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Hi everyone! Today is Chewy day. My cats love it when we get a shipment in from Chewy. 100_9911 They always know it is for them. This time Penny beat Joanie to the Chewy box.

*Disclaimer: We received this product for free from Chewy in exchange for a fair review. All opinions are our own.

I am sure you have heard about probiotics being great for us and our digestion. Apparently they are also good for our furbabies too. Some of my cats have delicate tummies so I thought they should give them a try.

Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets FortiFlora Probiotic Cat Supplement comes in a box with 30 individual packages. 100_9931  Each package has 500 million live microorganisms in it. It comes in a powdered from that you pour on your cat’s food. I haven’t used it on everyone, only those I thought would benefit the most. I wish I could afford to have all my cats use it though because it is a great product.

Jinx has always had troubles and tends to get constipated. He has only been using this less than a week, but I already notice a difference. There was a day last week that Prancie didn’t want her breakfast or lunch which concerned me because Prancie is always hungry. I offered her food later in the afternoon which she ate willingly ( and contained the probiotic) and now she hasn’t had any more troubles.


Several of the other cats wanted the food too so something in there is good for encouraging appetites. They are pricey, but on sale this month for $24.99/box. If you want to read more about them or order your own just click here. And don’t forget that Chewy has speedy shipping and it is free with orders over $49.

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  1. Chloe J and Maggie have used probotics with good results. Our vet recommended them a couple of years go, after he went to a specil seminar on them. They are good for not only digestion, but other systems, too. Great review!

    1. Your vet is really up on things. Ideally all pets and humans would use them. Glad you liked the review.

  2. Great review! We love these probiotics. Although I am lucky in that none of my kitties have much in the way of digestive issues, my pup Astrid does, and she does great with the canine version of these probiotics. I am so glad that you guys eat them right up, and that they’re helping you! Purrs!

  3. M just talked to the vet about getting me on probiotics because I have a major hairball issue sometimes. I’m going to order some of this and certainly do appreciate the honest review.

  4. This post is so timely for me because I’ve just been discussion probiotics with Katie Isabella’s mom. I think this is the kind she uses. I wanted to try it on Abbey, but she will barely eat wet food. All she wants is dry. Is there any other way to give it to them other than putting in food? Thank you for sharing this, and I’m glad you’re seeing good results in your kitties.

    1. You can sprinkle it on dry food – it might stick to the nooks and crannies or Abbey might lick the powder off a plate. If your vet sells it, ask if you can get one packet to try.

      1. p.s. you can also mix it with a bit of water and either let kitty lick it up, or eye-dropper it into their mouth.

    2. she may eat it wet with the probiotics on it. And yes, this is what we use here.

  5. guys…sum times payin up front for good stuff….helpz stop bad stuff { vet billz }
    down de road…..best fishes with this new plan ♥♥♥

  6. I’ve been eating FortiFlora sprinkled on my food for a couple months. Mom doesn’t think it’s the best option for probiotics (she prefers Benebac for that) but it is amazing tasty stuff and a great appetite stimulant. She orders our from VitaCost for ~$26 per box. If you’re looking for a probiotic for your gang, check out benebac. Raven likes the gel, but they make a more affordable powder too.

  7. As you know, we are big FortiFlora fans so thanks for your review We have a HOT TIP on FortiFlora for you. A little bit can be used, and they will still benefit. We make a bios last a long time, even though there are only two of us, most people use too much in the beginning. Just a sprinkle is fine, and you can get a lot of little sprinkles out of one envelope. Hugs to you and the fireballs.

  8. All of us here, kitties, dog-guy and our peeps use various forms of those. Yes they are wondrous little bugs to have in your body, they sure work hard to keep systems in good functioning order.

    (We buy human grade, capsules; emptied into the food or given whole, and of course the peeps take them whole too. That is a bit less pricey…We buy at least a ten variety probiotic with up to 10 or more CFU in them.)

    We have not tried that kind of probiotic…

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