Yoga and Sammy

Happy Sunday everyone! Today is “Every Cat Has a Story” day and I am going to tell you about Sammy. Well, I don’t know the first 5 years of his story and it drives me crazy that I never will know, but I will tell you about his happily ever after. But, first-yoga…………it was actually David’s idea for us to join a 5 week class. I know there are many styles and teachers so I am not bashing the whole thing-just our class.

I know I went in with a bad attitude, but I tried. I thought it would be more about breathing and stretching and possibly meditating. I thought wrong, this was hard and I ended up feeling woozy all day. David had it worse because of his bad shoulder and his lack of flexibility. We will try again next week though….unless someone wants to take my turn 🙂 Good news- no gas was passed 🙂


I wrote about Sammy’s sister Joanie last week. I actually went to the shelter for Sammy though. Our niece had just graduated from college and was living with us. She works for a vet and sometimes fosters cats so she brought home Smudge ( I named him).

smudge Well, my niece found a home quickly for this cutie and my heart was broken. I wanted to keep him, but she knew David didn’t want another cat so she found Smudge a home. I started going on Petfinder to look for cats that looked like him and I found Sammy, it was love a first sight. I believe everything happens for a reason and Smudge led me to Sammy ( and Joanie too). I have made him into such a mama’s boy that he sleeps on my pillow at night- and I wouldn’t have it any other way. David accepted Sammy and his sister quickly too -how could he not, they are such loves.

Enjoy the day and spoil those kitties. Here is my Sammy:014


    1. Yoga sure is harder than it looks. Thanks for the compliment on Sammy- I agree 🙂

  1. We enjoy reading stories like Smudge and Sammy’s. As formerly homeless cats ourselves, we know how good it is to find that one true forever home.

    1. I am happy that you at a few Good Cats also have your forever home.

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