Tummy Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone! Joanie is ready to show you her tummy, but first I will tell you about Lucy’s tummy troubles. We were doing pretty good for a few weeks with no medical news to report. I have been getting increasingly more worried about Lucy though. She is a kitty that has always cleaned her plate and lately she does not. I also noticed her stool is a little runny ( sorry, hope you are not eating). 007

I held off making an appointment because I do tend to rush there over every sniffle ( and it drives my hubby crazy) plus her blood work was excellent 2 months ago. I am glad I decided to bring her in though because she has lost a pound and a half over the past 2 months. I was thinking she may need an antibiotic, but she was actually given a probiotic. I was giving her yogurt at home, but it was only a small amount and wouldn’t have been enough. I have to give her some paste for a few days and sprinkle the capsules on her food for a week. Only problem is there are no directions on how to get the paste out and the tube is apparently human proof. 008

Has anyone else ever used this? I am praying it helps. I can also give her 1/4 of a pepcid tablet which I haven’t done yet because she wants to eat and doesn’t have trouble holding it down. She also hasn’t had a dental in a little over a year so some teeth look like they could be a problem, but we will deal with that once we get the tummy settled.

And here is that tummy you have been waiting for , she promises not to bunny kick 🙂 007

016She also wanted to do a #tongueTuesday too !