Caturday Saturday

Hi everyone. I am a bad cat mom, I forgot that yesterday was Ginger Cat Appreciation Day. I love my gingerbread boys-


And I miss my angels, Prancie

and my Sammy who was ginger and white


and Phoebe who was more buff than orange, but close enough.

We are joining Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop. I used Lunapic for my art, but I forgot which effect it was.

and here is the puzzle:

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  1. I only remembered Ginger Cat Day due to online reminders … I’ve only ever had one ginger kitty … But enjoy the ginger patches on torties, calicos, even some tabbies … You’ve had gorgeous gingers, and love the art! XO

  2. You have had your share of gingers for sure! We forgot about the special day too until we saw somebody else’s post about it! Thanks for the fun flashback photos of the ginger gang you’ve had through the years.

    Hugs, Teddy

  3. YOU ARE NOT A BAD KITTY MOM, OKAY? And mama tried to ‘ like ‘ but it would not register. Beeouteeful gingers….

  4. Ohhhh Ellen that is aOK your ginger boys were probably enjoying all the attention yesterday as always every day is Feline day
    Hugs cecilia

  5. You are the best cat mom imaginable. ~nods~ And I don’t think the kitties care what day it is when they receive all the greatest love and best care in the world every day. Hugs, my dear.

  6. Oona: “Oona’s brother is a ginger kitty. Dada’s cousin has him; she took him home from the same Easter brunch where Oona ingratiated herself with Mama. His name is Odin and they call him Odie.”
    Charlee: “Isn’t Odie a dog’s name? Are you sure your brother isn’t a dog?”
    Oona: “YOU TAKE THAT BACK RIGHT NOW!!! Oona’s only dog brother is Java Bean!”

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