Friendly Fill-Ins Week 20

Hi everyone! Time for Friendly Fill-Ins , if you don’t have time to post about them or you don’t have a blog, feel free to answer in the comments. I came up the the first 2 and Annie of McGuffy’s Reader came up with the second 2. And please remember to add your link on her blog.
1. The last movie I saw at the theater was _________________________________.
2. The title of my autobiography would be _____________________________________

3. I would love to learn                                   .

4. I am glad that I learned                                    , because                           .
My Answers:
1. The last movie I saw at the theater was STAR TREK BEYOND IN JULY.
2. The title of my autobiography would be : I AM NOT CRAZY, I JUST LOVE CATS.
And for P.S. Annie’s 19-Somethin’ Challenge the question is:How old were you when you bought your first car? The first car I bought was a 1990 Honda Civic which I had until 2004 when I got my Hyundai Elantra that I still have- I don’t drive far so I keep cars a long time.



  1. I love the way you share so honestly.
    I did not know you are aTrekkie, or is hubby? I have never seen a Trek movie.
    Great title for your book! Just write from your heart. It is best that way. Always.
    Algebra…oh, no, no, no. Not me. Words, no numbers. Bless you for tutoring. Those kids were fortunate. Hugs, my friend! ❤

    1. Thank you for the compliment. I feel like I always use great and amazing, I need more vocabulary. My hubby is a Trekkie so I guess I am by default. I have seen all the movies ( although I slept through some) and most of the tv shows. The things we do for love 🙂
      I miss tutoring sometimes, the kids were all wonderful, it was teachers and administrators that were a pain.

  2. You seem to find the words just fine. I hated algebra. I cannot deal with unknowns unless I know what the unknowns represent. I can do the financial management calculations, if I write the names of the variables instead of just letters. Once I write out the words for the variables, I can usually comprehend what is going on. Suzanne and I share the belief that math should contain numbers, language arts should contain letters, and never the twain shall meet.

  3. Finding the right words to write is always a problem for me, too. Annie is correct about writing from the heart. That is what we need to do. I often have a very hard time putting my heart into words, especially here lately when I sometimes can’t even remember the correct word for something. Yesterday, I was trying to say something about a rainbow. You know what word kept wanting to come out instead of rainbow? Antennae. Really? What does that have to do with a rainbow? Oy! It complicates things. You can do it, Ellen. Maybe try out the 5 minute writing idea. There are writing prompts all over the place. Even just ordinary things can be a prompt of sorts. For five minutes, write without stopping. Do not edit while you’re writing, just keep writing until the 5 minute timer goes off. After that, you can edit if you need to, but the point of the exercise is to write without stopping in order to avoid our inner critic that keeps us from putting it out there. Give it a try, even if you start off writing about not knowing what to write. You’ll be surprised what can come out the other end of it. 🙂

    It sounds like you have a nice car. I am always getting the Hondas and the Hyundais mixed up. I never remember which one had the leaning H and which one has the straight one. 🙂 It is great that you are able to keep your cars for a very long time. That is what we’re hoping to do with my Zoomie, too. 🙂

    Thanks for co-hosting the fill-ins with Annie and thank you for playing along with out 19-Somethin’ challenge. Have a blessed day!

    1. You have a lot on your mind with kids in the Marines and your husband’s health so I can see why you would forget a word. I have had a Honda and now I have a Hyundai and I don’t even know which symbol is which.

  4. Great answers, Miss Ellen. We think you write just fine!! Mom is impressed about the algebra. She says she doesn’t have a math brain and can barely add 2+2 without a calculator!!

    1. Thank you for the compliments on my creativity. And thank you for always doing the fill-ins, your answers are always fun. XO

  5. My answers to 2. and 3. wouldn’t be very different from yours! I haven’t been to the cinema for years and years. As for learning, I was once a newspaper reporter and learned how to interview people and ask open-ended questions so they will talk. It’s a skill that’s helpful in all sorts of social situations.

  6. If algebra teaches you nothing else, it does teach you to think logically, which is something we could all use.

    You are right that you are not crazy, just a very special cat lover!

