Friendly Fill-Ins #1

Hi everyone! Welcome to the first of what I hope to be many editions of Friendly Fill-Ins. My friend, Annie of McGuffy’s Reader is my co-host, I came up with the first 2 and she came up with the second two. I hope you will join us, just include the fill-ins and your answers in a post and add your link to our linkies.

  • I want to stop ___________________ and start _________________________
  • I haven’t ______________________ in ___________________________________
  • I believe _________________________
  • My earliest memory is __________________________

Here are my answers:

  2. I haven’t TUTORED in 6 YEARS ( it was my job for 13).
  3. I believe EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON ( even though that reason is usually not clear at the time).


And being that it is Friday the 13th, I thought I would post photos of Jinx, one is a Blooper for The Lazy Pit Bull’s Pet Blogger Blooper Round-Up:Β  The Pet Blogger Bloopers Round-Up – April










DSCF1285 (2)Good DSCF1277Good DSCF1276Blooper

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  1. Good answers! I have memories going back to age 2. My ability to remember (just about) everything is a blessing and a curse. I hope we can get the linky going! I am new at this side of the meme!

    I love Jinx! What a cutie.

    1. The linky is working on my blog. I think it needs to be added through HTML code here. I am not familiar with Word Press. Ask our friend how she does it.
      Hugs, dear friend!

    2. You are lucky to remember so far back,, but yes, it could be a curse too. Glad you like Jinx, he is hard to get photos of so he isn’t on here much.

  2. I want to stop _blogging__________________ and start ___skywriting______________________
    I haven’t ___eaten___________________ in ___FOUR hours___(yeah like that’s possible)._____________________________
    I believe ___that cats are better than anything else, even Beins_ (and considering who is typing, that takes some nerve)_____________________
    My earliest memory is ___about 2 weeks ago_______________________

    1. Don’t stop blogging!!! I agree cats are better than anything else. I hope you are kidding on the last one πŸ™‚

  3. Does the linky start a blog adding? cause it not on your post… so weze confused. The mom put the linky tools code you gots, but didn’t works.
    The Mom helped me fill in the blanks and makes a story bouts myself…

    Purrz from Katie Kitty Too.

  4. Here am me’s, Katie Too’s answers… (1) I want to stops Mom from typing and start having more lap time where me can go nappy. (2) I haven’t seen a baby bunny since I was likes 2 years old. I wanted to be hims Mommy. He was furry soft and sitting in the grass in the back yard. (3) I believes in Ceiling Cat, cause (4) my earliest memory was walking right into Mommy’s Friend’s house cause me was on mission to finds My Mommy.

    Mommy’s Friend lived in another town gazillion miles away. Yet I walked into Mommy’s Friend’s house same day and time Nana’s (Mommy’s Mom’s) Russian Blue Cat Kitty went over Rainbow Bridge. Her lived over 20 years old even with FIV. This day was also one year anniversary of mommy’s brother’s accidental death. My name am Katie Kitty Too for my mom Katie and fur Kitty cause my mommy and me was meant to be. I am now 12 years old.

    -Purrz from Katie Kitty Too… (I am a Tuxedo Kitty)
    Jr Exec, Katiez Furry Mewz
    and The Purple Kattery Art Studio

    1. Thank you for participating πŸ™‚ I am glad you found your Mom. You are so sweet to want to be mommy to a baby bunny. Kitty lived a long life with FIV, it is not a death sentence as so many thing it is.

    1. I am very bad with technical stuff, it as all set now πŸ™‚ Sorry for the delay.

  5. Before I go off to fill-in my fill-in’s just a note that WordPress (which is where 15andMeowing is based) does not support linkies. Bummer, right? You have to copy and paste link to and from a WordPress blog. Now – I’ll be back shortly to link my fill-in!!

      1. Great answers πŸ™‚ Thank you for posting them, are all you kitties going to take turns? Maybe your Mom will answer sometimes too πŸ™‚

    1. I have wordpress, but GoDaddy is my host so they helped me, it is all set now πŸ™‚ Thank you for participating.

  6. Cool new hop idea! Rather than trying to do the link thingie I’ll just fill in my blanks here!!

    β€’I want to stop getting older and start all over again!
    β€’I haven’t let my Mom sleep in the morning past 2:30AM in WEEKS.
    *I believe I love bacon more than anything except my Mom.
    β€’My earliest memory is when Mom and Dad adopted me and took me home.

    Happy Friday!
    Hugs, Sammy

    1. Great answers Sammy, although I feel bad for your Mom having to get up so early. XO

  7. Thanks to you and Ann for hosting this. Looks like fun! I love your answers and I agree with you – everything does happen for a reason, even if we aren’t quite sure what that reason is.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you for participating, I enjoyed your answers too. I hope you have a great weekend too!

  8. I really love this fill-in challenge and look forward to continuing with it! I think any challenges that allow us all to get to now each other better are great. Also, your fill-ins are great, and so is the blooper! Purrs!

