesn’t want to be found!! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

    1. If you ever do get to NYC, let me know and I will meet you there. It is about 4 hours from me. Allergies are not too bad with Allegra.:) Hope you have a great weekend too!

  10. I love the Museum of Natural History. It’s so huge and you can’t possibly see everything in a day. It’s so true that the year is already going too fast.

    Have a great weekend!

  11. We’ve been to a lot of museums, and probably my favorite is Casa Loma (a castle) in the Toronto area. It is so cool and has the tiniest spiral staircase.

      1. Our Petcretary has been there lots of times and loves it more and more each time. Christmas at Casa Loma is lots of great viewing and activities too. And she as a family has taken relatives from Europe to enjoy its majesty too. ROM nearby is wonderful too. As a child I spilled my lunch there and embarrassed my aunt, LOL! I even broke the dish…no wonder she was red faced:)

        1. That does sound like a nice place to visit. That is funny that you embarrassed your aunt.

    1. No aliens in the museum, but there sure were a lot of questionable people in NYC 🙂

  12. I love the baby rat!!! so cute!!

    I’ll be posting about our Easter surprise after A to Z is over, so we know how talented you are, Miss Ellen!!

    1. Thank you, he was easy to make too. We still need to write about our eggs from you. XO

  13. I simply LOVE museums (especially art museums!), but I’ve got to say The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York ranks up at the top. When it was used in the film, “The Thomas Crown Affair”, I simply loved it! Haven’t been there in years…decades, really. Also, in Chinese Horoscope, I am a rat or mouse, so I love your crocheted rat, Phoebe!

    1. I would like to go there too, maybe someday because NYC isn’t too far for me. Glad you like the rat , he is kind of cute. I am a rooster in Chinese Astrology.

  14. Oh wow! I would love to see a huge Meteorite like that too! I love Astronomy and History a lot. It’s amazingly interesting.

    I find it fascinating to think about that the Plymouth Rock was at the place where the Mayflower pilgrims landed. For us it’s such an enormous timespan, but that stone is just like it was back then. I wish I could visit museums and historical sites of the pilgrims and the first colonies in the US. Maybe one day!

    And I totally agree… I already felt surprised how quickly the past years had gone by for me. But 2017 seems to go by even faster!

    Awww that crocheted baby rat is soooo adorable! You look so sweet with it in the picture Phoebe???
    I love crocheting! But I’m still a beginner at it. It’s fun though! Hopefully I can do something cute like that in the future.

    Sorry you have to deal with seasonal allergies.
    Hope you can enjoy this Friday despite the allergy? Hugs, purrs and love!

    1. Actually the rock is much smaller after being hit with waves for centuries. It is covered with plexiglass now.
      The meteorite was very interesting, my hubby was thrilled.
      Glad you like the baby rat. I have been crocheting 6 years, but only do patterns marked simple. I am sure you could do this rat.
      Please give Murli a kiss for me. XO and love to you both

  15. Hi Phoebe! I still remember you even if you haven’t seen me.
    1. The most interesting museum TW has been to is Yankee Musem. She’s not fond of museums but would LOVE to go to the RnR Hall of Fame and especially the baseball HoF.
    2. The most interesting historical place she been to is the old Yankee Stadium. She’s also been in the U.S. Capitol Building, the place in town where Burr and Hamilton dueled and the Grand Ole Opry.
    3. The roof guys are back! They weren’t working this morning cos it rained but they’re back.
    4. I was surprised when I got the bobble hat from Basil even though I never signed up. Being a sport and that it’s for charity I’ll post about it.

    1. Thank you for these great answers. I have been at the old Yankee Stadium when I was an extra in the film, Anger Management. That is a surprise to get the Bobble Hat, I wonder how that happened?

    1. Sorry about your allergies, I am lucky I don’t get headaches. Phoebe thanks you.

  16. guyz….two bad dad couldna bring de mee tee or ite home; that wood look grate in de front yard !! it ree mindz uz oh a dolphin 🙂 happee fry day guyz N joy de week oh end ~~~ 🙂 ♥♥

    1. Our Dad would love to have his very own meteorite 🙂 Have a great weekend! XO

    1. Thank you, I get allergy shots that help with the cat allergies, but not the pollen.

  17. The crochet rat is very cute. We live the other end from the Plymouth Rock. We are about 5 miles from the Mayflower Steps on Plymouth Barbican where the Pilgrim Fathers sailed from.