  7. Thanks for another week of filling in… your answers although my Mom said she HATED Algebra with a major passion. Tee Hee…….

    Love and Happy Friday!

  8. I really, really enjoy this fill-ins challenge each week. And your answer are always so wonderful! I love your autobiography title idea. Will we get to read that some day? I sure hope so! I think your writing is perfect the way it is. Your posts are always so fun and honest, and I don’t think there’s anything uncreative about your writing. Thank you for hosting this! Purrs!

    1. Thank you for the compliment on my writing, I appreciate that. I always enjoy your answers to the fill-ins too. It is fun learning more about people through these.

  9. I’m not crazy, I just love cats. That would be me if I weren’t allergic. I’ve be that cat lady everyone talks about.

    Have a purrfect day. ☺

  10. My husband went to see that movie with his daughter and granddaughter when they were here. 🙂 I love the title of your biography, I suspect that could apply to many of us here! I wish I was a more creative writer too, I always feel that my writing is kind of basic and plain. You are the very first person I’ve ever heard say they used Algebra after they left school, but in your case you put it to good use! I doubt I could even help grade school students with math the way they do it now, very weird compared to the way we were taught!

    1. Yes, I think many of us could use the same title 🙂 Did your hubby like the movie? My hubby and I did. That is how I feel about my writing.

  11. We enjoyed learning more about you through the fill-ins. Our mom laughs at people who say they never use algebra, she uses it all the time! Even basic calculus is useful to her when understanding the statistical analyses in journal articles she reads. She has, however, never used the knowledge she acquired in her differential equations course.

    1. I love Math, I remember Statistics in college. I have not taken the Differential Equations though.

  12. Ha, ha…we note that your skirted the question of how old you were when you bought your first car! Mom is really enjoying finding out the things everyone wants to learn. There are creative writing class available…probably even on-line. But writing well is just a matter of practice, practice, practice! Thanks for hosting fill-ins. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    1. I agree it is a matter of practice, I have thought of a class, but I should save the money and make an effort to write daily ( besides the blog). You caught me on that question, I was 21 when I bought my Honda Civic brand new in 1990 🙂 XO

  13. That Star Trek movie is one I want to see! Have to add that to Movie Night for sure!

    HA! Your autobiography sounds like it’d be a fun read based on the title! 😉

    I think Annie hit the nail on the head about writing from the heart – you, my friend, are already creative. 😉

    Isn’t it funny how we do still use Algebra all these years out of school? I keep reminding my kids about it, since they are both not fans of math in general. Math and English were my all-time favorite classes, and I like to challenge myself even now with math problems to keep my brain sharp. 🙂

    1. Thank you for the compliment on my creativity. I just feel like I am stuck on the same words, but BearKat’s Momma suggested a Thesaurus, I am going to try that. The Star Trek movie was excellent and paid tribute to Nimoy in a nice way. You are smart to keep doing math problems -exercise for the brain. Have a nice weekend!

  14. “I’m not crazy, I just love cats.” would be a bestseller! It’s a bit easier to write creatively with a thesaurus (if you don’t already use one) – at least, that’s my trick.

  15. 1. The last movie I saw at the theater was “Nine Lives” with Kevin Spacey.
    2. The title of my autobiography would be “Crazy Lady With Cats”
    3. I would love to learn to meditate.
    4. I am glad that I learned how to sew, because I can fix a loose hem, reattach a button, sew up a seam, or darn a sock!
    How old were you when you bought your first car? I was 20 years old, bought a Mercury Bobcat and drove it back and forth to college, then my little sister drove it until it died.

    1. I was 21 when I bought my first car. I like your book title too 🙂 I wish I could sew better than I do, but I can make a catnip mat on the sewing machine so that is all that matters 🙂 I am sure you could get a cd at the library to meditate. Deepak Chopra has several months of the year where you can get a free meditation daily, he does them with Oprah.

