Friendly Fill-Ins Week 165

Hi everyone! Time for the Friendly Fill-Ins. Please leave your link (at bottom of post) here or at my co-host’s Four-Legged Furballs. You can also answer in the comment section. Thank you to all who participate. Don’t forget to add your link to the hop so everyone can visit you. The linky seems to be working this week.

1. I am able to _________________, but I won’t.
2. I won’t ever _____________ again.

3. The current chapter of my life would be titled _________.

4. I’ve been meaning to _________ but haven’t yet.
My answers:
1. I am able to pump my own gas, but I won’t. There are very dew full service stations left and I will drive for miles to get to one. I have joked about moving to NJ, they have a law that you can’t pump your own gas.
2. I won’t ever eat strawberries at night again. I guess I am getting old because they give me heartburn.
3. The current chapter of my life would be titled, I want to move to Alaska.
4.I’ve been meaning to do my spring cleaning, but haven’t yet.
We are also joining Create With Joy’s Friendship Friday and Feline Friday currently hosted by Comedy Plus.
These photos are from July 2014-
Angel Lucy reminding everyone to wear their bike helmets.
Angels Phoebe and Lucy playing scrabble- apparently, Lucy was not winning so she sat on the board.
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  1. Awww Angel Phoebe and Angel Lucy were such beautiful kitties. {{{Hugs}}}

    I sure miss those full-service stations. I don’t like pumping gas. It always makes me feel faint when I do it. I remember as a little girl, Mother going to the pumps at J.D.’s station and saying, “A dollar’s worth, J.D.”….I wish a dollar’s worth of gas would get us somewhere these days! He’d check the oil, wash the windows, all sorts of things while the gas was pumping.

    Do other things give you heartburn if you eat before you go to sleep? Even water does it to me. OY!

    Alaska would be a fun adventure. Did you know they can get very hot, too? I had a friend that lived in Fairbanks years ago, and at least once they had temps over 100°. I always thought of Alaska as permanently cold, but apparently it isn’t. One thing that helped me to withstand the heat in the past is to put a snow scene on my desktop background. It was always instantly cooling.

    #4, same here! There’s always next Spring. haha

    Have a blessed weekend. 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂 I guess I will stay here is Alaska gets hot too. Yes, I get a lot of heartburn. Sorry water does it to you. Have a blessed weekend. XO

  2. Come, join tribe. Move to NJ. There’s even an apartment for sale on our floor but the limit is 3 cats so I’m sure you wouldn’t be innerested.

  3. Alaska is the perfect place with cats. All that snuggling to keep warm … maybe little snow boots and a play igloo. I might’ve missed my calling to have my own children 😉
    Though my kitties are on the receiving end on most of those ideas.

  4. Meowser Ms. Ellen. Our Spring cleaning isn’t finished, either…. Much better to work in the garden during the cool days of spring, then clean inside during the heat of summer.
    Purrseidon, who thanks you for hosting this blog hop.

    1. I would rather clean inside than garden, but I prefer to read instead of either 🙂

  5. My mind is blank this week, about the fill ins, though likely the title on my life chapter right now would have to be Too Many Pets, MOL! They kind of take over:)
    But I love them all!

    I listen to certain types of classical music to cool down. Really, it has worked to use baroque music. Alaska does get quite warm at times, and they even have forest fires. maybe the North Pole or Antartica would cool you down better…or Patagonia:) Hubby wants to visit there some day…

  6. The last time I saw a fuel pump attendant was about 30 years ago in a remote part of Wales. I don’t know if there are any others left in the UK or if that one is even still there.
    I have had a bumper crop of strawberries this year and we have been having them with our breakfast and also in the evening. In the evening we always have a big dollop of clotted cream with them. Delicious, and thankfully they don’t give me indigestion. The water I take with my pills before I go to bed does though!

  7. You and my Mom answered #4 the SAME! Spring Cleaning? HA! How about WINTER CLEANING. Love all the photos….!

    Hugs, Teddy

  8. Don’t bother with spring cleaning, that was back in the days when you heated your house with wood or coal or kerosene and after being closed up all winter, you had to clean to be able to stand it. Now we need autumn cleaning after all of the tracking stuff in all summer, and you are right on time for that in a couple of months!

  9. I have never seen full service pumps around here.
    I haven’t done spring cleaning yet, either. July 4th weekend may have been a good time to do but I was too lazy.

