Friendly Fill-Ins Week 39

Hi everyone! Time for the Friendly Fill-Ins Week 39. Remember to add your link at McGuffy’s Reader. And of you didn’t write a post with them, you can put your answers in the comment section. Thank you to all who join in the fun.

The fill-ins:
1. My middle name is ______________________.
2. ________________________ surprises

3. The Super Bowl                                   .

4. My favourite sport is                               .

My answers:

  1. My middle name is Joan, which is my Mom’s first name. ( Joanie was named after her).
  2. I do not like surprises, I plan everything and always say I need 24 hours notice.
  3. The Super Bowl is a great excuse to eat lots of junk food, even though I have no plans to watch it.My hubby may watch part of it being that our state’s team is in it.
  4. My favourite sport is NONE, I have no athletic ability. I don’t like watching any either.



  1. Now I’m rolling on the floor laughing. The first answer I saw for surprises was “I’m not a fan of surprises” to which I quipped that we love our cats dearly and they are nothing BUT surprises. Second answer was “cats are full of surprises.” Now yours. Hahaha. We couldn’t live without our cats … but they ARE FULL of surprises and challenge us to live outside our comfort zone every single day 🙂

    1. You have a good point, the best surprises I ever got were when cats showed up at the door like Prancie and several others.

  2. The Super Bowl this year is literally in our daughter’s back yard. The Patriots are using the University of Houston Cougar Stadium to practice. This is within sight of our daughter’s dorm. The Reliant Stadium is just up the road. Helicopters are already flying over to get measurements of radiation, etc., to protect the people attending. The cheap seats are $2,700.

  3. I like the name Joanie. Did you ever watch “Joanie Loves Chachi”? I loved the theme song to that show. 🙂

    I feel the same way about surprises.

    I’m not a sports fan either. I’d rather do just about anything over having to watch sports.

    Have a blessed weekend!

  4. We are not big sports fans, so I didn’t have a clue when the Super Bowl would be, much less where or who would be playing, but reading these answers, I’ve learned who and where, not to mention how pricy it is to be there.

    1. I knew because I live in Mass. and the Patriots are in it. I can think of lots of better ways to spend money.

  5. Great filling in today………..This will be a fun one to watch for everyone’s answers! My favorite surprises are the ones I get at Christmas – my least favorite ones are the ones I “get” at the dentist or doctors’ office! Happy Friday!

    Hugs, Pam

  6. Like you, i am not much into sports. If they had a competitive reading sport, i might try that!

  7. I enjoy a surprise once in a while, but only if it’s the fun kind. Yes, the main point of the Super Bowl is the food. This year, I’ll be watching the Kitten Bowl.

  8. I have always loved the name Joan. And I love that Joanie was named after your mom! I am completely with you on #3 and #4. I am not a sports person either. I’ll always remember how in 5th grade, I was the only person in my entire class who wasn’t on a sports team. I was completely fine with that. Thank you for hosting these fun fill-ins each week! We always look forward to them!

  9. I think that is so sweet that you named Joanie after your mom. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth,Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

  10. Aw, I love how Joanie, who’s looking awfully cute by the way, is named after your mom. Regarding #4, in school, I was always the last picked for teams in P.E. It didn’t help that I was so scrawny too. Thanks for hosting this fun blog hop!

  11. We aren’t sports fans here either. We don’t have television. Just Netflix and Amazon Prime so watching a game it out of the question anyway.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. ☺

  12. 1. My middle name is Ann.
    2. I love surprises!
    3. The Super Bowl is the perfect time for me to catch up on my reading. (Who am I kidding; I’m constantly reading or listening to a book on CD!)
    4. My favourite sport is eating popcorn. I would be state champ if there was such a tournament! Hehehehehe!

    1. Thank you for your answers, I enjoyed them. I will be blogging or reading during the Superbowl. Popcorn is good stuff, I am addicted to Smart Food.

  13. Yay! TW let me visit so I can answer the fill-ins.
    1. My middle name is Keisha although I wish it was my first name.
    2. I’m full of surprises

    3. The Super Bowl doesn’t innerest the peeps this year but TW wants to see the halftime show as always.

    4. My favourite sport is hockey. I love to bat my (now) flat balls around the hall. I shoot; I score! TW loves baseball but used to be quite the basketball player in school. I’m glad the peeps don’t have season tix to their baseball team anymore cos I don’t like to be alone at night.

    1. Thank you for your great answers CK. I am sure your surprises are good 🙂 I don’t blame you for not wanting to be alone at night.

  14. Ohhhh Joanie you were named after your mom that is very special.

    Mom and I don’t watch feet ball either…in fact mom gets very mad when it messes up her regular tv programs.
    Hugs madi your bfff

    1. Lucky you, I have seen parts of them. I was in the room, but not really paying attention.

  15. guys…uz cats bee a answerin two day !!

    1} R middle namez bee of and O
    2} bass terd turkee burd in R bowlz
    3} on thiz week but we due knot haz tee vee hooked up !!
    4} tozzin az much litter outta de box az possa bull

    heerz two a golden shiner kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  16. Howdy!
    1. My middle name is Isabella.

