Caturday Saturday

Hi everyone! We are joining Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop and The Pet Parade. We are also joining Sabi Saturday, the new hop my Cactus Catz. You show something you have rescued from the trash or something you repurposed. To find out more, click here.

For my art this week, I have some masterpieces The Great One and I made this week with more paint chips 🙂

And for my Sabi Saturday is a bunny statue that I got for free. Someone had a bunch of things out in their yard marked free and this bunny was one of them. He has a small chip on his ear on the other side, but when sitting like this, he is perfect.

Next week, I will how you the other one that I got the same day.

And for The A-Z Blogging Challenge, we are on the letter F. F is for fluids, i realize most of you don’t need these for your cats, but many cats have kidney disease and do require subcutaneous fluids to be given at home. We did this for Spooky and Phoebe. I  follow Frugalwoods blog and recently there was a post with cost saving tips for pets and someone wrote they get the fluids from a regular pharmacy like CVS instead of through the vet. I have done this with pills, but never fluids- apparently it is a lot cheaper, $2 versus $30 from the vet.  Here is a link to the article. Click here.

Be sure to stop by tomorrow for more Catburry Bunny auditions.


  1. You and The Great One have a lot of fun making things don’t you. I do believe she will always remember her “Crafty Aunt” who taught her how to craft. Love the rescued bunny – it’s very cute! Probably a “well placed” flower or bow in the ear will cover the wound.

    Hugs, Pam

    1. I sure hope she thinks of me as her crafty aunt, or even her crazy one 🙂 As long as I am remembered. XO

  2. WOW! Cute stuff you made with the Great One!!! Mom wishes her’s lived closer. Cool Bunny! And what a great idea about the fluids!
    Mom had to “do” Hissy Old Licorice and boy it was expensive!
    Sending you ALL hugs and purrs

  3. Never would i have imagined using paint chips that way, that is neat.

    Cute bunny, i am glad you got it.

    Thanks for the tip about fluids. None of ours need it now, but we have in the past and i will remember to go get it from the regular vet.

  4. Crafty!

    Russell was the last of us who needed fluids, but he was so difficult to work with that Mom took him to the vet 500 times. The costs were a whole lot more than when Sophie was on fluids. (Mom could handle her because she was so little and pretty compliant.) Anyway, good tip. We hope we never have to use it, though.

  5. We have lots of statues like that, miss Ellen. Granny can’t get rid of them and just like you do, when you put them down in a certain way, no-one will notice…MOL 😀 Pawkisses throughout the day???

  6. Cute artwork, and that’s a precious bunny!
    Finding ways to cut costs is such a tremendous help! When Chuck was first diagnosed with a wonky heart, the meds were very expensive. Then, I shopped around and found a small, independent pharmacy that charged only a fraction of what we paid before! Such a delightful bunch of people working there too; I enjoyed picking up the meds from them. They called me, ‘Chucky’s Mom’.

  7. I just love your Easter art! And that bunny is so cute. My favorite color is purple, so I think he’s perfect. And I had never thought of getting fluids from somewhere like CVS. That price difference is phenomenal! My angel Rosie received fluids at home every day for roughly 2 years, and we sure could have saved a good sum of money by going the CVS route. Purrs!

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