Friendly Fill-Ins Week 17

Hi everyone! Time for the Friendly Fill-ins, I can’t wait to see everyone’s answers.If you have the answers on your blog, be sure to link up at McGuffy’s Reader because I just give up trying to make the Linky work.

1. My favorite way to exercise is ____________________________.
2. Something I learned last week was ____________________________________.
3. I am sentimental about                                   .

4. Some people may find it surprising to know___________________________.

My answers are in Capital letters and Phoebe’s are in parentheses.

  1. My favorite way to exercise is NOT TO, BUT I DO LIKE WALKING-IN THE MALL
  2. ( Pole Dancing)
  3. Something I learned last week was THAT ALL PUBLIC SCHOOL KIDS IN CALIFORNIA LEARN ABOUT THE MISSIONS, I READ THAT IN SULA’s BOOK. ( If I walk slowly, Brody won’t chase me).
  4. I am sentimental about PHOTOS, I HAVE THOUSANDS OF THEM IN PHOTO ALBUMS CATEGORIZED. ( Poems and letters from my Purrince).
  5. Some people may find it surprising to know I TOOK BOXING LESSONS, I WANTED TO PUNCH THE SPEED BAG, BUT THE LAME PLACE I WENT DIDN’T EVEN HAVE ONE. I NEVER SPARRED WITH ANYONE THOUGH. ( I had kittens before I came to live with Mom and Dad).


The question for P.S.Annie’s 19 Somethin’ Challenge is : What is the first video game you remember playing? Were you good at it? That would be PAC MAN , the arcade game , it was in the bowling alley. I also had a mini version to play with at home too.


  1. Oh, my! What interesting fill-ins! Pole dancing, boxing, kittens…some of our rescues had been parents before coming to us, too. Kenzie had been a breeder dog early in life, then adopted, then surrendered. One cat had numerous litters. You can read about Echo on my critter page.
    Thank you for co-hosting with me! ❤

    1. Poor Kenzie, I am glad she has a loving home now and won’t have to be bred anymore. I will read about Echo. Thank you too for co-hosting 🙂 XO

  2. Thank you, Ellen and Annie, for the fill-ins!

    It sounds like Phoebe has an interesting exercise indeed. haha
    My mall walking days are long over. The malls around here (about 30 miles away) are way overcrowded and the bathroom lines are unreal.

    PacMan was a great game. I still like it, but haven’t played it in a while. Thanks for playing along with the 19-Something challenge. 🙂

    Have a blessed weekend!

    1. The mall is 35 minutes from here, I am not one of the “mall walkers” , I just meant it takes something tro entice me like shopping to actually move my body 🙂 I hope you have a great weekend.

    1. If I buy one, it will just sit there like the treadmill, bikes, exercise ball, basketball hoop, snowshoes…………….
      I bet your marine is strong.

  3. My human can verify about the learning about the missions thing – she went through that in fourth grade and even wrote a report! In fact, she has been to many, many missions, although not the one where Sula lives, at least not yet.

  4. I always love reading your fill-ins. And that goes for both of you, Ellen and Phoebe! These are great, just like they always are. I also have a thing for photos. I have tons of photo albums from my childhood. Nowadays I stick to digital copies of my photos, but even then I still hoard them. I never, ever delete a photo, not even blurry ones or ones that you can’t even tell what the subject is. And, I have always wanted to take boxing lessons. I can’t believe they didn’t have a speed bag where you went, though! Thank you so much for hosting this fun challenge! It’s one of our favorite parts of every week!

    1. There was only one boxing place, an hour away at the time. There isn’t much more now actually. I think the teacher had too many hits to the head.

  5. Phoebe, we must know more about this pole dancing! We know how special poetry from your Purrince is. Mom Ellen, I envy you having your photos organized and in albums. My grandma was the same way, and I spent my childhood looking at them over and over again. Most of my photos are in shoeboxes, and I am too old now to spend my time organizing them. I grew up in California, and the missions were a big part of our history lessons. We even visited some as field trips. Thanks for hosting.

    1. It amazes me that public schools learn about Christian missions, I think it is nice, but I found it surprising. Phoebe is a good pole dancer 🙂 She even makes money from guest and Grammie. It is never too late to organize your photos. 🙂 XO

  6. ~~~ waves two everee one N two day boomer wood like ta play along:

    1) tern over while sleepin
    2) eye due knot like foodz with gardin greenz in de can
    3) me street life….sum timez
    4) how old I am; coz eye haz never troo lee said

    heerz two a lake whitefish kinda week oh end guys~~~~ see ya twoozday ~~~~~~♥♥♥♥

    1. Thank you for those great answers Boomer. A kitty never has to tell their real age. Have a great weekend! XO

  7. I agree with you about exercise! It is not my favorite thing at all! Walking in the mall is good because the floor surface is even and you don[‘t have to watch for things that could make you trip and fall. It’s also good in all weather!

    I like that schools teach about the Missions, we need more education about things like that, and practical things like budgeting and car/home maintenance.

    I am sentimental about photos too, sometimes just looking at one makes me cry, not out of sadness, but because of the strong emotions that memories carry of days gone by.