    1. Thank you for joining us, I enjoyed your answers and look forward to more each week.

  9. I’m going to join next week. I’m not very creative and wasn’t completely sure what to expect. I like your answers. I need to stop eating junk too!

    Jinx is such a cutie!

    1. Thank you, any answers are good, long or short, from you or the kitties πŸ™‚ Jinx doesn’t like to be photographed, he always goes away from the camera unless distracted with a toy.

  10. Looks like fun

    I want to stop _working_________ and start __retiring__________________
    I haven’t ___eaten a good eclair __ in ___way too long______
    I believe _in magic and angels____________________
    My earliest memory is ____of getting to big to walk under the table. Bumped my head

    It is fun!1

  11. Ellen, I am sorry you didn’t get the link to work. I will go over to Linky tools and let you know each step I follow. The only difference should be that you are just doing a list and no photo. Glad it worked for Annie.

  12. OK Dad now me

    I want to stop ___nothing_________ and start __keeping on keeping on______
    I haven’t __had fancy feast__ in __so long it hurts, you listening?_______
    I believe _I am the handsomest Marmalade Tabby… EVER_______________
    My earliest memory is seeing Dad look at me hiding under the chair at the foster home and saying “There he is He is a cutie and I will take him home”__

    1. Awww….I love your earliest memory and I hope your Dad is taking note on the Fancy feast. Thanks for your answers :)And you are quite handsome.

  13. Congrats on your new blog hop, this is going to be fun! πŸ™‚ Your #1 is tied in with mine, this is another issue I procrastinate on doing! #2 – I think Tutoring would be rewarding. People’s faces light up when they begin to feel progress! #3 – I agree with you that everything happens for a reason, we don’t have to understand right now, we just have to accept that and deal with it the best we can! #4 – That sounds like a rough start to school years, one teacher can make all the difference good or bad. I loved school but in Kindergarten I was terrified of a big barking dog I had to walk by every day. Ahh yes, being a lefty made things harder too. I’m glad your Mom understood and got you a button up coat! <3

    1. Thank you for participating. I enjoyed your answers too. Tutoring was rewarding, I liked the students, but many teachers didn’t get the work ready on time for me to do with the students which was a pain. Most I had were either pregnant or out for bad behavior so the teachers weren’t thrilled with the fact that they got a tutor.

  14. Dat’s really great. Luv da fotos. Mommy says she can member back to a little befur 2 yrs. old. We’s still sendin’ purrayers fur all specially Sammy.

    Luv ya’


    1. Thank you for the prayers for Sammy, he is feeling better. I wish I could remember back that far.

  15. Great series of photos! I often get a similar series with Samantha…sitting still, getting up to move while I’m trying to take a picture….and then – gone – or at least half gone out of the shot! πŸ™‚

    1. Black cats are tough to photograph, especially if they turn their heads or close their eyes πŸ™‚

  16. These fill ins look so much like fun. Phoebe, you like those fill ins? You are the spokescat. xoxox

  17. We are just going to ‘fill in’ here.

    I want to stop having to constantly feed Minko with a spoon and start being able to watch him eat all by himself…you bet I do!
    I haven’t been to Europe in over eight years…I so ant to go back to visit my relatives.
    I believe in miracles…my being alive is just one of them:) (I am a stage 3b cancer survivor)
    My earliest memory is from when I was 4 years old and I was letting a young friend ride my trike on the premise that I got to ride on the back of it…and he went over a bump and I had to go to the ER to get stitches…I still even remember the white tiles and stainless table in there…and…I was eating a carrot…and I remember that when I got home it was still in my hand:) I got several stitches in my chin…and the scar is there to prove it! OMC!

    1. Thank you for your answers. I am so glad that you are a survivor. I am sure you wish you didn’t have to feed Minko with a spoon, but be happy that he at least eats that way. XO

  18. Okay, so we just got a new computer and I’m having enough trouble just trying to do OUR post!
    I hope it’s ok if we join in next week, we should have it figured out by then…maybe.
    Have a great weekend…

    Noodle and crew

  19. O.k. Our Mama is going to answer the fill-ins today.
    1.I want to stop eating so much sugar, and start eating more vegetables! I don’t really eat vegetables often enough πŸ™
    2.I haven’t read a book in over three months since Wilhelmina has joined our family!
    3. I believe that the world needs more compassion, kindness and love.
    4. My earliest memory was when I was younger than two and still in diapers. I was sitting on the road picking some gum off the street. My mother couldn’t find me anywhere and came running out of the house and was visibly upset that I was on the street.She scooped me up and fished the gum out of my mouth. She was really upset and was hugging me and I remember wondering why I had scared her so much.

    Fun fill-ins. And you are right, it is a good way to get to know people. I enjoyed reading your answers πŸ™‚

    the critters in the cottage xo

    1. I definitely agree with #3. You have a great memory to remember back that far, I wish I could.

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