Butter Boy and His Sidekick Butter Girl

Happy Thursday everyone. Today is Behavior Day, but it is also Thankful Thursday and I have a lot to be thankful for. I am thankful to have a loving family ( hubby, mom and niece) as well as 15 (mostly) loving cats. I am also thankful for all my loyal readers and for getting to be a part of The Cat Blogosphere among so many caring cat lovers.

And a big thank you to Gracie in the Sewing Room of Cat Scouts. Sammy got his uniform and he sure looks handsome in it, he is always handsome though:


For behavior, I thought I would tell you about mornings at our house. I usually get up somewhere between 5 and 6AM  to use the bathroom so I take Lucy in with me to get her to pee. If she has already come to visit me before that, it means I am too late and will be cleaning the bathroom floor. Then I go back to bed until 7 when the alarm goes off and hit snooze until 7:30 when my official wakeup service calls ( that would be my Mom). Hubby usually gets up at 7 and scoops the litter boxes, but by the time I get up there is more scooping to do.

I feed everyone breakfast before we have ours. It takes a while to get the food ready- Prancie and Stinky have an allergy food, Lucy and Snowball must have chicken or something on top of the wet food or they don’t want it, Spooky needs his glucosamine mixed into his- you get the idea. Hubby polices them while I get our breakfast ready. At least 3 days a week he comes into the kitchen for supplies to clean up vomit ( Joanie eats too fast).

Once we get to finally eat, they are usually done and this is what I see: 003Butter Boy ( Spooky ) and his sidekick Butter Girl ( Joanie). They won’t quit until I am done with my waffles or toast even if I do give them butter.Another time I will fill you in on more happenings here. Have a nice day!

blog16This is Millie as The White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. There was no way he was posing without a little help though.

I will be announcing another contest Saturday!

And we are participating in PepiSmartdog’s Thankful Thursday Hop:thankfulthursdayhop


  1. Wow, meals at your house are even more complicated than it was here when Sparkle was alive! Just the three of them used to drive my human crazy – she would definitely be crazy if she had to deal with all you kitties!

  2. Yous meownins sound a bit like ows. MOL Weez of course eat afur mommy gets to even hav hers coffee. Well okay hers twies to hav it while weez eat, but mowe offen than not weez buggin’ hers to clean a pawdee box or sumfin’ while hers twies to dwink a hot cup. MOL Luv da fotos.

    PeeEss: Weez got yous package yesfurday and will be postin’ a video in todays posty along wiff fotos. 🙂 Fank yous so much fur evewyfin’. Weez weally luv it all.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

    1. Glad you got the package and happy to hear you love the stuff. Thank you for posting about it, I appreciate the publicity. You really should let mommy have a cup of coffee before bugging her, I take sips here and there as I am getting their breakfast ready.

  3. My Sammy is a butter boy too……..!! Your Sammy looks fabulous in his Scouts uniform – today is the fishing rodeo and it should be tons of fun!


    1. Butter is popular with the kitties. Sammy says thank you and he can’t wait for the fishing rodeo.

  4. Oh I am so glad to meet someone that has almost as many cats as I do. I know all about fixing breakfast for a crowd. It is not easy. I have about three feeding places or maybe four. Anyway, like you, I wouldn’t have it any other way. You are lucky to have a nice husband to help you.
    You two are too cute staring at the Mom for more butter. Good for you. You all have a great day.

    1. I have several feeding stations too, but one of them has the majority of 8 and that is the one that needs policing. Butter Boy and Gril say thank you.

  5. I feed our two inside cats first, however Chuck stops eating about halfway through, so he can mooch some of the the meal I’ve prepared for the friendly ferals. It’s always a balancing act with the two sets of cat meals, just so everyone feels they are getting their fair share. Often they eat before me too!

    1. If you don’t feed them first, they will bug you the whole time you are eating. Actually, mine bug me either way.

  6. There are only seven in our house right now – the five of us and two fosters. Mom is very organized at breakfast. We each have our own feeding station and when mom says, “Let’s go!” we race to our appointed spot. We still need to be policed though, because some of us are pigs and try to mooch from others when we finish our own food.

    1. That is so neat that you all go to your spots, mine will follow me as a group to each spot until their individual bowl is put down.

  7. WOW, what a handsome dude you are in that new uniform. That’s quite a schedule your staff has. I told M she should not complain about her schedule cuz with only me and D, there isn’t much to get ready.

  8. You look SMASHING in your uniform! I am a scout too, but my secretary has been too busy to let me participate for a very long time :-/ I haven’t been a proper scout for missing out on so many things there!

    1. Sammy says thank you and he hopes you will be at the Jamboree. He likes Scouts, but a lot of kitties are paired off so he ends up doing everything alone 🙁

  9. Thanks so much for sending your well wishes to Denver (my best friends mom’s dog), we appreciate it!!
    Your morning routine sounds even crazier than mine, as I only have 3 little mouths to feed – 2 with special dietary issues too!

    1. Dietary issues are tough, it is hard to keep kitties eating their own food. They remind me of childdren at lunch switching sandwiches.

  10. 15 kitteh-sibs! WOW! I never realised you had 15 kittehs – even though it’s your site’s name. Hee Hee!
    Love piccies – they are so cute!! Gracie sure has been busy in the sewing room.
    Thank you for joining our Thankful Thursday Weekly Blog Hop.
    We look forward to reading your posts each week and seeing your piccies.
    *waves paw* :=o)

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