Double ROAR

Happy Wednesday everyone! I have a double ROAR today. First off is Bootsie and I am sure most of you have already done your part, but I thought I would spread the word some more. In addition to the You Caring Fund: there is also an auction- and the item I donated has no bids 🙁  There are some other items without bids too so please check it out: Auction+for+BOOTSIE

Last I read, he was still in need of a foster home – living in a storm drain is never good, especially when you are already sick.

I also want to let you know about another fund to help a blind cat named Nala. I saw on the website that there is a gofund me for her called Nala’s eye surgery,   I wanted to donate, but I can’t find that page so I will have to wait for more information- I will keep you posted.

Even if you can’t donate, prayers are always good and purrs too. Make sure you comment for a chance to win some catnip toys ( I still need to make them) and this catnip mat made special for The Perseid’s Meteor shower tonight. It looks like it is going to be clear so I guess I better have lots of coffee to be awake from 1-3 AM. 015Snowball is modeling with it016Phoebe will announce the winner tomorrow.



Happy Wednesday everyone! I have 2 ROARS today. I was only able to donate to one so far, but I said I would spread the word. First off, Phoebe wants to thank everyone for all the good wishes for her Gotcha Day!

002Thank you everyone for making my day so special and Grammie thank you for the  treats- I love you so very much. Mom’s turn now- Phooey!

I donated to help our friend Lexi get meds for her UTI, but she needs continued support for her kidney disease so her Mom set up a fundraiser:

Our friends over at Sqeedunk Whiskers and Warehouses has started Pad Paws to help rescue cats. Donations can be made at:

Phoebe will be back tomorrow.


Happy Wednesday everyone! I have a lot of ROARs today. I can’t afford to donate to all of them, but I figured I could spread the word and maybe you all could as well. And prayers are always nice too.

First off, Boris the kitty ( I think you all know him) is raising money for a shelter cat that hurt his paw when he managed to escape to another part of the shelter- truly living up to his name of Rascal:

And Harvey of Dash Kitten had to have ear surgery because of cancer:

And Timmy the Tomcat recently posted about this poor kitty who was pulled from death row in NYC and was doing well in her forever home until mammary tumors were discovered.

I am going to make a small donation to one of these, I wish I could do all. I am not going to say which one though because they are all equally important.

Phoebe will see you tomorrow.004