  18. Oh, that blue rat is so cute! Mom was just saying the other day that the year will be half over before we blink. It doesn’t seem even possible. Mom’s car has so much pollen on it, you can’t even tell what color it is. Achoo is right! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

  19. Hello All,
    Alberto here from The Tribe of Five. We had to let the female human answer a bouple of these:
    1. The female human says she loves museums but thinks the Hermitage museum in St. Petersburg Russia was really cool
    2. Hmmm, the female human used to be in the travel business so she’s seen a lot of historical places but she loves castles so probably Ludwig’s Herrenchiemsee castle in Bavaria.
    3. SPRING is back! Here in Northern Idaho that is a reason to celebrate!
    4. I was surprised when a bear came to our downstairs patio, we cats like to look at the wildlife but bears are a bit scary! .:

    1. Thank you for your great answers. Your human is well traveled. We don’t want to see bears so our Dad took down the bird feeders for the summer.

  20. I just remembered I have been to Plymouth Rock too!! When I was quite young. It would be a very cool road trip to go visit such historical places one summer 🙂
    My head was so stuffed up and my eyes would not stop watering yesterday — and I’ve never had allergies before. It felt different than a cold though, so now as I sit here sniffling again, I wonder…???

    1. I think everyone should see Plymouth Rock. Allegra and Zyrtec are good allergy meds, you may want to try one.

  21. Mee-you mee beeeuteefull buttercup that blue rat iss purrty pawsum!! If hee gets saaucee with you, let mee know an mee put thee biteybite on him ok???
    Mee has missed seein you online…iss good to bee back again…
    Sendin you ~~tummy tickullss~~ an all mee Luv an **paw kissesss**
    Yur Purrince, Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. I missed you very much, I am glad you are back. Thank you for offering to protect me from the rat, but Mom took it away and put him in a bag with the other A-Z toys. Paw kisses and tee-hee- tummy tickles. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

      1. Mee missed you so-o much mee sweetest buttercup!!! Mee almost had LadyMum call Lady Ellen an ask fur you to bee put on thee fone!! Mew mew mew…
        All mee luv yur Purrince, Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

        1. I would love to purr for you on the phone, I do that for Grammie sometimes. Grammie knows who is on the phonwe by the sound of our purrs and meows. XO and all my love

          1. Mee wood purrobablee choke uppy an *squeek* instead of mee-yowinn to you mee sweet gurl, mew mew mew……
            Grammie iss so clevurr an sweet all so…. 😉

  22. Innerestin’ fill ins. Fanky fank you fur mine’s new toys and fur da new nip mat. Mommy says she felt somethin’ really weird when we read da word Rat. MOL Altho’ it’s a great rat. You be really talented. Big hugs

    Luvs ya’

    Raena and Dezi

  23. Now that is one cute rat! Rats are great kittle critters, though petcretry pikely would not want to have on in the den even in a cage on account of dog-guy and us kitties, We might try him/her for a snack! Now that crocheted one, Hmmm! MOL! Alleriges stink…if your nose would allow you to smell anything when they are in full swing. It got springtime warm in a hurry here, so petcretary got out the zyrtec and strated it just in time. If it gets too much even for the pills to help she add a nasal spray called Astelin. Its a script and it works very well.

    1. The most interesting museum I have been to is Hmmm, I have been to so many! Perhaps the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.
    2. The most interesting historical place I have been to is a town called Willemstad in the Netherlands, it was the site of some battles during important wars. There are remains of the siege walls and some places the military could hide in, etc. Though I have been to many places, small and large that are historical. Also I visited an airplane museum and there were retired pilots there who were war veterans and they were able to explain what and how they did their work to free Europe from the Nazi’s. That is going to be hard to do in the future because they won’t be with us for a lot of years now, I hope they record their experiences for us to always have so we will not forget. And of course I and the others with me thanked them profusely for all they did on our behalf.
    3. Springtime is back! I love seeing all the trees get pretty and lacey before the leaves are all on them…though it means the pollens that pester my nose and eyes will surge too…sigh…

    4. I was surprised to see several pileated woodpeckers in the neighbor’s tree last spring. They are uncommon here…and quite large and distinctive, as well as shy. (they were gone before I could get out my camera…) .:

    1. The 2 prescription nose sprays I tried gave me a bloody nose, but Allegra helps me. Thank you for your fill-in answers. You have been to a lot of interesting places. My hubby has seen pileated woodpeckers in the woods, they are very shy so you are lucky to have seen them.

  24. Bless you. 🙂 Allergies…mine are after me pretty good right now, too.

    I would love to visit the historic sites up there some day. I’ve never been any farther north than Norfolk and Virginia Beach, Virginia. Our youngest daughter was offered a full-ride scholarship to Harvard (and several other schools), so maybe she’ll get to visit the really cool places up there while going to school.

    Yes, this year is going by so very fast. It seems about the time we wake up, it is time to go to sleep again.

    Have a blessed day!

    1. Thank you. Allegra is helping.
      That is so wonderful that your daughter has a full-ride scholarship to Harvard, you must be so proud. I hope you have a blessed day too.

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