    1. There are not may full service around here. We might as well wait for fall cleaning 🙂 XO

  10. Hahaha, Angel Lucy sitting on the board. Angel Phoebe looks like she had a word to play! I used to always find a way to derail the Scrabble game when I was younger if I wasn’t coming up with good words. The bike helmet picture is priceless!
    ShortsSandalsNoSocks landed in Alaska at 3am! I love strawberries with cream but those little seeds get to me. I’m hanging my head but I am going to do Fill-Ins in your comment section again this week. I am hoping to get back on track!
    1. I am able to get on a plane and fly but I won’t.
    2. I won’t ever eat Chef Boyardee Barfa… er, Beefaroni again. If my Dad were still alive he would tell you the story!
    3. The current chapter of my life would be titled Happy Days are Here Again.
    4. I’ve been meaning to do yoga but haven’t yet.
    Thanks, Ellen!

    1. Thank you for these great fill-in answers. I won’t fly either. I have never had beefaroni- that must be quite a story. I am glad you are happy. And I recommend skipping the yoga. My hubby and I did it one summer and I had an attack of ulcerative colitis- I blame the yoga. XO

  11. I liked your fill-ins although your very late with the spring cleaning LOL

    So Lucy is a bad loser heheh!

    Lucy is right to warn remind everyone good on her 🙂

    Have a springcleantastic weekend LOL 🙂

  12. Your gas pump comment reminded me of something I used to say when I was younger:
    Real men don’t eat quiche, real women don’t pump gas.

  13. I don’t like pumping my own gas and thank you to my hubby because he does it for me. I won’t ever complain about the cold weather again. The current chapter in my life would be titled Thank you for Retirement. I’ve been meaning to write another e-book but haven’t yet.

    1. Thank you for your answers- I enjoyed them. You should write another book.

  14. You want to move to Alaska? I didn’t know that.

    Love the game. A huge Aw.

    Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday and weekend. ♥

  15. Am reading a series that takes place in the densely wooded wilds of the Yukon. While I dislike Winter more and more every year, the idea about living outside of human civilization has its draw! Would definitely have to put up cat fencing, to keep cats in, and big critters OUT!

  16. Ohh I highly recommend you visit Alaska…We went in 2005. I told my husband if I was 30 years younger I would move there. Then I heard how B I G the mosquitoes are and I decided I’d stay in Raleigh. LOL

    That trip was on my bucket list right under see Elvis in person which I did in 1976.
    Hugs Cecilia

    1. I am glad you crossed stuff off your bucket list. Cool you got to see Elvis.XO

  17. Ok, so moving to Alaska wouldn’t save us from the heat 🙁
    It’s a pity strawberries give you heartburn if you eat them late in the day, I am not able to eat sweets in the evening because of the same thing.
    Have a wonderful week!

    1. Yes, I want to escape the heat. I hope you have a great week too! XO

  18. That is interesting about gas stations in NJ. Mom remembers when full service meant they pumped your gas, checked the oil, and washed the windows. Not sure there are any of those in our part of Kansas.

    Mom says she would eat strawberries all day long if she could just get a box of really good ones. When she lived in MA and CT, she loved picking her own in the summer.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

    1. I didn’t know your mom had lived in Mass. Yes, it is fun going strawberry picking.

  19. Seriously? You can’t pump your own gas in New Jersey? That’s just crazy. But, mommy says she’d luv to find a full service station. They don’t exist where we live. Great fotos. And we luvved your sockies. They contacted us, so we hope we get a pair fur mommy too. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  20. What a great set of questions and pictures! My house is probably in need of a good springclean but my problem is that I hate my home being messy but I also hate housework!

  21. Oh, the struggles of heartburn. Ever since childhood, I get heartburn when I eat chocolate, or anything with caffeine. That’s my primary heartburn trigger. I love chocolate, though, so I regularly dose up on acid reducer and eat chocolate to my heart’s content. I also know what you mean about that spring cleaning. I have some major decluttering to do in a couple rooms of my house, and some overall spring cleaning to do, but I just haven’t done it yet. It just doesn’t sound like fun.

    I just love the photos you shared of your angels! I think I’ll take Lucy’s advice and sit on the board next time I’m losing Scrabble. Purrs!

    1. Sorry you have had heartburn for so long, it is fairly new to me. Yes, Lucy was a lot of fun.

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