Catio Chips from Tie Dyed Chicken Jerky

Happy Monday everyone! I ordered a Christmas gift for my cats the other day and it already came in. I am one of those people that can rarely wait to give gifts until the holiday and when the holiday arrives, I have nothing to give.

I ordered a small package of Catio Chips from Katnip Lounge My cats don’t usually seem thrilled with dehydrated treats so I wasn’t sure how they would respond. Turns out I should have ordered a larger package.

They even sent us a cool tie-dyed bandana 005Phoebe snatched that.Β  006Joanie would have eaten every one of them 008Millie liked them too.

007The only one that wouldn’t eat them was KaTwo ( she never eats treats), but she at least gave them a sniff.

If you are looking for a stocking stuffer for your kitties, these would be perfect. They are healthy too, the only ingredient is chicken. Just don’t leave them in the stocking until Christmas Eve or they may disappear ( and it won’t be The Grinch stealing them).

You can order them on their Tye Dyed Chicken Jerky Etsy page. You can also buy their tie dyed products their too.

I wonder if Phoebe will let me have that bandana?


    1. They were, mostly, KaTwo doesn’t eat anything different. I wish I could get her to eat canned food because it is better for her.

  1. Nothing better than good quality treats! Btw, how are you enjoying the old man cat book? I loved it but could understand a lot of American not understanding the Nordic mind set.

    1. Yes, it is good that they like them even though they are healthy. I am enjoying the book and try to keep an open mind about how other countries treat their animals. I firmly believe indoor only unless supervised, but I know in the UK many people think their cats wants freedom.

  2. We think it’s great that you’re giving your Christmas presents too early – you still have enough time to order a large package for EACH of them. Ok, not to KaTwo. πŸ˜› (and could you send us some as well? )

    1. If I was rich, I would get them each a package and send one to you 2 as well πŸ™‚

  3. What a purrfect gift! I’m glad that all (well, almost all) of the kitties liked them. I’m always looking for healthy treats that my little ones will actually eat, so I’ll definitely look into these. Purrs and happy eating!

  4. guys….de crew at de lounge haz de awesumest tie dye goods……N we tried ta get em ta freeze dry sum perch pizza…..guess they iz still werkin on that one !!! πŸ™‚ β™₯β™₯β™₯

  5. Those look yummy and we’d love to try them but since Isabella swallows everything whole plus she’ll be losing all her teefs in two days our mommy isn’t sure she could eat them. We’ll see though.

    1. I have Isabella on my prayer list. I will send her some tooth fairy presents too ( and a note to share them).

  6. My goodness, you all seem to love those tie dyed Chicky jerky! Mom says no not this time. The shipping will probably drain our coffers. You enjoy my friends.


  7. Our Mama likes to give gifts early too. She likes giving gifts, period! πŸ™‚ We are glad everyone (except KaTwo of course) loved the treats! Happy Monday to all of you πŸ™‚

    the critters in the cottage xo

    1. Giving gifts is a lot of fun πŸ™‚ Your Mom is very sweet, I see she did a lot of bidding to help Winnie’s Wish πŸ™‚ XO

  8. Dat’s pawsum. They sound delishus. Weez not had them afur, but remember when they posted da directions. Glad y’all got to twy ’em. Now you’ll have to buy more fur Christmas. MOL

    And by da way, meez a pointed kitty, seal mink lynx to be exact. So me was born all white and then as me aged meez points got darker. So yous right, me was much lighter as kitten. πŸ™‚

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

    1. I saw the directions too, but I was too lazy to make them. That explains why you were so much lighter back then. Lighter or darker, you are beautiful. XO

  9. Do I need a catio to enjoy catio chips? I do like chicken, but usually only the smushy stuff from the can. Looks like you all enjoyed your early Christmas present.

    1. NO catio required πŸ™‚ My cats don’t usually go for dehydrated treats, but they loved these.

    1. I bet a tie dyed bandana would look good on you while you play with those nip joints you won.:)

  10. Those ckicken treats sound very tasty. The bandana is pretty, but it doesn’t look like Phoebe wants to give it up.

  11. Hurrah!!!! We are so happy your kitties liked the catio chips!!!! Our crowd are friends for them too. Thanks for ordering and the great review; we appreciate it TONS.

  12. **wobbless** ***then faintss***….
    Dear Phoebe when Siddhartha Henry saw your photo with you wearing the bandana he swooned & then fainted…..I had to give him mouth to mouth….you are one beautiful girl………oh wait he is coming around now & wants to say something:
    “Mee mee-you sweet Phoebe yurr a vishun of luv-leeness an beeutee an mee adores you with all mee heart….” *sighsss*
    ***paw kissess*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxx

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