    2. Me and mommy dislike surprises usually.

    3. The Super Bowl is just for commercials. Unless it is the Kitten Bowl. We watch that beginning to end.

    4. My fave sport is my State’s University football. Just that. Nothing more.

    We are sticks in the mud, us two.

    1. You are not sticks in the mud, thanks for your answers 🙂 I love your name Katie Isabella, very classy. I will watch the Kitten Bowl 🙂

  17. It’s always nice to learn more ’bout our furiends. Mes middle name is Izabella, Raena’s middle name is Mayce, and mommy’s middle name is Yvette. We don’t watch or play any sports so to speak. We do a little fly fishin’ when mommy pulls out da wand toys, but dat’s ’bout it. MOL Big hugs fur all.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  18. Most excellent Fill Ins!
    Its cool that Joanie is named after your Mom.
    Wes is going to share ours with yous
    1. My middle name is actually 3 Penelope Cat From Hell. Mommy’s is Lynn.
    2. Mes HATES surprises Mommy LOVES them!
    3. The Super Bowl has dried and smoked salmon in it! Mommy LOVES football! .4. My favourite sport is sleeping and the rolly ball. Mommy used to quite athletic ’til she was in a car accident. She LOVED swimming most of all and can still swim but does not get much of a chance!. .

    1. Thank you for the answers. You are really too sweet to be a cat from Hell, Nellie. I don’t like surprises either, especially finding a pee in bed or on the couch. I am glad your Mom can still swim despite the accident. XO

  19. That’s sweet that Joanie is named after her Grandma! Our mommy’s middle name is Jo, she doesn’t like surprises, she usually enjoys the Super Bowl but she and Daddy really dislike the Patriots so we’ll be watching the Kitten Bowl, her favorite sport is racing or football. To watch, not play or race herself.

  20. Murlis answers:
    1. Ma middle name iz “Mutz”. Iz Austrian dialect and meanz Kitty. But I iz onlee answerin to “Murli”
    2. Foodz, Toyz nd espeshelly boxes r a purrfect surprize.
    3. I haz watched da video of da kitten super bowl!
    4. Ma fav sportz iz chasin twine?

    My answers:
    1. My middle name is …. Nothing? Unfortunately I don’t have one? I’m just Natascha. But I wish I would have a middle name.
    2. Gifts are great surprises. With everything else I’m like you and rather know things in advance. At least a day, but if possible a couple of days.
    3. The Super Bowl isn’t a thing in Austria and most of Europe. Just fans of the sport watch it, but it’s a small percentage. Here people are into Soccer, which is as popular as football in the US. Basically what Football for the US, is Soccer for Europe lol.
    4. My favourite sport is dragging twine behind me so Murli has fun chasing it? She loves twine. Seriously though, I dont do any sport at all and have no interest in it either.

    But OMG I love kitten bowl!!! LUV it. It’s so heartmeltingly cute! ???

    Natascha and Murli?

    1. Thank you both for your great answers. I like the idea of dragging twine behind me as a sport 🙂 And yes, boxes are fun surprises Murli.

  21. Ellen, Gee last Friday was crazy and then the weekend was no better. lol We watched the Super Bowl and cheered for the Falcons but unfortunately, they lost. 🙁 Although they missed their chance at victory, I’m happy for Brady and the Pats. Tom Brady is a good guy and is really talented. I’m happy that he has 5 Super Bowl titles under his cap. The Super Bowl is a good excuse for doing a lot of junking out. We managed to not do so bad this time around which I’m rather glad about because I need to get serious with cutting my eating habits. The holidays really floored me like usual. It’s time to put my diet/exercise game face on. Thanks for hosting the Friday fun and for visiting me!

    1. I am happy for the Brady too and I am not even a football fan. I am still eating like the holidays.

  22. i empathize regarding surprises. My childhood was constant turmoil, so I like things tidy, now. Like a cat, I do not do change well.
    Congrats on the Pats!

  23. Petcretary is answering most of these…though we might intersprse our own ideas, MOL!
    1. My middle name is none! Us kitties don’t either…We say that means we all can have whatevfur name we want and can change it at will…Tee-hee!
    2.Petcretary is not big fan of surprises, some of them can be rather disconcerting…though the surprises that come wrapped in pretty paper are lovely to receive! She thrives on routine, maybe that is why she does well with us kitties as we find routine comforting.
    3. The Super Bowl was not part of our routine at all! At least not until our unfurbros wanted to see it. We do like the kitten bowl and the puppy bowl too. Mostly we are at church service during that game, and no we do not have super bowl parties like some churches do around here…OMC! .

    4. Our favourite sport is tossing our mousies in the air and retrieving them only to bat them under things so that petcretary has to dig them out…its fun to see her on hands and knees in hunting mode:)
    She likes watching Baseball, though only since being married, in the past when she was single she enjoyed watching Hockey…as a Canadian ,you *have* to be a hockey fan, right?? MOL! She likes watching Olympic events too. .

    1. Thank you for these answers, you are all caught up now 🙂 I don’t like any kind of change or surprise, I guess I am like a cat too. Mouse tossing is a fun sport 🙂 My hubby loves baseball, I get bored with it because there are so many games.

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