  16. guys….we gotta give 984 paws up two yur mom for sayin her like all gee braz….. math waz R werst in skewl….but we aced spellin !!

    two day eye, tuna of moon will give theez a try
    1} none….eye am knot a loud ta drive de car
    2} itz all in de mindz eye art gal o ree
    3} ta open de pantree door
    4} trout speech /// it gives auto correct fitz !

    heerz two a yellowtail horse mackerull kinda week oh end guyz ~~~~ ♥♥♥

    1. I love your art gallery 🙂 I can see that you are great at spelling 🙂 Have a nice weekend. XO

  17. OH MY Cats we are amazed to read that you actually used Algebra!! Kudos to you.
    Mom and Dad saw Sully 2 weeks ago. It was very very good. If you know anybody going to see it tell them not to leave as soon as the credits start rolling because there are about 2 1/2 minutes of wonderful clips with the real Sully and many of the passengers and crew
    Hugs madi and mom

  18. Great answers. Mommy says da last movie she saw at a theatre was on a date many moons ago, and it was called Rambo. Da furst one, not da sequals. Since mommy doesn’t go to da theatre then we don’t, so we’ve never seen dat kinda movie. MOL Anyways, hope ya’ll have a great weekend.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  19. I did comment earlier but it is not here. I have had three WP blogs today that this has happened on so it might be in your spam folder. It seems that quite a few people are having trouble with their comments disappearing or going to spam on WordPress, so it is definitely not just your blog.

    1. I will check SPAM, I don’t know why that happens sometimes. Thank you for telling me and for trying again 🙂

  20. At least it published it this time. My mum used to hate algebra. She thinks she also said that you are never crazy to love cats.

  21. TW still hasn’t bought her first car unless you count toys ones for Pop. He likes those Matchbox cars.
    1. The last movie I saw at the theater was TW thinks it was the South Park movie. MOL.
    2. The title of my autobiography would be Stunning Keisha: The World’s Most Stunning Cat Tells All.
    3. I would love to learn to open my own cat food cans but I don’t have thumbs.
    4. I am glad that I learned to use the litter box , because I would have prolly gotten the heave-ho by now. .

    1. Thanks for your answers CK. I bet they would keep you even if you decided to think outside the box 🙂 Think of all the money TW saved by not needing a car in the city. I love the title of your book- get writing. XO

  22. 1. The last movie I saw at the theater was so long ago I can’t remember, OMC!!. I think it was Puss In Boots…
    2. The title of my autobiography would be A Country Different Yet The Same – Thoughts On Living Here

    3. I would love to learn to ‘speak’ catish or dogish…Then I would have seven languages under my hair:) Our meezers sure have much to tell us and I would love to know just what they are telling us…but then, um…maybe not, MOL! .
    4. I am glad that I learned to play an instrument (violin) because now I know a lot about classical music and its fun to hear things I could play at one time…and I understand it better, knowing how its put together and ‘done’. (though for many reasons I no longer play…) , .

    1. That would be an interesting read. I think you speak cat and dog very well, you seem to understand your furbabies well. That is great you learned the violin when you were young. I wish I could play an instrument, I took piano lessons about 8 years ago, but as you know things are harder to do when we are older.

  23. Oh Star Trek Beyond was one of the movies I had wanted to see!!! Hubby saw it and said it was really good. Simon Pegg is amazing.
    My high school counselor told me I would one day regret dropping calculus and algebra. Still waiting. ha. I admire people who can do them so well.

    1. It was a really good movie, you should stream it when it becomes available. I am glad you haven’t needed Algebra or Calculus.

  24. Ellen, math was always my weakest subject in school and I never took algebra. I think I had a little of it in Business math but not enough to get real comfortable with it. What little I knew had to be refreshed when I homeschooled but by that point, I was confident enough to tackle unfamiliar territory. I’m thankful to have a mobile app that will do all my converting. Yeah, cal me lazy! 🙂 Thanks for hosting the Friday fill-ins fun!

  25. No algebra for me, I really don’t care what x is. I think writing is like anything else the more you practice the better you get. I have never seen a Star Trek movie! I just don’t like the costumes. Silly reason not to see a movie?

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