Cat’s Letters to Santa- Part 1

We are joining The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop.

Here are our first three letters to Santa. We try to be funny, but sadly, Jinxy’s is not so funny. He is not well. We are spoiling him and spending every minute with him. Only God knows how long he will be with us.

I don’t think I will be here for Christmas. Please let my family know I tried to stay and that I love them. If there is such thing as a miracle and I am here for Christmas then some Sheba perfect portions would be nice. Love, Jinx
Dear Santa, I would like the emergency tool kit card for my Altoid tin rescue kit I made at Cat Scouts camp. Love, Sammy


Dear Santa, I haz to have a baby Yoda. I promise to take good care of him. And I won’t neglect Gremmie and Alf. Love, Joanie XO


  1. We will also write to Santa on Jinx’s behalf. We purr he is still with you for Christmas.

  2. We hope you all get the gifts you wished for for Chrissymouse but most of all, We purray with all our might that Jinx will get well again and be able to celebrate Chrissymouse with his family and furriends.
    Purrs to you all.

  3. Those are all sweet letters. I do hope Santa grants Jinx’ wish and I send more good thoughts for him.

  4. I am saying my prayers and hoping for the miracle Jinx asks Santa for and the Sheba kitty food. I hope with all my heart he is with you for Christmas.
    I had to google Baby Yoda and do hope Santa delivers him to Joanie! Now that I googled I am all interested in the whole Star Wars thing. I watched the first movie and enjoyed it but I was done after that. Jerry loves Star Wars and I thought why not watch the movies since we have to be home so much. He will be delighted!
    I hope Sammy gets his wish, too!

    1. Thank you for the prayers. We will miss him but I am glad he is no longer suffering. I am glad you will watch Star Wars with your hubby. Don’t tell Joanie , but she is getting a baby Yoda.

  5. Jinxy, if I had it in my power you would be here for many more Christmas’s. Love and prayers to you. XXXXXXX Joanie, and Sammie, I bet your wishes will come true. XXX

  6. These letters are so sweet, but Jinx’s is so sadly touching. We sure hope he stays around for Christmas. Our hearts go out to you, and we’ll send loving purrs and purrayers.

  7. Pawsome letters friends.
    Jinxy, I purr you will feel well for a good while yet.
    It is hard when you do not feel well. Hugs and purrs to you and your family.
    Purrs, Julie and the mum

  8. We are hoping dear Jinx will be there for Christmas with you all…..and that Santa brings EVERYONE what they want for Christmas!

    Hugs, Teddy
    POTP to Jinx

  9. I am so sorry about Jinx. I lost Hazel on New Year’s Eve a few years back. She was ill the week before and it took the joy out of the holidays for us. I came home from the vet’s office and starting taking down all the decorations. It just didn’t feel right anymore.

  10. Jinx, darling I send you and your family understanding hugs and purrs
    Sammy and Joanie…extra snuggles needed to your peeps
    Hugs Cecilia

  11. We are purring and praying Jinx makes it through Christmas and get’s all the delicious goodness he can possibly devour. Our thoughts and prayers are for his well-being.
    Merry Christmas to all of you! Joan and Mr. Grady Lewis <3

  12. Daisy Mae and I are so sad and sorry Jinx is not well. We will send lots of purrs and prayers that he gets well real soon and is able to make it to Christmas.
    Jinx, we here at our house believe there is such thing s as miracles and we are praying you get one to make you better.
    I can’t believe you’ll lose another kitty in 2020. No it can’t happen that miracle has to happen for Jinx to make it to Christmas Day and who knows, may be the new year.
    We send our best and lots of love.
    We’re sending health to you Jinx.
    Daisy Mae And Crystal

  13. We talked about Jinx in our last comment but wanted to say we just loved the other letters to Santa and look forward to the other parts.
    Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays Everyone.
    Daisy Mae And Crystal

  14. Jinx, we are purring for you. Whatever happens, know that you are love and one way or another – either in body or in spirit, you will be here always! Sammy & Joanie, I hope Santa comes through for you.

  15. Oh Jinx. we are sending you purrayers and POTP. – you will be surrounded by love, no matter what happens.

  16. We hope for a special Christmas Miracle for you all and Jinx. Be well sweet little friend, and know that you are loved all around the world * gentle hugs *

  17. We hope all your Christmas wishes come true, but most especially for Jinx – hang in there, pal. We all want you to have another Christmas with your family.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  18. Mee-yow Jinx mee has LadyMew purrayin like crazy fore you!! An mee iss sendin all THE POTP mee can musterd…umm, no wait….mustur!
    Yore letter to Santa brott teerss to our eyess….
    Sammy an Joanie wee hope yore Catmess wishess are full filled too….
    Our wish iss that Jinx iss with you thru THE hollyday!
    **purrss** BellaDharma an <3 LadyMew

  19. We know dear Jinx is now feeling better and is young and healthy at the Bridge. We send our deepest sympathy along with purrs and prayers of support

  20. We just saw the POTP for Jinx, and that he crossed the Rainbow Bridge in your arms. It’s been such a hard year, and we send our love and prayers. Lucy, Xena and Mom Amy

  21. I’m reading this after I’ve learned about Jinx’s passing. His letter made me tear up. So very sorry.

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