Caturday Saturday

Hi everyone! We are joining Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop.

Phoebe went to and made this to celebrate The Kitten Bowl.

caturday art

Our friends, Cat Scout Maggie and Cat Scout Felix told us about a great program that will give 2 scholarships to graduate students studying the human/animal connection. You can make a donation in someone’s name for Valentine’s Day. If interested, Click here.


  1. YAY Kitten Bowl! I can’t wait to see it this year………..and Phoebe looks ready for the Super Bowl too……………..thanks for telling us about that scholarship – sounds wonderful.

    Hugs, Angel Sam and Mom Pam

  2. What a purrfect picture for this weekend’s competition. And we unnerstand that the Beins are providing some light-hearted sideshow as well!

  3. The kitten & puppy bowls are one of the best things about Superbowl Sunday. That and some of the creative Budweiser ads with Clydesdales.

  4. Petcretary saw some of that fun kitten bowl at her work…it was on the big screen TV, and the kittens were *so* big, MOL!!! One of the wee black ones stole her heart…sheesh, he was CUTE!

    You look good in that football frame…but…we hope nobody tries to give that ball you are in a kick…Ouch!

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