    I actually have more than one friend who has gone to boxing gym/classes and uses a punching bag for exercise and stress release. I think I would like that too. I we have an urge to punch something or someone, much better it’s a punching bag! 🙂

    Phoebe’s answers always make me smile. We talk about what a good mother Tiggy would have been, because she is so caring and nurturing of our other cats, but we had her spayed as soon as she was old enough. There are too many cats needing good homes already.

    1. That was wise of you to spay Tiggy, we get all our cats fixed too, but Phoebe was already expecting when I had the chance to adopt her. My hubby wouldn’t let me get her until she had her kittens because he knew I would want them all. The big punching bag is pretty hard, I didn’t enjoy hitting that. I wish I could have tried the speed bag though. Have a great weekend!

  8. I’m with you on the NOT TO answer for exercise, but walking is my exercise of choice, too. Pole dancing might be fun!! 🙂

    I’m sentimental about photos, too – it’s been a long time since I’ve put prints in photo albums, but I made sure when we moved across country the boxes of photos I had stashed came with us. Eventually I’ll make time to put them in photo albums!

    My dad had a speed bag in the garage – I had fun watching him go to town on it. 😉

    Have a great weekend! 🙂

    1. I don’t pole dance, only the cat does. I still get my digital photos printed out, I am old fashioned like that. Have a great weekend!

    Woops, sorry about mom’s lack of attention to detail.
    I didn’t know what you meant by….”all kids learn about missions”….do you mean mission buildings or a special mission. Being a Canadian makes this difficult.
    Otherwise I loved the fill-ins. and learned some stuff about you Phoebe.

    Mom says the first video game she tried was Ms. Pac Man. This is fun.


  10. Loves your fillins and the poem yesterday. Mes apologizing for being so late in commenting this week, Mommy has had extra alligators to wrestle at work this week!
    mes hoping that mes will bes back on track next week! Can yous gives that wonderful hunk of Man Cat (Brody) a big kiss from mes!
    Oh yes, mes is sending kisses for everyone

    1. Thank you, No need to apologize, we know your Mom is busy and you are too with the campaigning. Brody is so happy he sends you kisses back XO And we all send you kisses pretty Nellie.

  11. Our dad grew up in California, and he says it’s absolutely true about learning about the Missions. He visited lots of them as a kid, too!

    Your answer for number one made us laugh. “NOT TO” MOL!

    1. I thought that was interesting that Christian missions were visited by public schools, I figured someone would complain. #1 was true 🙂

  12. Great answers. TW only played PacMan once on the first computer her office ever got. She got in trouble. MOL! TW gets sentimental when she thinks about the fun times she had when she was younger but knows she can never do those things again.

    1. Thank you, Phoebe is a little embarassed about that, but it wasn’t her fault- her purrince knows.

  13. Wow, you sound much more active than me! But I do agree that walking in the mall is the best exercise. I only wish my Harley was as talented as Phoebe!

  14. Loved reading those answers today!
    The petcretary remembers Pacman, but she only played it once,MOL! No confuser to play it on, and when we got one, Pacman was passe!

    Phoebe , we think you must have been a great Mom kitty.

    We have a mall here too, but its such a pain to get to, about 15 miles from here, which isn’t that far…but…

    The petcretary would rather walk outdoors, and she used to do it even in all the wonderfur (not) weather that our state can deliver .

    Here are the petcretary’s answers for this week:

    1. My favorite way to exercise is going to the gym, no really I do!.Else i go for a long walk on our country back roads. And she says her work is a workout all by itself…the ohter day her fitbit registered 1248 active minutes, over 7 miles and way over 10,000nsteps…no to mention the weight lifting that goes on there:)
    2. Something I learned last week was how to make ice cream with avocados and coconut milk…yes indeed, and it was yummy even:) {Lime-coconut paleo ‘Ice Cream’ the mango one was even yummier!}
    3. I am sentimental about all the things I have from my parents home, esp the paintings of scenes from my dad’s homeland and my mom’s hometown. (and a few others as well…) .

    4. Some people may find it surprising to know I could speak 5 languages when I was younger…now since don’t ‘use’ them anymore, they have kind of gotten lost in my head somewhere…sigh…(Now I only use two mostly. English and Dutch…used to know quite a bit of German, some French and a wee bit of Italian.) And I knew some phrases in some other languages but couldn’t really ‘speak’ those ones…
    I can read some of the Dutch Dialects but don’t speak them…

    1. I am so impressed that you go to the gym and that you made a healthy ice cream. I bet those paintings are nice, where is your Dads homeland?
      I am also impressed that you can speak so many languages, I had a hard enough time with French in high school.

      1. My Mom and Dad came to Canada via the Dutch West Indies…but they hailed from The Netherlands.

        I try to go to the gym on the days I do not go to my work…2 or 3 times a week…it keeps me able to do my job well.

        1. Thank you for answering my question 🙂 I am very impressed you go to the gym so often, I am so lazy.

  15. Oh goodie! Love your “double fill-ins” – we did the same thing this week……I won’t ask any questions about the pole dancing answer…….ahem…….

    Hugs, Sammy

  16. Boxing is great exercise… I hear. I like a nice walk as opposed to punching someone in the face. HA. But pole dancing would be fun… I mean, in private of course because no way would I go to a public class or anything. LOL
    I think my first video game was probably Pac Man too. It would either be that, or maybe Donkey Kong. But I’ve never really been into video games.

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